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    Well, I didn't think my vaccine would come so quickly, but it seems that being classed as a key worker has paid off! I'm having my first vaccine on Wednesday!!
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    If only there was smelly vision!! My whole house is now enveloped in a gorgeous lavender smell! The double wrapped parcel (that could have made it here without any wrapping paper with just the gazillion stickers on it...) contains a lovely little basket and loads of lavender pouches and handmade lavender soap! It all smells so sunny and summery! Just what I needed in this grey Januari! Thank you so much swappee! It’s digital which is 10 times less yuck than having to be in school! Yeah corona!
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    IT ARRIVED!!!!! I repeat: MY SWAP ARRIVED!!!! It’s a belated Christmas miracle!
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    Don’t go thinking you’re special CT - there are stupids everywhere 🙄
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    I am not nearly as experienced as all of the above peeps but I'd say no, too! Noise issue for sure in a suburban area. Also you only have two girls and they would probably be 'overwhelmed' by his attentions so not really fair on them.
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    They are beautiful - I think I need to look for a chicken breeder near me ..
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    Do you live in a suburban or rural area? The first thing I'd consider is neighbours but also what's your reasoning for wanting one? We hatch most years and cockerels are very noisy, sometimes crowing at 4am in summer. We had a few at home over Christmas, one which was crowing at 6am on Christmas Day, despite it still being pretty dark!
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    The country has gone mad over here... We have a curfew as of Saturday. Everyone needs to stay in from 9 pm to 4:30 am. I’m more than fine with that rule. It’s not like I regularly go out in those hours anyway. But loads of people are protesting. No... rioting! We have riots in loads of cities right now, with people plundering stores and setting stuff on fire. I’m soooo done with people! 🤬
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