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    Finally put up some Omlet art! ❤️
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    People are so lovely; I stopped yesterday to give first aid to a bloke who had taken off a big strip of his scalp when he collided with a road sign. While I was kneeling on the ground beside him, stemming the bleeding - two ladies came over to offer assistance. One walked the man's distressed 9 year old daughter home to her mum, the other brought water and blankets. Then a police officer stopped to help, and when the ambulance hadn't arrived after 40 minutes, he ferried the injured man (and me, compressing the top of his head) to A&E. Made a bit of a mess of his patrol car! The injured man's wife has just called round and given me a JLP gift card as thank you, they are so sweet...... he has a monumental headache. Faith in folks restored. Karma will bite the bum of the youth who saw the accident, laughed and walked on by.
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    All I have are the cats, the chickens, and the fish. It's not like I've asked for an aviary, pygmy goats, a puppy, tree frogs, a tortoise, and some mice or anything... *nervous laugh*
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    I’ve seen some really fantastic and thoughtful present s from Secret Santa’s here! I never thought rhythm keeping chickens could have such wonderful results! It’s not just about chickens on this site, it’s also about community. Thank you all for being beautiful people ❤️❤️❤️
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    Hello, remember me? Just thought I would say Hi from sunny France, where we relocated to almost 4 years ago now. The renovations at La Ferme Sauvage are still ongoing - we spent 2 years in a caravan but now have the luxury of a proper bedroom, running water.....................and soon we will be cracking out The Cube & chickening ourselves up once more, I hope. It is Fox central here, so we will have to build a Fort Knox pen to keep the little sods out, as well as making it wild Boar proof...should be interesting While he builds, I crochet....a new skill that has helped my anxiety & general wellbeing an awful lot. I was asked to post a photo of a blanket I made for our new bedroom, so here you go. I know a few of you follow us & our adventures in The Dordogne on Facebook (Hi Christian!) , & it anyone else is interested in what we are up to, here is a link to our Blog page there. https://www.facebook.com/fermesauvage/ A bientot, Sarah x
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    Buy the biggest run you can afford for the space you have. Plan to cover it as that will sometimes be necessary if we get an Avian Flu outbreak. A couple of years ago we had to keep them in the run 24/7 from December until April. Best to think ahead even if the eventuality seems remote at the time.
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    Run within a run! There is a badger here so I'm more concerned that he would make light work of the wire (half inch weld mesh). It's had more adaptions using pallets inside since then to make it more windproof - need to make it a little more waterproof.
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    Looooooong time since I posted this originally, but the froggos are no longer the size of a thumbnail and are now all about 2" long. I haven't taken many pictures, but I saw one of them was out and about tonight so I snapped a pick of him.
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    AndyRoo one of my friends sent me this that she saw on Instagram 🤣
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    You can use a broody cage, like a wire dog crate. Prop it up on some bricks, so it’s off the ground. Pop her in for 3 days and 3 nights and it should sort her out. Do provide her with plenty food and water and keep it her in sight of the others. If possible inside the run itself.
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    This just tickled my giggle button
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    To my total delight we now have at least two hedgehogs feeding in our garden. There may even be three tho' we've only seen two at any one time there does seem to be a marked size difference between all of them, hence our thoughts on there being 3. We have some hoggy food which we have been putting out - more ordered on the Tesco delivery for Friday - and a big bowl of water. Am beyond happy - I love these gorgeous little animals and was quite upset to have to take a baby one to St Tiggywinkles last Autumn.
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    I'm not keen on lentils - but we have those most of the time now - OH's diet. He's lost so much weight since he was diagnosed pre-diabetic and he's now not diabetic but needs to keep on top of things. I said I'd join with him. Easier to just do one meal for us both. But I like potatoes. Nope - I looooove potatoes - which is one of the things he has cut back on. Neither of us eat bread now. I've also lost a fair bit of weight but not as much as him - a slow progress but I'm happy that I can get my wellies on and off easily! And trousers in the wardrobe that were OK to stand up in, I can now sit down in them. Most embarrassing the other day - they started falling down while we were out! Good job they had some cord to tie it with. I never bothered before! Had to get OH to hold my stuff so I could hoik them back up to the waist and pull those strings!
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    I'm having a wonderfully amusing morning envisaging a set of circumstances that could result in that youth colliding with a traffic sign in such a way as to bite off a strip of skin from his hairy backside in karmic payback.
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    Here's one to cheer us up:
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    Specially for you Valkyrie - one of the galumphers, though she's not galumphing here - and she's no longer this clean and sparkly - she now looks more like a rug that's been bog snorkeling
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    Even if the cat toys don't last too long at least the cats have had huge fun with them and you have also had the fun of watching them! Happy Christmas, Cats!
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    I did this one a little while ago and really want to draw more chickens! I keep getting distracted by other animals though - new camera on its way so I will use my girls (and William) as inspiration again soon I think......
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    Hot in Japan so they made a temporary baby bath in a cool bag. He looks so content.
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    Handsome dude there Luvvy. Loads here - cheeky ones jumping up on bird feeder (ladies - the boys brains are in their pantaloons). This little madam was happily preening herself! I love the snow tracks though - dragging his tail behind him! Then the last one where he's landing and the tail is still fanned out.
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    Finally finished the crocodile stitch on my blanket. It has taken forever and two whole balls of wool. Hoping that slight puckering will stretch out as the blanket progresses
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    Wintery for me too. 7 inches here but in the drifts, otherwise 5 inches. Most of the snow was blown away overnight so easier to trudge around - beautiful though. I love sparkly snow when the sun shines on it.
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    Our three Light Sussex bantams were Korma, Kiev and Casserole. We also had an adorable, tiny dwarf Russian hamster called Fang and two Chinese hamsters called Wun Tun and Hoi Sin. I am desperate to call our next hamster Richard Hammond!
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    Hi Everyone Haven't been here for a few years - was always a reader rather than a poster! Have kept Silkies now for about 8 years. March this year I was down to one (Frank) don't ask, my OH named him after Frank Lampard - in fact all my chickens up to now have had boys names hence I always refer to them as he!! Anyway some uming and ahing should I get more blah blah blah, I decided yes as I worried Frank would be lonely (he's six) so bought 4 beautiful silkies, a partridge called Fusco (he's as daft a brush), a white splash called Fluffels (I've never known a chicken that enjoys a dust bath so much), red pyle called red (or lil s**t) and a red called meep meeps (who has the most amazing eye brows ever seen on a chicken). I'm convinced they think they are dogs - always underfoot and come when called but mostly don't need to call they see movement! - I'd like to think its love but realise they call me cupboard behind my back!. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, love the forum taught me all I know!!.
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    Great that you managed to get some hatching eggs! I echo the comments above, have a plan for the boys - I often say don't hatch if you can't dispatch.
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    I have a Classic which is attached to an Omlet walk-in run (3 m x 3 m). The ground is covered with very heavy duty grass protector (such as you would find in temporary car parks at stately homes -- it was a real pain to cut to size and my husband almost divorced me over it!) and a thick layer of Auboise on top. The Auboise is about 6 inches deep. (See photo in warmer, dryer days!) The run has a clear plastic cover and sits against a brick wall on one side. Since the winter weather set in, I added plastic tarps to all three other three sides. The door is uncovered. (Although it is currrently netted with small netting because of Avian flu.) The tarps do not fit exactly and so there are gaps at the top which is normally excellent for ventilation. My problem is that at the moment the Auboise is constantly damp. (The wind blows the rain in, and it is probably wicking up from the soil under the grass protector.) This is my first winter with my lovely girls (just two of them) and they are looking a little bedraggled although they seem fine and are laying well. They have a large cat litter tray for a dust bath but it is a far cry from the lovely summer dust baths they made for themselves in the garden and it doesn't seem to stay very dry. So my two questions are: a) Any top tips for dust baths in the winter? Or just give up? b) Do Auboise users switch to anything else in the winter? Would wood chips dry out more quickly? My run needs mucking out (a job for this weekend if it ever stops raining!) but I wondered if it would be best to replace the Auboise, or use something else for the next few months. I'd prefer not to as I think the damp, poo-enriched Aubiose is going to make fantastic compost! Thanks for wise advice, in advance.
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    Ok so finally finished this project! It was actually to be my Easter swap present. But decided to keep it and hang up by the door.
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    Yes Campines are generally quite slender. That's a brilliant and very helpful piece of advice SeramaSilly. Thank you for your support and good wishes. I hope it goes well, we are all really looing forward to it. I've wanted to do this since hatching chicks were bought into my class when I was 6! So happy to be trying it with my children and to have nice homes lined up.
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    Ahhh to be in rural Devon squiffling chickens floofy bits! Sounds like Heaven! It always amazes me how these critters all have such completely individual characters and know just how to manipulate their owners.
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    Merel is broody, so she needs to wait outside of the run till the others have laid. (And Gerda is being a right cow, taking forever!!!) So she does what she always does and tries to roost on me...
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    She’s the spit of my Duck 😍 (almost had a VERY inappropriate spelling mistake there 😂). I’m currently using the smaller trig than that in the recovery run for Shirley (see photo in ‘Another Dog Attack’ thread). In my permanent WIR I have that size trug inside an old car tyre. It takes up a lot of space but they love to perch around the tyre and it’s nice and heavy.
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    Absolutely fine. My mums pretty old school with her chickens so rather than sensible, gradual intros she went for the bung the new girls in under the cover of darkness option. As it turned out the new girls were quite big despite being POL - biggest hybrids I’ve seen - so after a very small amount of argy bargy things were sorted. The old girl refused to associate with the newbies unless absolutely for a few days but now they’re gelling as a group. Very successful 😃
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    That's how I feel - I have been on here for almost 11 years now and although have only met a couple of people, everyone on here is an extended part of my family. My children are on their way back from Australia today and hopefully arrive on time tomorrow. They have also been in the smoke so it has been quite scary. I feel really sorry for all the people suffering in Australia, and all the animals too, Patricia I'm glad your family is safe xx
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    Only three more sleeps till Christmas!
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    How do you do meringues in a microwave? Ive almost completely stopped using cling film now but covering apple to make apple sauce in the microwave is one of the two things I do still use it for (the other is covering the bowl whilst my pizza dough rises - I’m very childish and have to have it perfectly right with no creases so I can use it as a drum 🤣). The only time I’ve done veggies in the microwave was when we had no kitchen (I use a steamer on the hob) and I put a plate on the bowl.
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    Canada for me, but in truth just a forest anywhere would do. I’ve decided I want to live in a proper forest one day.
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    Same here - we used to have to go to town to collect parcels, but they now go 5 minutes up the road to a little village stores - brilliant. And then we have lunch there too! They have 2 tables and the lady bakes her own cakes which I confirm are absolutely delicious!
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    Booked myself a holiday for the Autumn break. Told the lady I wanted forest. And definitely not a group trip or round trip! I like being on my own. So off go Germany on the motorcycle for a week.
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    I'm almost sixty and for a birthday treat my daughter took me to Bath for the day. We visited the Abbey, the Baths museum and had brunch in the Pump Rooms. She is very energetic and I think we walked around the city centre three times plus a walk along the river. We saw all the sights. It was such a great day and I'm knackered. Fave photos coming up...
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    You made it to Harry Potter world? We tried to book but they were solid until Easter! We went to The Cotswold Wild Life Park instead and had to go back to the sloth's enclosure 4 times during the day as YS wanted to see if they had moved - doh! They hadn't - personally I think they were stuffed!
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    Just a self indulgent thread (although please put your own on too 😊) of photo’s of chooks in the snow. Only three of my 9 were brave enough to touch the white stuff, and here they are...
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    Daphne, you now have me examining the size of the holes in the nozzles of washing up liquid bottles in the supermarket! The power of Omlet strikes in most unexpected ways...... !
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    Best it ends in tiers......sorry!
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    It's very addictive! Last night I was watching it hanging about over the Channel and whoosh - it hit land and went racing northwards! Lol cheers!
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    My son is a solicitor who specialises in wills and probate, estate planning etc. I asked him what he thought, and the polite version of his reply is that he would strongly advise you to see a solicitor.
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    Believe it or not I have actually done this Someone was flying my Harris' Hawk around another falcon (a Kestrel) which I knew was a bad idea but they wouldn't listen and Frantiska went for the other bird, I grabbed her mid air like a chicken and I'm not sure who was more confused, me or her
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    Co***** set's off the word sensor C o a r s e
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    B*gger! I thought you'd forgotten about me!
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