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    This made me smile - removing one of the broodies from the nest, to go in The Cage of Shame, and she balanced in my hand by fanning her tail like a beautiful flower. She's a gold pencilled wyandotte bantam
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    All done guys, thanks. Moved to the for sale section and username changed :0)
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    So, I may be 20... *coughs*plus*coughs* years late to the party, but today I got accepted on a degree course at Plymouth University! I'm so excited*. It's not cheap (£15k+) and the next 4 years of commitment, but I'm going to do it. *and also terrified.
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    I often have to stop and think how lucky I am ...not sure I'd have anything near as interesting to fill a book though Got home on Sunday evening and had the most amazing time, I really do love India. Have lots of photos and stories to share so will get them on my laptop and make a post soon.
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    chickens are a great learning curve.
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    No worries! That’s what this forum is for!
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    A wonderful experience, our first egg!
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    I'm going to be a grandmother. It'll be a bit long distance. I've got a flight for around the time, I wanted to be there but it's not predictable so I might miss seeing the baby. We're going over next year together anyway so we'll see the baby then for sure. 新しい赤ちゃん..... New baby, but there are sentence particles missing. My Japanese is quite patchy still. おばあさん might mean grandma or it might not!
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    Congratulations, Patsy! Wonderful news. (AndyRoo, I think I have managed to move the posts to the correct thread. )
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    Hi Everyone Haven't been here for a few years - was always a reader rather than a poster! Have kept Silkies now for about 8 years. March this year I was down to one (Frank) don't ask, my OH named him after Frank Lampard - in fact all my chickens up to now have had boys names hence I always refer to them as he!! Anyway some uming and ahing should I get more blah blah blah, I decided yes as I worried Frank would be lonely (he's six) so bought 4 beautiful silkies, a partridge called Fusco (he's as daft a brush), a white splash called Fluffels (I've never known a chicken that enjoys a dust bath so much), red pyle called red (or lil s**t) and a red called meep meeps (who has the most amazing eye brows ever seen on a chicken). I'm convinced they think they are dogs - always underfoot and come when called but mostly don't need to call they see movement! - I'd like to think its love but realise they call me cupboard behind my back!. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, love the forum taught me all I know!!.
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    I'd love to see flamingos Had a crisis of confidence yesterday and almost didn't go to my PathAnat exam after studying for two weeks. I not only passed, got an A and she said I answered better than everyone else in the class We have oral exams which sound daunting at first but they're great now as you can really talk about what you know and they can ask about things you've forgotten to talk about.
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    Decided to try to upload a photo seeing that Soapdragon has done it. I don’t know where we technophobes would be without you, Cat tails! This is my view at the moment. A little bit of heaven in Spain! ( hope it works..)
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    I used to have a blind colleague years ago and she said she hadn't been swimming for a long time and would like to go - well similarly I also wanted to restart, so for a couple of sessions I drove her home, left the dog behind, and went on swimming after that. I had to give her directions in the water - steer this or that way, but we mainly kept to the side of the pool. Then she would wait while I stormed down one end and back, then we'd swim back again. It wasn't until I'd been for a couple of times that I actually caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror - thin then - what a figure! and EEK the red swimsuit was see-through when wet! Even though it had padding to hide any embarrassment - epic fail on that front. Or full frontal! My colleague laughed and said she didn't notice anything! Needless to say that swimsuit was dispatched humanely and I only have navy or black swimsuits now.
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    Golly, you seem to have been doing it forever! Good luck though - it's what you've always wanted to do, so it must be a relief to be enjoying it at last. Rosie has her end of year exams coming up; first year of Biology at Edinburgh with 3 years specialising in Molecular Genetics I think this is what you're looking for Valkyrie
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    Studying for a Diseases of Poultry test I have tomorrow. Most of it is fine but I need to learn lots of numbers and drug doses!
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    Moving house to get away from them is a bit extreme 😂 (sorry couldn’t help it)
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    Terribly sad news. At 12 Sarah was told she wouldn't live another two years, she went on to become the first doctor to qualify with Cystic Fibrosis, became a consultant and was awarded the OBE for her services to Medicine. She would have been 60 in October. Back when I lived at home I would visit fairly regularly as we'd chicken sit for each other and I helped when they were planting Betty's Wood. We had some great camping trips with fellow Omleteers. Since moving to vet school, they gave up the chooks and I haven't visited but we kept in touch on Facebook. I think everyone will remember her resilient spirit and determination. Rest in peace Sarah
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    I practice Mindlessness - its much easier!
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    This is my chicken run the day before yesterday. Quite a lot of snow got in considering it is covered. The girls were not impressed and only came out for 10 minutes. I didn't see them at all yesterday.
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    Yeah! So I can finally take my scrapbook to a skyscraper and start scraping it over their scrapheap?
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    It has a lot of weeds Plum - mostly invasive couch grass. There is some sort of plastic below the stones but there is little euphorbia (not the spurge type, I think rock garden variety) that is overflowing into the gravel around the pond. The apple trees have been neglected and are in need of a big prune, but they are so laden that I'm wondering if they are happier that way. Perhaps it means smaller apples, dunno. Not been touched in over 10 years. Anyway speaking of apples here we go: Behind the outbuilding - not so much fruit on them but lots further round past the small gate. Small gate has a lovely wasp nest down a rabbit hole.
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    Not a brilliant photo I'm afraid as she was in the run and the other wyandotte was on the nest. As you can see, she is far too light for breed standards
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    They're adorable and I can see wee bits of their characters already. Coco, the one at the back, is quiet and sits on my lap looking at me. Shadow is the smallest and very timid. Clova is the most skittish, and Piper loves to explore (from my lap up onto my shoulder and around my neck!). I can't keep their food dishes full they're so hungry! They're gradually being introduced to fresh greens as I don't want their tummies to get upset. My heart is full of joy at having piggies back in the house.
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    I think Squirt can answer that question, Patsylabby. She's off for a tipple! Actually a very nicely edited home-made calendar that my Canadian cuz loves doing for Christmas. She does it on the Chinese new year themes. That was the year of the chicken and my girls featured a fair few times! We had to match the old sayings to the photos for extra fun.
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    We had an urge to go down the river today and caught the river bus to the Dome. I unexpectedly agreed to climb over it and I'm so glad I did. Great fun. It wasn't exactly a goal but it was something I hoped to get fit enough to do and I have! The photos are us at the bottom and us at the top.
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