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    I finally finished my Highland who I called Hamish so thought I’d post an update 🙂
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    I did it I passed all my exams and last Friday successfully defended my Thesis so I've signed the book of graduates and I'm going to be a vet! Diseases of Small Animals (cats and dogs) was my last rotation block and State exam (oral exam with a panel of 5) which is the hardest of all six so I was a bit worried about having to resit and messing up my summer plans but we all passed and did well! We had our graduation ball on Sunday which was really nice I flew home yesterday as I have a few family bits and working next week then I'm driving back to Slovakia next weekend, having a roadtrip across Europe to collect my dog, taking them to the beach with a few friends, graduation and then drive home. I had a few interviews in April, of the 5 interviews I got 6 offers because a charity hospital I've been going to for years recommended me for a job! I chose a Small Animal hospital really close to home, they're a really sociable team, 10 vets with lots of certificates and experience, laparascopy (key-hole) surgery and other 'toys' so I should learn lots.
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    I had my LGV (formerly known as HGV) theory test and multiple choice today. I passed both I completed the multiple choice part in 5 minutes (you get 1 hour 55 minutes), and got 94%. They had to check the CCTV to make sure I didn't cheat!
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    Clean aired linen on the bed ready for the next occupant and the spare linen in the cupboard folded up or kept where you have madespace for it - Mine under the beds is easy to just take out and make up the bed once I have stripped it for washing and the next lot goes under the bed once aired and ready again. It was not always so!! - I had a very messy airing cupboard when we all lived here - kids and my mum and husband and myself - when you opened the door - things would definitely tend to escape! Also the cat learnt to open the sliding cupboard door and enjoyed making a nice bed amongst the nice clean linen and towels! the latest cat still does it to the towels!.
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    I'd let DM loose! Like you I lost the last of my old'uns last year, having to dispatch Squirt which broke my heart. But I'm never giving up on chickens and have more. The only thing I asked the neighbours about was a cockerel - and was given a thumbs up by both - then they aren't close. I don't see how chickens kick up a fuss that early in the morning - 5 maybe. Trigger is set off by either the crows or the dairy farm - and that machinery does make more noise than the chickens! If you want a break then fair enough - but if you want chickens don't let a twit dictate to you. Let him be the one that moves if he doesn't like it! Or as I said at the beginning - let DM loose on him!
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    Slow progress today: The Cube is now nearly all grey though & looks like an Anderson Shelter! As you can see I had the building inspector in. Meet 5 year old rescued Dachshund called Otto. He had a right nosy & made the other dog 🐶 Buckley jealous (as he’d never fit!) so much barking & merriment.... I’m going to a specialist paint 🎨 shop for some advice before putting a base coat of green on & yet to source a cheap enough & nice coloured base coat green: I’m then going to make acetate stencils to create the effect & they should deal with the curved okay.....
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    Give her a good feel. Check for a squishy crop, smell her breath. If it is squishy and her beak smells, it might be a crop infection. Give her bottom a feel too. This too shouldn’t be squishy like a water filled balloon.
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    I do love having the house to myself. Even though the kids are adults that still doesn't happen often. Because they all work different shifts it's a sort of social hot bunking. I was looking through photos on my phone and thought I'd share this one of my daughter-in-law in her wedding dress. She looked so lovely and magical.
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    Congratulations Geoid. You can team up with Chickwiggle now! The in-laws were at Carlyon Bay hotel the other day, stopped here for a night then went on to Cornwall to meet up with friends who live there. A friendship spanning 70 years! Then back to us for another sleepover and travelling home. It's been a while since I've been to the Eden project - all I remember was that it was boiling hot outside and even hotter inside and I melted!
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    I think I need to send you all over here! I'm afraid I am in the MT/Soapdragon camp. Even with a largish house and a never ending stream of visitors I can't quite keep the bedding under control, it lives everywhere, partly because we have 5 double beds and 3 singles and there is so much of it. I bought some pretty boxes to put it in, but as time goes by I can't be bothered to fight with the large stuff and get it small enough to fit in. Airing cupboards are unheard of here, in fact I have no built in cupboards, and I do think fondly of my Mum's where all the sheets and towels going back 50 years are still in their own piles in the airing cupboard, neatly ironed and folded. My Nan used to have a huge linen press in the kitchen, next to the range, and it was also beautifully kept, a bit like the photo, minus the ribbons, I think that went back to Monday being wash day and you dealt with it all at the same time. However, I am just lazy. My preference is also for white bed linen, but because of the strong sun here, it goes yellowish quite quickly out on the line, which is not a good look, so I am tending to choose pale grey/blue or cream instead now. Do you think clean, aired but unused bed linen is better off in a cupboard, or on the bed, awaiting the next occupant?
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    An update on my seramas... The Roo had a 5 day course of nutridrops and now seems very well and healthy. On Sunday morning he found his voice and crowed for the first time! It was very, very cute! His crow is still less than half the volume of my big girl's chattering so just hoping he stays that quiet lol. He's quite friendly and has become used to being handled. I still have no clue how old he actually is but does a first crow at 15 weeks seem right, or is he older? The ladies, I am now sure, are not all the same age. The speckldey one is definitely the oldest. She has an adult voice, raises alarm calls, etc. She has started crouching when I put my hand over her so I'd guess she'll come into lay within a couple of weeks. The black one seems somewhere in between the other two and the white one seems to me to be much younger. She still only does "peep peep" noises, she's smaller, skinnier and her face/comb isn't colouring up at all yet. So I think I was told a bit of a porky pie about their ages! But they are all healthy now, happy and extremely entertaining in every way. Thoroughly enjoying them!
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    My airing cupboard was always like Soapdragon’s till my OH decided to have a tidy about a year ago. Even put a diagram on the door. Which I of course ignored., Now he likes to put things away and get them out. Not complaining as it’s about the only domestic chore he does! But I can’t see him adding ribbons..,
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    Oh to have a house so big I could fit the whole cupboard in!
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    Oh to have a cupboard that big to put all my bedding in !!
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    Yes, I wouldn't want to leave it too late. Speaking of vets, I did take one of the chickens to the vet not long ago to have the lice confirmed and she openly admitted that she knew about as much as I did about chickens...but happily took the £20 consultation fee. So I think I'm going to have to find a specialist vet, but I don't think we have any locally. I'll phone around tomorrow.
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    Have had to admit defeat and let the door open at 5am. The girls were doing quite well and waiting until 6am but the last few mornings they have just made a noise to be let out. I think I have the noisiest Pekins anywhere. Admittedly I didn't hear a peep out of them this morning. Mind you, a gang of magpies more than made up for the noise at 4.15am instead.
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    We had some bees under our shed once. They were very cute but I always waited until they had gone into the hole and then quickly did what I needed to do.
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    Update: Myrtle is a lot better this morning. She's rearranging with the others, pecking and dustbathing as normal. Her comb even looks better. We're going to the farm store today to pick up a supplement for her. I think massaging and maggots have done the job. Maggots are super cheap and easy to buy from a local fishing shop so we're going to start giving them to our flock once a month as an extra treat/protein boost/digestive.
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    Just imagine what he’d do on a Cube?
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    I'm interested to see how this turns out. I was thinking of doing this to our cube a while back.
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    Oh I remember Vim with great affection lol & didn’t the late Victoria Wood once write a line saying “Oooh she’s a stranger to Ajax?” as a most marvellous silly out down! x
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    So..... the garden is 4m (at the narrowest) by 6m so plenty room to put and Eglu cube plus an extension..... Now just to decide if that is the best option run wise (and to start saving!) thanks for the slabs tips!
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    I let them out - they roamed around for 30 minutes - spot of sunbathing and then returned to the WIR on their own where I gave them some meal worms - so thank you - Photo of H & N sunbathing...
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    I think the Cube is made from polypropylene Neil, which is a difficult plastic to deal with. It's rather soft and flexible which means abrasive powders can get embedded in it and be difficult to remove. It is also a plastic that can't be simply glued or painted and requires high-tech solutions for both the aforementioned. As AJM200 says, Cif and a scrubbing brush is going to be the best result you can get. How did you get on with your brackets?
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