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    Thought I'd share a quilt I made recently in a swap with a quilting group on Facebook. People give their likes and dislikes, colours, style, technique etc and you make a quilt to their tastes. I was well into this one when I read the brief again and it said abstract landscapes of course I'd done realistic so bum had to start again! I'm happy to keep this one though It's from a photo from my son taken in Ushuaia (known as End of the World) in Patagonia. The photo had such clear colours and air and I hope I captured that.
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    The chickens stood here like this for ages today. The air was very heavy and they've started laying eggs again after a long, long break and as they're pretty old I think they're feeling a bit tired.
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    Is this a chiffchaff? Your post reminded me, Valkyrie, that we were on holiday in Gower and heard a crash at the window. Raced outside to see this little fellow.....lying on the ground but, when I put a stick under his feet, he climbed on and sat there quite happily for about 10 mins. Then, when I tried to move him to a nearby bush, he flew off. We looked on the RSPB website but I think the colours must have been a bit dodgy! Well done to your OH! I've decided that it's too hot to bake so I'm cheating and cooking Welsh cakes on the griddle! Oh, and my beans are pants too! Tearing upwards at a rate of knots but no flowers!
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    Oooh! I'm right! LOL! That's a first! Colourwash sounds like splatted paint! Watercolour sounds nicely blended! Am happy to wait for the exchange.
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    Sorry I’ve been away so not on the forum, the code has expired but if you message Omlet and say you saw me (Lewis) at the show they may offer you a cheeky discount
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