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    You lot are making it easy to figure out who sent what! 🤣
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    A friend has a chair massage thingy. It looks somewhat like a car seat cover and it’s heaven! It massages, heats, pokes, prods and kneads.
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    Don’t think you can overdo it, really. I need to apply heat to a jaw muscle and my physio said to do it as often as possible.
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    I’m not making soap - to remove any worries that soap has taken over the swap..
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    Granddaughter feeding chickens, She came to see the chickens at an early age and she just loves them. We always make sure she dose not have her own food in her hands as the ladies will frighten her if they try to take it from her little hands. She is ok with feeding them corn as she throws it on the lawn. Her mother is frightened of them.
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    I don't envy you there, CT! As you say, that would drive me nuts!! I'd definitely take kids screaming and birds twittering away over that. I'd even welcome a rooster and a family of peacocks! lol
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    I’m with Andy on this one. If you only want to hear your own sounds, you need to move to a place without neighbours. Not saying that an aviary full of birds isn’t a nuisance, but the nuisance is in the ear of the beholder so to speak. Same goes for people that love to hear playing kids, but I personally would never want to live next to a playground. I suffer from a form of tinnitus, and the ear doctor literally said I have to learn to live with it. It’s something I can never shut up. Meaning accept it, embrace it. Otherwise I’ll go nuts
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    I really don’t get the whole “leave your hens in a dark and confined space for 24 hours”. It will only increase stress levels in already stressed hens. Just put them in the coop for an hour or so after getting them home, and then open the coop. It gives them some time to adjust from traveling. Don’t let them free range for the first 2 to 3 weeks, and be ready to put them to bed at night the first time, as they might not realise the Go is bed.
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    I am of the opinion that those who don't believe do not get visits from the specialist mystical departments. Besides who wants to be responsible for Tinkerbell's demise!!! I was in negotiation with the tooth fairy the other week when my cap broke off with the remaining tooth inside it. I'm shortly to commence implant treatment. Tooth fairy says it's the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth - and caps don't count.
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    When I've hurt myself, I reheat them as soon as they have gone cold. When I had my first frozen shoulder I bought myself a mini electric blanket - about the size of a cushion - £20 from Argos - and it is just the right size to wrap around my shoulder and keep it warm. It had different heat settings and a timer that turns it off after 3 hours, although I just turn it on again. The massage lady I see now also said that if you have heated seats in your car that it was a good idea to use them all the time no matter what the weather. I would love heated seats......
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    The government scientists using the graph on the briefing were very careful to say several times that the forward projection was NOT a prediction but was just a demonstration of how the number of cases COULD increase if they kept going at the current rate. I accept, and said at the time, that this was perhaps not the wisest thing to do as people would ignore their THIS IS NOT A PREDICTION and either use the graph as a stick to beat them with when it didn’t ‘come true’ or as cause to panic. Yes meningitis affects university students every year which is why all first year students are offered a vaccination. Ebola (although having a much higher death rate than COVID) spreads mainly through bodily fluids when the disease is at a fairly late stage and is therefore not as contagious as this coronavirus. You are right that we can’t live completely wrapped up in cotton wool forever, but hopefully we’ll develop a successful vaccine within the next year and then we can start to get back to normal. I have friends with children who have serious underlying health conditions, I have middle aged friends with serious underlying health conditions and I have elderly parents (crikey that makes me sound like a right barrel of laughs) - if we don’t all take precautions now then those people will have to lock themselves away or they will be seriously frightened and genuinely at risk. Surely that’s not right or fair.
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    I am not the world's fastest knitter either and my crochet skills are even slower I usually do a cut off point for joining in so you have plenty of time to decide whether you want to take part or not - around end of October / beginning of November. This gives us around 6 weeks to make something and enough time to get it posted in time for Christmas.
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    It's a maybe. I'll have to see what I can come up with - but the thing that's probably easiest for me to do is soap. I'd offer to knit a scarf or something, but I'm not sure I'm going to have time because I knit so slowly! lol
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    Rant away Andy. I am trying not to rant as my blood pressure soars. Am hearing a lot from patients many who have recovered and others who have the long term problems . As a nurse feel I'll equipped on how to advise as it's all so new. Asthma is my speciality but not a covid expert. Wish your niece well Patricia.
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    Just to throw a spanner in the works, I have a major phobia of soap bars. Yes I know weird but I can't help it, it freaks me out. Sorry😆
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    I'm still working on fixing fragrance Andy! You are far more creative with soap than I am so go for it....you can never have too much soap after all!
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    I was thinking that this year I could possibly make Christmas themed soap this year! But I suspect SD may have beat me to it. Maybe I'll make some anyway and see how they turn out before offering them up to unsuspecting victims. lol
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    Not to insult Hilda and Gladys, but I seem to remember Polands not being the brightest lights on the Christmas tree... might take them some more repetition.😅
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    Similar here J - I walked into town for a meeting on Monday, in shirt sleeves. This morning it was 4deg and blumming cold, in fact when I got up in the night to comfort the old dog, I put on socks and my dressing gown to warm up when I got back into bed!
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    Missing...... Deck chair in which to sit back and enjoy your girls. Camera to document your chicken keeping journey. Ear plugs for when they all decide to lay at once. Football rattle/party poppers/bells and whistles for their first egg. Sense of forebearance for when your garden gets munched/covered in poop. Helpful neighbour to come and help when you go away. Wine/gin/strong tea for all those moments when you panic. Address of the Omlet forum for when you need helpful and friendly advice. A sense of humour! Enjoy!
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    Stick with aubiose if you cover your run. So add clear tarpaulins and bungees to your list. Agree DE not necessary. Don’t know where you live but there are some very good chicken keeping courses in North Oxfordshire. Beginners and Advanced.
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    Both are standard sized birds (not bantams). I don’t think there is too much difference.
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    Eglu Cube Mk1 for sale, orange in colour. Used for 2-3 years, some sun fading and small amount of rust as a result of outdoor use. Comes with original accessories of feeders (1 glug and 1 grub) and 1 all weather shade for roof. In addition there is the 3-pack of shades for the sides and 2 grub feeders. Dismantled ready for collection. £425.
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    She's beyond help I think and should be PTS if she hasn't gone already. Poor condition stock from the breeder and should be their responsibility. Sorry, but there are too many jokers selling bad birds to make a quick profit at the moment.
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    I think the original post referred to the flare-up of the inoculation viruses caused by a temporary collapse of the immune system as a result of stress; in this case moving home. The symptoms disappear when they settle down, so after a few days. In your case it may be different, but you haven't given enough detail. The other possibility is a respiratory infection, or the onset of one. In my experience this is the result of exposure to fungal spores and they can arise from wet bedding, wet run surfaces, or in our case condensation on the underside of roof of the coop which caused mould growth. Check the underside of the roof and the other options and clean as necessary. If the symptoms don't subside in two days she needs a vet for antibiotics and you need to find the cause.
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    What type of rabbits are they? Long haired or ordinary short haired? Short haired (apart from rex) should be fine outside, even in rain. Maybe change their bedding in the Go? If the bedding gets to damp or wet they might prefer to stay outside. Also you could cover their run, so they keep dry.
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    My tomatoes were hit by blight. Lost the lot overnight. Made lots of green tomato chutney though. Fig harvest was excellent. Lots of fresh ones and made fig chutney with the overflow. Beans good and potatoes. Only one butternut squash though and a rogue pumpkin I didn’t sow! Got two artichoke plants in the spring but they are struggling. Grape harvest is planned for 4th October. So watching the weather carefully. Last year we got 40kg. Not sure this year, as they were late and some damaged by a late frost. That 40kg contributed to our Collective’s harvest in 2019 of 500kg and my share was turned to 24 bottles of a lovely Rose, Chiltern Blush! That was definitely our best crop last year!
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    One of my colleagues moved into his shed to shield his little boy during lockdown, and he made one of those videos every week for the rest of us. It was hilarious 😂
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    Oooh that looks like a nice sturdy cover - just what they need to keep them dry and sheltered from anything nasty autumn and winter might throw at them.
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    As the butterfly cover isn’t waterproof, ordered a clear tarp and got it in the post today. Really happy with the quality and the protection it offers.
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    Jude...March is ages away and we will be looking at a very different situation by then. The whole situation seems to change daily (as does the advice!) and I (who usually stress out at the slightest thing - thanks Asperger's!)) have totally surprised myself (and everyone who knows me well) by being chilled. My take is that there is no point in worrying about the situation beyond next week as it may all have changed by then so I'm not going to waste time in the interim stressing. Living in the moment and making the most of things here and now is very much my attitude. You may very well all be together again in March and its wonderful that you have the technology to stay in touch so closely so that your grandson actually can see you and know Granny (are you granny?) I, too, feel that we need to try and do as much normal stuff as possible; handwashing, mask wearing and being sensible. What tiddles me off are the photos of the crowded masses in bars etc who think it doesn't matter. They are the reason for the 10pm 'curfew'. I'd bring in water cannon! Take heart Jude.........XX
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    I am happy to give it a whirl.........I'm not very skilled but can certainly rustle up something home/handmade!
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    After the winter my chickens were looking rather scruffy so I decided to worm them I asked about worming pellets at 4 farm shops in my area and non could provide them only powder which is messy to mix and not good for your breathing. I would like to thank (The Dogmother) for helping me with information were to get pellets. I had only 4 chickens to worm, but the size of bag I had to purchase was more than I wanted so I wormed them twice with 3 weeks apart. I got them from "Farm and Pet Place" 10kg Layer pellets with flubenvet £8.49 + £3.99 pp.
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    Ohhh, Anzac biscuits! Yes, we make those quite often........but, as you say, 'porridge oats' rather than oatmeal. I like the coconut too! I haven't been in baking mode for ages but, now that the boys are back at school, need to get a wiggle on as they take a home made comestible of some description for mid morning snack (they don't break for lunch until 1.20pm). I have, however, made Welsh cakes quite a lot over summer as they are griddle cooked so no hot oven steaming the place up. They are far, far better eaten very fresh though so don't really get to establish residency in the cake box 😉. Hugh Fearlessly Eatsitall has a fab recipe for a sort of flapjack that has lemon zest in it, which really lifts the sweetness. It's also jam packed with loads of seeds (you can use what you like but I mix flax seeds, Pumpkin, sesame, sunflower) which is great for those ladies amongst us of a certain age 🥵. However, to paraphrase that 'old bloke' from the Fast Show (Jesse's Diet??) this month we have mostly been eating blackberries!
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    As it's the first day of Autumn I've just made a huge slab of Parkin (after great difficulty in locating medium oatmeal!) and the whole house smells gingery! Half a slab to eat now and half to wrap in cling and tuck away for a few weeks! I ended up having to get 6 x 750g bags of oatmeal from Amazon.......none of the shops round here seem to sell it. The Queue Up do a wholefoods range but discontinued half of it recently and I didn't fancy trogging into Oxford just for oatmeal. We use quite a lot as home made digestive biscuits are wonderful, especially with strong cheese.
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    Mine moved outside at 6 weeks and were absolutely fine. I’d say yours will be too as they’re pretty well feathered and will snuggle together at night. Having said that it was August when mine moved out rather than late September. Just keep an eye on night time temperatures and bring them in if it gets really cold. Have they been out during the day already?
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    A moth goes into a podiatrist’s office. The doctor asks the moth, “What seems to be the problem?” The moth says, “Doc, I don’t know where to start. I feel like my whole life has been a waste of time. I’ve been at the same job for twenty years and I don’t just hate it, I’m revolted by it. I can barely summon the strength to drag myself in every day but I have no choice because I’m in debt up to my compound eyes. The idea of doing this job for years more just makes me sick." "I’ve grown apart from my wife. She’s no longer the woman I loved, and I can barely stand to be around her but I feel guilty for feeling that way about her. Doc, it just eats me up inside." "My daughter’s shacked up at eighteen with a guy I can’t stand who’s terrible for her and she dropped out of school, but she won’t listen to reason and it breaks my heart. And my son… Doc, I just don’t know if I love my own son, because he reminds me of everything I hate about myself. I look into his eyes and see the same digusting, snivelling cowardice I know everyone sees in mine. I can’t even work up the courage to pull out my gun and blow my own brains out. I feel like my entire life is nothing more than a fragile web of lies just barely holding me back from the screaming abyss." The podiatrist says to the moth, “You do seem to have a lot of problems, and it's clear you need professional help. But I’m just a podiatrist; you need to see a therapist, a psychiatrist even. Why did you come to me?" “The light was on." Badoom, tsh. I'll get my coat.
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    The usual answer is red mite in the coop, but perhaps it is too hot or there isn't enough ventilation?
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