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    We catch the river bus to Surrey Quays, visit the city farm there and then walk towards Westminster. The pub is nice in a cosy, proper pub kind of way. Very friendly, a bit sweary but yummy food and nice loos. I love this walk so much. I thought you'd all like to see the Eglu in the farm orchard. The farm is free but I think donations are very welcome if you're ever passing. The point is to educate city kids about other aspects of their world.
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    Now THAT would be SCARY!
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    I popped into the travel agent this afternoon after taking YS drumming - prob won't book via them but wanted to get brochures and look at prices. The smartly uniformed TUI rep asked if she could help and I said I was interested in an October half term city break to Palermo. She paused until her colleague called over to her 'Sicily' whereupon she grabbed the City Break brochure, flicked through it and put it back on the shelf. I asked her if Palermo was in the brochure and she said 'no, its only for, like, major cities'. Not quite sure how much more major you can get than a capital city but, heyho, wouldn't trust TUI to get me to Oxford Station after that!
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    Awww. So cute! Yeah, we pick a few different charities each year. Last year we picked a local food bank, a woman's shelter, and a homeless charity to split the pot. This year we're supporting a local charity which helps survivors of sexual abuse and another charity that helps prisoners with rehabilitation.
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    They’ve dropped him in it in his absence. He’s away on a business trip and they haven’t had any ‘human food’ treats. After a couple of hours of ‘neglect’ they’ve been tapping on the patio door to get attention and beg for treats. I’ve been out there a lot but using the kitchen door. Hubby always uses the patio door they are tapping on I’ve never fed them at the door. Busted!! 😂 That’s brilliant!
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    Nah. Tell him the house is haunted and call Yvette Fielding round. hehe.
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    So, I may be 20... *coughs*plus*coughs* years late to the party, but today I got accepted on a degree course at Plymouth University! I'm so excited*. It's not cheap (£15k+) and the next 4 years of commitment, but I'm going to do it. *and also terrified.
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    After lunch he just happened to mention that the chickens like grapes. Asked “How did you find that out? They’ve only had chicken food so far.” He replied “I gave them a couple of leftover old grapes”. I frowned and said “From the brand-new box?” He muttered something and wandered off. Later he mentioned they like apples too. Supposedly they got a bit that accidentally fell in the floor as he was eating it 🤔. Crumbly things apples 😂. Hr just asked if I think they’ll be awake at 5am when he’s off to the airport. Seems he bought bacon for a sandwich and wondered if they’d like the scraps. Told him they are not having meat scraps and he looked disappointed. Think he’s a secret fan 😉.
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    Very true Daphne. But I need the recipe for chocolate cake in a mug! Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!
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    I think that's a good idea; I remember making a point that several sections (food and self-sufficiency from memory) had disappeared, and I still think that is one reason why there are less people on here, although I fully accept its mostly the result of Facebook and a general waning of interest/added experience in the subject of poultry keeping. This forum reflects Omlet's product lines more clearly than the previous one and so food and 'the good life' are less central to sales.
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    Me three! We could just start a new thread in a general area though.
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    Totally agree, AndyRoo! I really loved sharing foodie things!
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    Funny Luvachicken. We’ve been paid our pay arrears for a pay rise back dated to July this month. Not much, but enough for an extension to the walk in run!
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    Wiremesh and patio slabs on the floor of the run. Bring food in at night and make sure that the rats don’t have an easy water source I moved the Guinea pig hutch this morning and found a rat hole under the fence from next doors wilderness. I’ve been bringing all the animal food in every night, sometimes with little helpers. My youngest owned up that she has been tipping left over guinea good under the shrubs for the birds rather than bin it right next to the hutch 🤦‍♀️ Spent the afternoon moving pet proof bait boxes under that shrub and adding extra smaller weldmesh to the hutch doors. Daughter is now supervised when feeding the animals
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    Worked out what she’s doing when she jumps. She’s trying to scare the magpies. She only does it when they are In the garden. She’s been braver today and run at them before doing her funny little jump. The others just run at them magpies with their wings out but she has to be a bit different. All three turn and run back to the cube if the magpies walk at them though. it’s like watching a little kid trying to be brave and stand up to s bigger bully before running back to mum
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    Love the spotty goat! Reminds me of Moony from the Moon character from a children's comic yonks ago! I see it was called Playhour! Never went to the farm - feel I missed a bit of London that I would have liked!
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    Hi Hellis. I expect someone near you will be along shortly to give you specific recommendations. But otherwise try googling hybrid chickens in Suffolk. Or if you’re on Facebook, search for poultry buying and selling groups in your area and ask on there. I’m sure you’ll find some without too much trouble.
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    We are all so used to seeing the same faces on the same shows/programmes and I've already proposed Ann Widdecombe to take over Most Haunted but, not wanting to hijack AJM200's thread, I am 'going solo'!! My suggestions are as follows: DIY SOS - Timmy Mallet (younger Forum members, go Google ) Top of the Pops (is that still a thing?) - Stephen Fry Master Chef - Mr Blobby Question Time - Alan Carr/Jeremy Clarkson (I am undecided) Strictly - Jeremy Paxman New Lives In The Wild - Victoria Beckham Blue Planet - Patsy from Ab Fab Antiques Roadshow - Michael McIntyre Supershoppers - David Attenborough A shake up in the Newsreader dept could see the following appointed to lighten things up a bit... Russell Brand Greg Wallace Bruno Canellini (Strictly Judge? Don't really watch it!) Waynetta Slob Over to you, my lovelies!
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    Forgot to add Top Gear - Mary Berry, Gyles Brandreth (sp?) and Russell Grant Clearly I have too much time on my hands today!
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    We Dutch have a lavender sniffing democrat (2 person party) and a 50+ party (as in age). There are also no excuses for Geert Wilders...
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    Once you get away from the main tourist areas it’s quite relaxing. A winter walk helps as it can be a bit of a chilly place to be after the shelter of the more built up areas
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    I just use a paste of bicarbonate of soda on burnt on stuff
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    Probably too late now but I would have owned up so that he wasn't worried about the house but said that I wasn't going to go outside because of burglars or serial killers. In all the films and TV programmes I watch it's apparently the man's duty to be attacked first. I'm not inclined to argue with that.
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    Hahah, they really ARE too big K - I look like a pixie in big boots in them.
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