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    Finally put up some Omlet art! ❤️
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    Whilst we may refer to clay soil, sandy soil, peaty soil and so on, the fact remains that any sod of earth will contain larger grains as well as smaller ones. Those larger grains - the sandy bits if you will - tend to be less susceptible to binding together, so tend to remain as loose particles that can therefore stick to any nearby adhesive surface. This phenomenon is well known through the work of Professor Murphy and, given both his name and his research into soil dynamics, is commonly referred to either as Sod's Law or Murphy's Law.
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    I'm not keen on lentils - but we have those most of the time now - OH's diet. He's lost so much weight since he was diagnosed pre-diabetic and he's now not diabetic but needs to keep on top of things. I said I'd join with him. Easier to just do one meal for us both. But I like potatoes. Nope - I looooove potatoes - which is one of the things he has cut back on. Neither of us eat bread now. I've also lost a fair bit of weight but not as much as him - a slow progress but I'm happy that I can get my wellies on and off easily! And trousers in the wardrobe that were OK to stand up in, I can now sit down in them. Most embarrassing the other day - they started falling down while we were out! Good job they had some cord to tie it with. I never bothered before! Had to get OH to hold my stuff so I could hoik them back up to the waist and pull those strings!
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    Why is it that the application of suncream on a beach immediately results in the almost magnetic attraction of every grain of sand within 2 yards to the applied areas thus turning one into a human emery board? Just asking!
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    so been working on this project, well mostly my dad has, to create 3 x breeding pens for trios of birds or more if small bantams. The pens will eventually be divided into three with covered runs in same fashion and we will of course put doors etc and a nesting box in each and roosting bars. Any advice on finishing touches would be appreciated. Particularly on ventilation as i was thing of just using a holesaw to cut some holes out of the front...
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    Ok so finally finished this project! It was actually to be my Easter swap present. But decided to keep it and hang up by the door.
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    Canned lentils make a great mince replacement. I prefer it over products like Quorn. Much cheaper too. I’m lucky as there are loads of vegetarian options in the Netherlands, most supermarkets have their own brand of very decent stuff. We also have the Vegetarian Butcher as a brand and their “meats” are very good. Their chicken looks more like chicken than some chicken in dishes. But I don’t often buy those because they aren’t cheap. I rather do without all together. Still have to find a good replacement for sandwich meats. Most of the veggie stuff is far too sweet.
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    I’ve gone mostly vegetarian. Although somethings don’t have replacements that really do it for me. My mom still cooks with meat, and I’m fine with that, when I have dinner at her place. I just make an effort not to buy meat for myself anymore.
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    Hello All- Some of the posts are so amusing! "Raccoons are so cute...." "I have not seen a raccoon..." "Are raccoons the animals with the cute bandit masks..." We here in the US have a serious raccoon issue....We love our Cube and the WIR. The run was not designed to protect attacks from raccoons. They are amazingly dexterous with their little thumbs (they have a pincer grasp like us). We lost three of our sussex to a family of raccoons judging by the bloody footprints on top of the coop. Completely a newbie mistake as we did not lock them inside the coop. They were dragged from below though the wires as pullets. If a three year old can figure it out, so can a raccoon! We live in an urban area in St Paul, MN and have quite a few raccoons around as well as hawks and the very occasional fox and coyote. However, raccoons are the real threat with this run. We cannot have roosters in the city, so no ability to have a warning sound for predators! We have the cube now enclosed within a walk in run. After speaking to our local DNR (Department of Natural Resources) I thought I would let you all know what I have done here to protect the girls against raccoons. I have CABLE tied (exhaustively) the upper level of the run and covered with half clear/half shade vinyl tarp. The sides of the run I placed green 1/2 inch vinyl covered hardware cloth that is two feet high. I also have an internal predator skirt as the run sits on the grass. Just some 12 inch hardware cloth cable tied to the edge. Raccoons can rip through pretty much everything but the outdoor uv treated cable ties are raccoon proof (according to the Naturalist). The areas where the roosting bars on also have a piece of hardware cloth on each end so the raccoon cannot reach in from there. Overkill? Perhaps... but we are all much more relaxed. The girls are locked in the coop every night now but raccoons here in the fall and winter can be very aggressive and hunt during off hours. This is NOT a design flaw on the part of Omlet as I have read on other posts. The run and coop are amazing.
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    Turn your phone to horizontal! https://www.claretaylor.com
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    You're welcome. That order goes through to Cotswold Chickens Tom - I just freelance for them (and other companies) see link to my website in my signature
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    The same reason that you always stick the fork through the best potato 🙄
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    If it’s determined / a terrier I think you’d need electrified netting to be certain of keeping him out.
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    I chose to get 3 eggs because if you only get 2 and one fails to hatch, you would have a lonely chick being looked after by mum and having hatched them, I realise just how much chicks like other chicks to hang out with. i got 3 and one failed so I ended up with two which works really well. I made sure if both were girls I could keep both (had room for them)and I found homes for cockerels (which is hard) in case all were boys (personally I couldn’t kill them). We are in Oxfordshire so I found a local lady to pick eggs up from as posted ones (such as off eBay) reduce hatch rate to around 50% so I’ve read
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    DE doesn’t worm them and can be an irritant to their respiratory system. Best to keep to a medical wormer like flubenvet and not to mix their food with something that is effectively very fine dust.
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    I am lucky they went to a good home today. i cried saying goodbye.
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    Hi Janty, I do not remember you from distant pass , but I do remember you from about eighteen months ago, you posted and mentioned you were waiting for a transplant. My daughter also had transplant of liver in May last year in Kings and I often wondered if you had been lucky enough to get a chance. So pleased to hear all went well, it is a tough time.
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    It could either be urate staining - so their 'wee' comes out as white stuff, which you normally see on the top of their poo. Or, if she is having egg tackle problems, then it could be some lubricant where she is trying to get an egg out. Keep it clean to avoid fly strike and if it doesn't stop, I'd get her to a chicken-savvy vet.
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    I had to hard stare at a man in Sainsbury’s for this today - it worked
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    Thanks for the advice. I've now ordered the 3x4m WIR. Only 6 weeks to wait..... 😊
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    I would remove Alice and ignore her ranting - tit won't last. You are lucky to have 2 mums to look after them, so she won't be missed. The bullied chick will get stressed and this will affect its immune system.
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    Found this on twitter! Difference between breathing apparatus of mammals, birds and insects.
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    Thank you, I think maybe she's given up. She's had various infections over the past year, poor girl. Think maybe it's just her time. Least she had 2 lovely years of freedom.
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    But are they going to get so close they’ll be able to count your layers??? 😂
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    Oh yes I know they need heat etc. Already been looking into that. But the more I search the less likely it seems that I will be able to get what I want unless I change the breed I want to something that can be autosexed.
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    Wow and superwow! Just when I think you can't crochet anything better than last time off you go and prove me wrong! The owls are lovely but the Easter chicks are adorable and who knew it was even possible to crochet a strawberry!
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    Mark 1 Cube attached to a 4m (May be 3m in the photo’s- I extended) lo-rise WIR. Omlet say you can’t do it but there it is. Just noticed the interloper in the last photo 🤣
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    I thought going topless (females) had gone out of fashion but my 19 year old back from Mallorca said its the in thing there. He didnt know where to look (well ok he did!!!😂)OH piped up " your mum used to go topless" 😮 Too much info and yes I did but 30 odd years ago pre kids gravity and breast feeding🤣
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    Think yourself lucky it is only pigeons. Our runs are in the paddock and after hubby cleverly created the pophole too large, I found all three ewes and four lambs in there eating the layers pellets one day! Have now put a frame inside the hole that they cant get through but the cooks can!
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    Honestly, that would have been something you should have considered before getting 7 unsexed chickens. Don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s a bit late now. Contact the breeder you got the chickens from and see if they cab help out if you get too many cockerels. Post some pictures and we can hazard a guess on the sex of your chickens.
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    Good news! Maybe remove the chopped straw from the nesting box just in case? I use wood chips, which are bigger.
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    Sort of good news - crop was empty this morning - hoorah!!!! Watery poo with indigested matter but less watery throughout the day. Ate a little more today, including some layers pellets and seems a little less withdrawn - even re-asserting her position!! Also drinking has been more normal today. So I’m hopeful things will continue to improve. Thank you for your input Cat Tails.
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    I'm so glad to hear that you have also had experience of two mums. Sadly I only have two possible chicks to share between them so hoping they both make it otherwise one mum may be very disappointed. Just very happy to be able to give them both this experience of being a mum- so really glad to hear someone else has shared the chicks, and so sorry to hear about your poor chicks that got strangled and trampled Your mothers and baby chick are stunning by the way.
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    Although mine is a mk1 Cube, I can confirm the capacity for sleeping birds. The ex bats will probably be warrens which are classed as a medium sized bird. i have three warrens alongside three similar sized Columbian blacktails and two slightly smaller leghorns, and all eight are very happy in the cube. They probably have about 15sqM between them and have plenty enough space to avoid the bad behaviour of overcrowding. Do bear in mind, though, that some of your ex bats may lead happy lives for only a relatively short time, after which you may well think of additions. Your run should still be big enough to subdivide temporarily at that point whilst introducing a couple of new girls to your then incumbent flock.
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    ACV in warmer weather can cause shell problems. I have tried to find any research on Verm-X a while ago and couldn’t find any. I personally wouldn’t bother. I know that The Dogmother is not fond of DE as it can irritate the airways of both chickens and humans. If you keep to a good wormer and have a regular worm count done, you don’t need anything else.
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    Chickens love snuggling up close, so don’t be surprised about how many hens can technically fit in the coop. There have been people with big flocks and multiple coops, who found one Cube empty at night and about 12 hens in the other... 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    The house isn’t the determining factor, it’s the run. Depending on who you ask on here, it’s a minimum of 1square meter per hen or 2 square metres per hen. Either way, the more space the better. You could probably get away with 8 hens in that set-up. Although if you’re a new chicken owner, you should ask yourself if that isn’t stretching it. Normally excommercial birds are medium sized hens.
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    As cattails said, it’s not a walk in run, that’s just the regular run that comes with the Cube and attaches directly to the house - the same as the one you have but not as long. Getting a 1m extension to your Cube run to give you 4m will not really be enough run space once your 6 girls have grown up unless they are going to free range a lot. Others will disagree, but I’d recommend a lo rise walk in run. I’ve had one for about 5 years and I think it’s brilliant. It’s not really walk in because it’s only about 4 feet high but because I’m only 5’3” I can easily move around in it - I didn’t want the full height one either. Omlet say you can attach it to a Cube run, but I have done so very successfully using cable ties.
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    Any ladder will be a bit more of a challenge to silkies, but I think most have build them a ramp from some wood. I would rather first consider the size of the housing and run, issues with ladders can be resolved.
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    I think tagging on to this is to not impose our own views of society on to the chickens! I remember being horrified at how they treat each other originally but it is their way and how they have evolved to keep order. Having said that, it doesn't stop me from sneaking an extra treat to the lowly bottom of the pecking order chook 😂
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    Depends very much on your taste. UK type 'mushy which sticks to your teeth' battery chicken doesn't exist here. Chickens get to run about as as a result taste far better with meat that has texture/ substance. If you let your Cobbs move about they may be OK, but with these supermarket breeds flesh growth exceeds bone growth and they just break.
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    Mycoplasma. We've just lost a hen to this as it can lead to swollen nostrils and infection. Definitely return the bird as it is far too much trouble to try and treat. The breeder shouldn't have this in their flock and should stop breeding and selling immediately. Yes it will infect the other birds so keep it separate. It flares up when their immune system is depressed eg. end of a season laying, bad weather and moulting.
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    At the risk of stating the obvious, they’re in the public domain already. Help yourself.
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    Anyone who can buy a Cube accidentally is obviously going to fit in well on this forum. Being realistic, though, if you get on well with the three chickens, more are likely to follow. With a Cube, you're already set. It's not overkill; it's forward planning.
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    Have you tried ringing Omlet?
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    Awesome they are soooo cool! So I took the advice and made some eldefflower cordial as well as the champagne for the wife... it is amazing!
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    The air cell was actually huge - when I opened the egg I’d say well over a third was empty space. I thought I had the humidity too high (didn’t measure just followed Brinsea instructions to fill half the chamber with water) after speaking to a few people (when it was too late) who said they dry hatch until lockdown, but seeing the size of the air cell I’m not so sure.
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    sadly she had to be put to sleep they couldn't get the egg to come out as her oviduct appeared to have twisted, so would have needed surgery, lots of recovery and then the implant which isn't always fully effective so could have caused her to lay again (and have another egg stuck again) in the future. so we had to let her go. I miss her already and she wasn't even here very long but such a lovely little chook.
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    We're looking to leave ours for a few days inside a secure enclosure with sufficient water and feed. Freezing water and egg removal are big issues though. Your water system will freeze Dutchie, both the small dishes and particularly the pipework, so being away in Winter won't be an option. Removal of eggs is essential, as one being broken and eaten will start an egg eating habit that you may be unable to cure. We have friends here that will be able to collect eggs and have experience of poultry so will be able to spot problems. But asking them to defrost water systems or hose down runs in Summer is too much, so if we do go away we will have to chose our moment carefully. The last time we went away (11 years ago) we had a friend offer to look after them. He lost the keys to the coop padlocks the first day (theft was a huge problem for us in England) and so to collect the eggs £50 worth were cut through and discarded. Ironically I found the keys in a few minutes when he said they were in his top pocket; you had to lean over into the dustbin to reach the feed! The lesson here is things can go wrong that you can't predict.
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