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    Ideal numbers for your average back yard flock 😂
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    I'm a vegetarian, so I'll just watch my chickens play in the garden while they sing "We like being alive!" over and over. lol
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    you’ll find the yolks are a decent size but there’s not much white. Great for little soft boiled eggs / poached eggs and make good cakes once you work out the amounts, but absolutely useless for meringues.
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    I used to get loads of game birds when I worked on shoots on the estate; just used to take the breasts and thighs off the pheasants, the partridges were hardly worth bothering with. I would make venison and pheasant burgers - Rosie called them roadkill! The were delicious.
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    That's providing you can still count to two
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    He's advertised on the Slovak shelter groups and is cute so I'm sure he'll find someone, a friend is just fostering him. Interesting about shorter legs, we don't have rabbits here 'cos the ground is too hard to burrow which is a pain for hawks but great for eagle falconry! Last weekend we visited Šariš Castle which is about 40 minutes away and where the beer is brewed if anyone's heard of it! Céline got a bit car sick but we're working on it before the road trip back to the UK. It was a 45minute walk up and we climbed up the castle (above is atop the tower) and you can kind of tell this is a castle Kolin and Henry with castle wall... ...and no castle but just 'cos they're cute, Winnie and Céline.
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    No, no - I'm not offended. It's not up to me to tell other people what they eat. T'was just a joke.
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    Yeah, my composters are all full and a have a whole load of friends with veg patches or allotments who fight for any manure/bedding that I can't use. Gravel or rubber chips in the run are the devil's work LOL
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    It's ok. I'm not one of those veggies who judges. And I've only been veggie for 2 years myself; I was no stranger to KFC either.
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    We cook s chicken every week (sorry @AndyRoo! ) We spatchcock it and cook it over vegetables and stock. It is easy to cut the cooked bird into 4 portions. We usually carve one breast for a roast dinner with lots of veg, the other goes into sandwiches. One leg portion shredded into a curry with potatoes, chickpeas, lentils or sweet potato depending on what we have available. The other goes into a jambalaya or risotto. The veg and stock either become gravy or the basis of a soup. Our plates are mainly veg for most meals so we are fairly frugal with the bit of meat we do eat
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    Its been a mixed week in Normandy, quite mild, bits of sun, bits of wind, slight amount of rain, lots of grey sky, but much better than you seem to be having in the UK. Apparently in Portugal it has been 20 plus.
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    We have an hour and a half change over in Paris. Unfortunately we've got to get from Gare du Nord to Gare du Lyon in that time. I have a plan, though. Basically, I just drink until I don't care and just hope by the time I arrive in Montpellier that there are still 2 children with us.
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    You could 'roast' just one breast - will cook very quickly though but at lest that way you get your Sunday Roast! I made up a dish one day when I couldn't think what to cook for the boys......melted some butter in a dish in the microwave and added cajun seasoning and some smoked paprika (you could add any sort of seasoning or herbs) them marinated strips of raw chicken breast in it for a while. In the meantime I cooked some pasta then tipped the chicken into a wok (could use frying pan) with sliced onion and chunked up pepper and cooked till soft. Sometimes I need to add a little oil....then chuck in the cooked pasta and mix it up and serve. Protein, carbs and veg all in one!
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    Thank you AJM, yes Grandmashazzie is correct it is an abdominal hernia, the pain has been better today as I have been resting, also have my hold it all in knickers on
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    We used to drive across Europe in a rickety VW van with four small children, it took forever. The first time we tried it the twins were only one year old. Lots of pit stops at aires for fresh air. The older ones were 4 so they could get out and run around. We used to do a sort of army training session. We did get funny looks. I developed a 'summer holiday' box of cheap toys, new books and activities and language flash cards (we always insisted that they said at least thank you in the appropriate language) which no one was allowed to look in... the suspense seemed to help. This was in the eighties / nineties so pre smart phones and kindles and all the rest. It did help the journeys. As soapdragon said start stockpiling now, you'll be glad you did.
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    I've decided what to do for Christmas! Soapy - you can always pop in to that one!
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    Sorry, but it is too late to opt in now. At least you will know if it works in time for next Easter 😊 Glad everyone is getting on OK though ......... I might have finished mine
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    Only the same as cows drinking milk, right? I don't know what DEFRA would have to say about it, just sharing what I found
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    @Daphne The beef dish sounds delicious and so do the the veggie ones @patsylabrador Roast squash drizzled with chilli oil and crispy bits of onion and chorizo is one meal guaranteed to get my son down from the Xbox in record time. The other one is a pumpkin, chorizo, garlic and sage soup
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    We had a pheasant a long time ago. He took a real liking to my girls. Never had one in the back garden since.
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    Making this tonight with a richer pork and beef based ragu sauce containing lots red wine and veg. Milk and soya free. https://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/dairy-free-lasagne-.html Will let you know how it turns out
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    This is the boiled fruit cake I used from way back on here Report post Mrs Cluck's mothers boiled fruit cake Hi I tweaked my recipe it is as follows Boiled Fruit cake 1lb mixed dried fruit - cheapest does just as well 1 cup water - I use 1 cup port 1 cup dark brown sugar 6 oz butter 1 teasp bicarb throw in some chopped nuts 1tablespoon treacle boil for 15 minutes allow to cool - can leave overnight add 2 beaten eggs 1 cup self raising flour 1 cup plain flour 1/2 cup cherries chopped and dredged in flour to stop sinking Put in baking tin which is lined with parchment Bake at 150 for about 2 hours - mine is usually a fast baker so takes less time - is a wonderful moist cake with such a flavour from the port. Enjoy. ps I use proper usa cup measures for mine.
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    Pineapple or Mango salsa Had a very ripe pineapple that the children asked for them didn’t eat so lunch was wraps with pineapple salsa. Recipe is also good with mango Small pineapple diced (or a large tin) Red and orange pepper diced large handful finely chopped Coriander 1 clove garlic, crushed (I cheated and used heaped teaspoon of paste 1/2 small red onion finely diced small chill deseeded and finely chopped Juice and zest of a lime Mix it all together. Season, Cover and leave in the fridge for at least an hour. Tastes even better the next day
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    Yes fabric is so much cheaper than over there. Long time since I've crossed the pond. Bet you need the Teflon foot to sew on oilcloth. I've been tempted when I've seen the lovely oilcloth at CottonPatch. Show us your bags then Here's my dead flower quilt if photobucket behaves. and a detail tut knew it wouldn't
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