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    I’ve always loved Brahmas and Orpington’s so when a breeder friend posted some birds for sale a few weeks ago I snapped at the chance ...especially as my parents were on holiday They’re from Lenches Brahmas in Worcester where I’ve had birds from before and I would highly recommend them. I planned on just adding the two but once I got there I couldn’t choose just two colours... We settled on Large Fowl Blue Light, Isabel and a bantam Dark pullet. They’re settling in well, nearly finished quarantine so can free range with our flock in the next few days
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    The mice will go out and get more chickens! I was concerned about Curly being on her own while Fudge was broody yet again - she kept wanting to go into the big girls and we all know what Inga the demon chicken loves to do to her! Plus if anything happened to one of them, then I'd be back to one on her own - and I've had enough chasing around to find friends for the lonely birds! From the same breeder, we have Sherbet the blue frizzle, Bessie Basset the black and white mottled pekin, Peppermint Patty the light Sussex, and Fizz the Faverolle. Fizz is a fraud and here she is having been pronounced fit and healthy by the vet. We had a nice week with them outside in the eglu while the others were very interested. Inga thought yay more tasty morsels for me. But seeing the weather forecast I popped them all in together (not what I'd have liked but they would be better off inside than out) and Curly was very much "that's mine, so is that!" but today all was much better. They've been together since last Saturday night - the rain came on the Sunday and then some. I'm glad they all cuddled together in the awful weather. OH went to Florida with our daughter and her boyfriend. Soooo I played. I also had my mum over for a while and I took her out visiting which just coincided with quilt shops being available!
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    Happy Birthday! Tried and failed to get Glastonbury tickets this morning - always got the resale or can volunteer to work it!
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    So got the fishies out today as I don’t want to risk them freezing to death. Caught 3 fishies, 1 frog and 1 giant toad. 😳 Started with 5 fishies, so 2 must have died/been eaten. But quite pleased with 3 surviving a rather hot summer in a small tub. Got them an aquarium which I have been running for the past week and they are now settling in their little plastic bag. Will release them in 20 min and see how they do then. I replaced all plants and stuff back in the pond, so my amphibian friends can get back to their home.
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    Although Soupdragon is more appropriate in this topic, I think you meant to add @soapdragon. 😉
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    I've got a Silver Pencilled bantam Wyandotte who is coming up to 10 years old and she is still laying fairly regularly and going broody.Thought she would be in the henopause by now !
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    Our girls give us a mix of white eggs, cream eggs, normal brown eggs, blue eggs - and with these additions, hopefully we'll continue to see some olive green eggs and dark brown eggs too. My partner is incredibly excited at the prospect of taking a selection of 'rainbow' eggs in to give people where he works. In future I might just try and find somewhere that sells easter egger hens and not bother with other breeds and see what we end up with!
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    Welcome to the Christmas side!
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    Bit of a theme going there then MH! Happy Birthday and enjoy the sausages
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    Well, do frogs, toads and fish count as pets? I think not...or at least, if they do, you can claim they are free range ones!
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    And with a face only a mother could love - Sprout A Baby as well
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    Less of a scar and more of a badge of honour! I have a scar on my little finger which was from a breadknife, another on a thumb from a saw and an appendix one....they are all boring! Your DD has a scar with a story! How many days to go now till you meet up? Time is moving on
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    Yes, we're slightly higher than the houses on the other side of the road. The water came closer than I've ever known it but we're high and dry. We lie between two streams that flood regularly and the local water board works endlessly trying to solve it but this time it's worse. The fire brigade is still out there pumping the road.
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    Two of mine have been really knocked by their mould this year - both in the few days before they actually started to lose feathers and both hens who are about 18 months old and so having their first proper moult. I wonder if it could be that?
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    Verm-X isn’t a “real” wormer, as it relies on herbs making the gut uninviting for worms. Personally I think it’s a lot of bogus, but to each their own.
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    Thanks, CT and ChickChick! I am Soapdragon as I make my own soap and loved watching the Clangers and merged the two hence the slightly modified name! I will dig out the recipe and post tomorrow...from memory it does call for jam sugar but we didn't have any so used ordinary!
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    So pleased that you are feeling a lot better now. Make sure you don't overdo it at work though xx
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    Chilli and tomato jam was a success and the passatta a hit with the boys........the toms are ripening slowly on the windowsill so will be making more, as they ripen. Chilli oil at the weekend......
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    Such lovely new girls AndyRoo. How exciting to get different coloured eggs !! Any eggs over the summer would have been nice, but hey ho. Mullethunter and Chookchat I think those are some of the prettiest chickens I've seen.
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    So today we got some new, as yet unnamed girls. A white Leghorn, and then two others are supposedly hybrids or hybrids: the one that looks like a Rhode Rock has feathery feet and is apparently a Marans cross so should give us some really dark eggs, and the little rumpless lady should give us some olive green eggs.
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    We’ve just got a hybrid called an Olive Egger with legs like yours she lays a blue grey egg. A lovely compact girl with a tiny bright comb. She’s given us 3 eggs already and we’ve only had her a week! We also got a French Maran & a Welsummer but they are only young so may not lay until the spring. We get ours from Newlands Poultry near Malvern
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    We have our new hamster although he looks more like Donald Trump's hair on legs! Will post pics as soon as we can get the little blighter out! He retreats to his plastic tubes as soon as we go up to the cage as I'm sure that he knows we can't get him out from there - I don't wish to anthoromphise (sp?) but I'm sure that's the case! YS chose the name Henrick but we've somewhat given up on that and he seems to be Furball - you'll see what I mean when I can get some pics! Concerted effort to get him out after supper when he'll have been with us for over 24 hours - the breeder suggested that, as he was older and more used to people, 24 hours would be fine before cuddles!
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    Lovely looking hens, and fantastic mix of egg colours. My white leghorn is my tamest girl, though she is also top of the pecking order
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    Update! We picked up a very sweet little boy from a family in Swindon back in July. However, Hades (yes.....well...that's what you get when your 11 year old has free range with names!) has proved a nightmare to hand tame. We did all the usual stuff...leaving him for a week to settle then just putting my hand in, then trying to hand feed treats etc but he didn't want to know and was really jumpy. I bit the bullet and took him out and let him run through my hands until he calmed down - about 15 minutes - and we have been getting him out when he wakes about 9pm every nigh for the past 5 weeks. He is now at the stage where I can scoop him up and he will sit with OH or I and have a wander on us but he is still quite jumpy. YS is really dissapointed as Hades was to h=be his and he so wanted to be able to get his new friend out unsupervised (as he did with Hugo). In short, I don't think Hades will ever be a chilled and relaxed chap so, on Saturday, we are going to the Midland Hamster Show at Drayton to collect an ex show ham who, the breeder assures us, is so laid back as to be horizontal! This 'new' one will live in YS room and Hades will move to the sitting room where OH and I will continue to work with him. Here he is.........he's very pretty!
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    It's the only programme of its kind that I watch. I don't mind admitting that I love it. However, I would rather gouge my own eyeballs out with a teaspoon than watch Love Island, X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, I'm a Celebrity,Get Me Out Of Here, or anything of that ilk.
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