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    Buy the biggest run you can afford for the space you have. Plan to cover it as that will sometimes be necessary if we get an Avian Flu outbreak. A couple of years ago we had to keep them in the run 24/7 from December until April. Best to think ahead even if the eventuality seems remote at the time.
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    Hello, remember me? Just thought I would say Hi from sunny France, where we relocated to almost 4 years ago now. The renovations at La Ferme Sauvage are still ongoing - we spent 2 years in a caravan but now have the luxury of a proper bedroom, running water.....................and soon we will be cracking out The Cube & chickening ourselves up once more, I hope. It is Fox central here, so we will have to build a Fort Knox pen to keep the little sods out, as well as making it wild Boar proof...should be interesting While he builds, I crochet....a new skill that has helped my anxiety & general wellbeing an awful lot. I was asked to post a photo of a blanket I made for our new bedroom, so here you go. I know a few of you follow us & our adventures in The Dordogne on Facebook (Hi Christian!) , & it anyone else is interested in what we are up to, here is a link to our Blog page there. https://www.facebook.com/fermesauvage/ A bientot, Sarah x
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    You can use a broody cage, like a wire dog crate. Prop it up on some bricks, so it’s off the ground. Pop her in for 3 days and 3 nights and it should sort her out. Do provide her with plenty food and water and keep it her in sight of the others. If possible inside the run itself.
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    This just tickled my giggle button
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    To my total delight we now have at least two hedgehogs feeding in our garden. There may even be three tho' we've only seen two at any one time there does seem to be a marked size difference between all of them, hence our thoughts on there being 3. We have some hoggy food which we have been putting out - more ordered on the Tesco delivery for Friday - and a big bowl of water. Am beyond happy - I love these gorgeous little animals and was quite upset to have to take a baby one to St Tiggywinkles last Autumn.
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    So we went back to the tip with an internet booked appointment (all very efficient and organised now): we can go once a week and not more often. Greeted by the same 'jobsworth' at 3 metres, no masks and our window wound down. She spotted our cute dog and rushed over, stuck herself head first through the window of the van to fuss her !! So much for social distancing.
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    Our boys have these chopsticks, tho they generally give up and go for a fork! Your grandson will be at a massive advantage being able to fluently speak both languages! An aside; I've listed a few items on the local Gumtree and the curse of spelling strikes again. Someone has listed a 'pitcher'. It's a lovely pitcher - of tulips!!!!
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    All of you who say you don’t like beaches - I sort of get that, but maybe you’ve just always been doing it wrong!! Last August bank holiday I was working on, amongst other places, Polzeath beach. The lifeguards estimated there were 4000 people on the beach and another 500 in the water!!! It was practically standing room only - I genuinely couldn’t understand why anyone would have not got back in their car and left (well apart from the fact that the car park was totally gridlocked!) - it was just horrendous. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Even in Cornwall, even in the summer you can find quiet, out of the way spots. Ever since I was 15 I’ve picked the spot in the rocks at the side of the beach where no one can see me and I’m on my own, or walked around the cliffs to find an out of the way hidden platform with just the sky above and the sea below. There’s nothing better than that. Although, to be fair, I suppose strictly speaking that isn’t always ‘going to the beach’. And I agree, I can’t think of anything worse that packing up the car with deck chairs, sun break, cool box, plates and cutlery...kill me now! The most I ever have is my backpack with wetsuit, snorkel, fins and towel. Sorry - got lost in a fantasy trip there 🤣 Each to their own.
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    I never get the whole beach thing anyway. The last thing I want to do on a hot day is drive for miles with only a limited amount of water and sit on a beach and share toilets with hundreds of people. If the weather is very hot I want to be at home. I feel very sorry for people all over the place really. This was inevitable and although I don't like what's happened I'm certainly not going to judge anyone. This year has been rubbish. Not nearly as bad as this time 100 years ago but pretty rubbish all the same.
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    Yes, the virus issue is serious and yes, people are dying. However, admitting and discussing our inconveniences is a perfectly reasonable part of living within the new normal; it's only when people start complaining about their lot that they come across as putting themselves first and therefore trivialising things. For me, the thing I miss the most is meeting up with the parts of my family that aren't within my household. My mother, for instance, only lives a few miles away but she's old enough to be in the "vulnerable" category, lives on her own and is really feeling the isolation. We can certainly videoconference and that helps a lot, but what she'd really like is to meet up with us and it's difficult to see the longing in her face and not jump in the car. That said, the recent relaxing of meeting up does mean my son, who's a keen cyclist, can include her house in some of his rides and have a good chat sitting in the garden at a suitable distance and being waited on hand and foot by a grateful granny with too much baking time and not enough appetite. Win/win. Roll on the day everyone can pile on round ours for a big blow-out barbecue. In the meantime, I'll content myself with the idea that the lockdown markedly improves the chances of my still having family to invite round.
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    In hysterics at page 13 of today's Daily Mail (🙄😲) showing pictures of David Cameron and family struggling to put together their 'high tec' chicken house - aka Omlet cube! Says it all, really! DM and M&M, you are nearby; could you pop round and give them a hand 😋? Made me wonder if there are any more 'famous faces' with chickens? Apart from those on the Forum, of course!!!!
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    Just for housing the Cube will be OK for 10 as long as they all get on OK. Nice space they’ve got 😁
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    I have a similar one: Fizz the Fraud who looks so ill that you bring her inside and get an appointment with the vet. By the time we get there, she's fine. Then there's Fudge. Fudge won't go to bed without some hanky panky and demands I squiffle her back and pat her on the floofy bits. When I was away she demanded the same from OH - he said it was very embarrassing! She wasn't well in the photo - but getting better with a few days of antibiotics - she was on the table in the dining room so she could see outside - mostly she did roadkill and sunbathed and then she was digging and throwing her food around! FIL was visiting and he insisted she stayed on the table, so I had to put up a tent so that our food wouldn't get dirty but he could see her!
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    Thank you. Actually, after a few days it gets better. The Orpington cheats and flies most of the way but the other two got the trick.
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    I think we should add this to the sticky about Fox Attacks. I’m so sorry for your awful experience but thank you for sharing it. The pictures are very useful too so that others can take precautions. You might like to put a post about it on the Omlet Chicken Keeping FB page to reach those who get their advice this way. I hope you do restock. Would an electric fence be another defence worth considering?
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    No you can just add them by clicking “Click to choose files” below the comment box
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    It obviously rained a little overnight but the sheep were completely dry when they came to 'help' me let the chickens out - didn't even have that soggy jumper smell!
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    If you like this stuff, there's some pretty crazy footage of the Falcon twin landing here
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    Went out to smell the leaves and I didn't think they smelled of mustard, but the plant does look like the one in that picture. It will be interesting to see it flower. Thank you for the suggestion of the app, now on my phone and will probably be used regularly.
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    No I see what you mean - that would make sense. I don’t take the food in at night. I have mice but not rats. That’s not to say I never will, but I haven’t so far 🤞🏻
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    It all depends on your routine and what you teach them. They love a good routine! I don’t take in their food and scatter their breakfast in the run at night, but I have a good hunting tomcat and neighbours on all sides, including living above me. They are actually more well behaved when they can get themselves up for me, than when I let them wake me up to be let out. Just try it out and see how they do. It will cost you one very shouty early morning at the most.
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    She looks rather miserable. Nutri drops can help them perk up. You can put her somewhere warm and comfortable. Give her a good once over and feel her crop and belly. Crop should be filled, but neither hard or squishy/sloshy. Her belly shouldn’t feel like a hot fluid filled balloon. Other than that, I would suggest a trip to the vet. They can take quite some time dying if this is actually the end. So I wouldn’t just leave her to her suffering, but end it one way or another if you think the end is near.
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    Aren’t the curry poos just ceacal poos? They do this once every 10 poos and they are orangy brown, and have the consistency of chocolate spread.
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    So cute what a lovely present. Your work's so neat.
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    I think the problem is that "a trip to the seaside" doesn't just involve travelling until you've run out of land and then spending some time there. It's a phrase that deserves its own capital letters: "A Trip to the Seaside", since it's loaded with significance in the same way that "the mother-in-law" is a Les Dawson-esque parody of a maternal despot, not just a parent of one's spouse. I grew up - and still live - close enough to the coast for spontaneous visits to be practical. As a result, I, and my kids since, have developed a great love of beachcombing. I love being on the sea and I find coastal wildlife fascinating, so it's a destination of choice when availability of time and camera coincide. There's also something about the glint of light off some wet mud flats once the tide has gone out that is powerful enough I an almost smell the salt just thinking about it. However, I do not, have never and never will own an inflatable, and firmly believe barbecues are best kept for gardens and campsites. Oh, and a "Kiss me quick" hat has just been misspelt; obviously they had a surfeit of Ss when they ran out of Ls.
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    I really miss space for me! I am foster mum to 4 boys and everything ticked along nicely, now with them and me at home all the time I am going quite mad. My husband is really good and does most of home schooling. I have peace in am to do online Pilates and go a walk alone but am really missing all my activities. My hope is the virus will die away and not return as expected in winter. Is that what happened with SARS , it affected several countries and then died out?
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    I doubt that it is in pain. There's often a slight smear of blood when a chick or duckling hatches, the important thing is not to help it out; they need to make their own way. Keep the shell slightly moist (especially is the atmosphere is so dry right now) so help it get out. Hatching can take some time, which is agony when you're mad keen to see the babies. You do realise that we will expect photos of them when they're out........
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    I messaged Omlet to ask if they would consider designing a hedgehog house...there are lots of wooden ones available and obviously a demand for them. Looking at the current guinea pig house I'm sure that design could easily be adapted but they didn't seem at all interested! A missed marketing opportunity there!
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    I don't use DE - it's an irritant for eyes and airways. Clean the cube etc and then spray with Nettex Total Mite Kill ready to use spray (pink one) which is a disinfectant and mite killer. Then dust with Nettex Buz Busters Louse Powder, which also kills mites. Rake their Ground Sanitising Powder through the Aubiose in the run weekly, and then when I do a total muck-out, I sprinkle it on the slabs before cracking open a new bale of Aubiose. It doesn't need to be complicated or to have lots of products, just ones which work.
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    That looks fantastic PL - what a treat. Trips to the countryside will be available always but there will probably never be another chance to drive through and see London like this. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I’m very jealous of your day out.
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    Well it’s definitely not me!! 😂
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    Lovely and very evocative pics, PL. Thanks for sharing. I've only been out of our village x 3 since coming out of hospital on 13th Feb so I feel as though I'm in some sort of parallel universe. Not that I am really desperate to dash off anywhere but it would be nice to have the option!
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    I bet the air is so much nicer too. I see on the news lots back to work today and not a lot of social distancing coming off trains Etc. I loved visiting London but it was so very busy.
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    Very useful and exceedingly versatile regarding contents to chuck!
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    🤣 I have got to get me one of those!
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    By catapult
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    I’d say Minnie is a boy, Dipper and Nugget are girls, Nando’s I’m not sure. The colours can change loads as they grow up so it’s hard to say. All very cute - makes me want to hatch again!
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    Ahhh to be in rural Devon squiffling chickens floofy bits! Sounds like Heaven! It always amazes me how these critters all have such completely individual characters and know just how to manipulate their owners.
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    I have 7 hybrids and 3 Bantam's in my cube, there is a 4 meter omlet run attached, they have a large enclosed area if I want to fence them in however they usually free range in 3 acres. They need the outside run/ free range space and if I didn't have that then I would limit my numbers.
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    Oh that’s reassuring that it’s hopefully ok! I love the phrase “rounded bustle” 🤣 I did think 19/20 weeks was a bit early. But was wondering if it explained anything. Plus I had read somewhere 18-22 weeks. Not in a rush, just want to make sure they are ok. They are refusing to go in tonight as the nest box brick is too scary 🙈 Do love the little chook personalities! Thanks mullethunter 🥰
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    Lifted some Agata first early potatoes yesterday, just 51 days after planting. Nice size, very thin skins and very tasty; one for next year. Didn't need any watering either. However the heavy rain we are getting at the moment may be a problem because, despite being earthed up, the potatoes are growing deep and may rot in the ground? We took your advice last year Valkyrie and took cuttings off the tomato plants we bought to give us an extra 8 plants. They took about a month to be ready for planting out though, so they went in the ground 1st July and they had just enough time to ripen before the first frosts. Been advised to grow from seed in future though, because of some disease that is in France which kills the plants and stays in the soil.
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    Hopefully this link will work. I couldn't be bothered to cook a proper meal yesterday but I had made some bread rolls so we had it cold. One of the things I wanted was that it should work as a cold cut and we all agreed that it did. It will be interesting to see what the rest is like after a night in the fridge but so far so good. https://www.acouplecooks.com/vegetarian-meatloaf/
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    It’s not unusual for them to have a little blood if she’s passed a particularly big egg, especially if she’s bright. I would just clean her with a bit of warm water on a cotton wool ball and monitor her
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    New incubator delivered, and problem solved. Thanks for all the help guys 👍🏻👍🏻
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    Hardwood chips on a concrete base sounds like a good plan - you obviously have done your homework 😃 As Dogmother says, clear tarps are the way to go. Mine have eyelets at the edges with little bungees from the Omlet website, but I add bungees over the top in winter storms (I’m in Cornwall). I have tarps to the ground on one long side and one short side of my 4m by 2m run, half way down in the other short side and just over the edge on the front long side. In the winter about a third of the woodchip stays completely dry. My gang are shut in their run while we’re at work (generally Mon to Friday until about 16:30) and then free range in the garden evenings a partial weekends. I have the standard Omlet fence. I know there are foxes about but they very rarely come near our garden and we can hear the chooks and get to them very quickly from anywhere in the house - didn’t stop a dog getting in and killing one last month though 😔 An electric fence will stop foxes providing its properly used and maintained - whether you need it depends really on how risk averse you are, how likely a fox is to be in your garden during the day, and how quickly you could get out there if you were indoors. On numbers, if I understand correctly and you’re getting an Eglu Cube with 3m run, please don’t get any more than 4 hybrids for the set up you have planned. In fact I’d suggest no more than 3 as they’re going to be in there a lot of the time.
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    Found the photo. Run itself is heavy enough to stay down, but you can add logs on the run skirt if you want it.
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    Duck has gone broody wardrobe in the half renovated spare room. Obviously 😂🤣
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    It got worse Soapdragon. Rang the tip for an appointment only to get an answer machine message telling me to phone another number, so rang that and got a message saying that number didn't exist. So I phoned someone else and they gave me the same number! Then the phone rang but I missed the call. Checked the number and it was the tip, so phoned back and finally got an appointment for 1520 today; don't do afternoons normally because of leaving the chickens out, but can't afford to wait any longer as we've run out of sacks, the van is full and getting rather smelly. I get to try out our face masks for the first time though.
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