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    Mine are more or less level - certainly not perfect because I did it myself - but they don’t seem to have any low points where water collects. That’s probably more by luck than good judgement! The slabs are placed on a few inches of sand which is on a porous weed suppressing membrane and they’re all spaced with probably about a centimetre gap between them. I think I’m lucky hat the underlying soil also drains fairly well. The woodchips are probably between one and four inches deep. Don’t worry - you’ll find something that works.
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    People have cried over having membranes down. Slabs are definitely better. I have mine dug in and backfilled with soil. But made sure there are gabs of at least 1 cm between slabs so water can drain (and in my case, earthworms can get through to clean the soil) Placing your slabs a few cm apart shouldn’t be too difficult right? And it would solve any pooling of water.
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