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    To be honest in this situation, I'm not sure which is the best option - being able to hear or being deaf. Of the 2, I would pick being able to hear over being deaf. Sadly we just have to put up with noise and neighbours we find irritating. People are entitled to their own opinions as indeed they are entitled to have what they like in their gardens. Like Cat tails, I have tinnitus and sometimes the noise in my ears is awful and certain outdoor noises make my ears ache and I can't stand some noises. But right now, life is too short and there are more important things to worry about.
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    Hi everyone, Thanks for allowing me to join. Sorry it has taken me so long to post anything but I forgot my password. Good job I wrote it down and found it in the end. Looking forward to chatting about chickens and stuff with you all
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    It was only in there 5 minutes and already perched on it 😄
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    Cat tails is really my wing man, well, woman. Anything to do with computers - or crochet - and she is there
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    Everyone should have a Cat Tails!
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    @Luvachicken she said she would like to join, user name us @gahoop
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    Hey everyone, I’m new here and looking for some advice please. I’ve just bought my very first hens. 3 of them are 16 weeks old and the other one (Warren) is 19 weeks old. I was told the Warren is of laying age but I’ve already had them 5 days and still no eggs. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? They have a 6x4 shed fully kitted out with 2 large nest boxes and a few pirches and a large enclosed garden to explore which they have now started venturing around a bit more and becoming more confident. They love the shed and will happily take themselves in and out throughout the day and are straight in to bed around 6pm when it goes dark. Any advice would be greatly appropriate 😊
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    Nettex Poultry Tonic and also Nutri Drops are pretty useful especially for a girly that is feeling a bit under the weather. Otherwise I have Sudocrem for them - for their feet as one of my Pekins seems to get itchy feet when they are moulting. Used to have Flubenvet but these days I get the Marriages Medicated pellets. And treats - useful for getting chickens where you want them. Best of all, is a little children's bench - just right for an adult bottom - and little chickens to sit on your lap.
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    A pressure washer for the classic, two sons to collect the eggs 😊.
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    Somewhere nice to put my lovely fresh eggs, Red mite powder , Nettex sanitiser and a jet wash !!
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    This one? https://www.google.nl/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8774649/amp/Jo-Browns-sumptuously-illustrated-journal-Devon-wood-tipped-autumns-publishing-hit.html
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    Make sure your run is as level as possible and you clip the doors to the run on the top and bottom of each door. They do slant a bit when they hang free, but should be able to align up with the holders. A soft underground won’t help, a solid base like paving slabs will be better.
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    Thanks again Cat Tails. I had forgotten that the PM part is not at the bottom of the avatar. Used to be so much easier in the old days
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    It’s this one: @HarrisonFamily For those new to the forum. Click on Luvachicken her name, it will direct you to her “page”. There you can see a little envelope. If you click on it, you can send a message directly to her.
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    Everything what Beantree said! Can I add that your 16 week olds still will do some growing and that perch is both rather high and a bit small for 4 full sized hybrids. So maybe add a perch extra to give them options to get away from each other. Otherwise you’ll find they might start to roost on your nestboxes.
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    Lovely photos! The brickwork looks especially interesting. Yes, the food must be kept dry, and it is good practice to give the birds somewhere dry to shelter as well. Think about the prevailing wind when you site it.
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    Wet feed is a disaster! It goes mouldy very quickly and gives chickens sour crop. Any wet feed should be immediately discarded, so if you have feeders outside they must be covered and sheltered from driving rain. Best put them away at night to discourage rats. We hang ours on a hook under the roof of the shelters out of reach.
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    You can eat the first eggs and if any soft eggs that don't break you can eat them as well, but you will need to pick them up very carefully. Very fresh eggs have a lot of water in the white so may not fry as you are used to. Don't bother with fake eggs yet. We only use them to break an egg eating habit, so you probably won't ever need any. They will lay in the most secure and comfortable area available, so make sure that is the nest box, because they instinctively are looking for a place to incubate them. Hopefully your hybrids won't ever go broody though.
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    The Warren is close to laying Beaudyne; I can see the comb is reddening. But the earliest you can expect them to lay is 21 weeks, with 23 being normal for hybrids. With the daylight getting shorter they may be on the later side? You can expect the Warren to explore the nest box before she lays and don't be surprised if you have soft shelled eggs, double yolk eggs or eggs laid off the perch in the night for the first weeks; it takes time for their system to stabilise. First eggs will be smaller than their normal and increase over the first 3 months. If you are curious like me you will be weighing them. We have one that started at 38 grammes and has now only managed 42 grammes, which is rather disappointing and very unusual.
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    I used to have a tiny hen that would try and sneak out into the house at night to roost on my lap. And couldn’t bare not letting her in. I know how you feel.
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    Totally agree; I have a 16 yr old hoodie for most tech issues but he can't crochet!
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    Cat tails is our Forum guru!
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    Hi I am new too. I am not new to chickens, but still very much learning. I had three ex-battery girls, Blossom, Annie and Millicent in August 2008. Sadly Blossom died in September 2009 whilst we were on holiday. My neighbour was looking after them, but obviously not well enough for Blossom Then last Tuesday Annie died of peritonitis. I delayed taking her to the vets, as I can be a bit paranoid and rush them there for no reason. So as I only thought she had a bad leg, as no other signs except difficulty walking I held off. She had antibiotics but it was too late. She died peacefully though, lying in the sun and enjoyed her last breakfast of honey, rolled oats and natural yoghurt. So that just left Millicent. She decided to become human and spend all her time with us. She refused to go back in her run and stood with her head through the gate gazing mournfully at us. As it isn't possible to allow your chicken to go to work with you, we decided to get her a friend. The next ex-batt release isn't until June, so today we bought her Marigold. Marigold is a Suffolk Noir. She is 25 weeks old and already tame. She allows us to pick her up and stroke her and tonight we were stepping over her as she had a dust bath, daft chicken. Millicent is dominating her and we are seeing a bit of feather pulling and pecking, but Marigold just puts her head down and freezes, then wanders off, so she seems to be playing by the rules. I look forward to getting to know people on here and it is great to know there are so many people to come to with my chicken problems. Thanks to Lou for putting me onto this site Shell xx
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    Hi Henfriends! I cared for my son’s chickens a few years ago so when my holiday was cancelled in April I decided to get my own chickens with the refund. Now, I have an Eglu go-up,with two extensions, a large enclosure (which takes up half the ‘lawn’) and three girls. They are great fun and are completely daft, but quite friendly. I have a black Maran, an Oxford Brown . both laying well now, and an Emerald , who so far only seems to lay soft shell or even shell- less eggs. So I’m patiently waiting for a blue egg!
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    Don’t know the Go Up but I have taken the back wire panel out of the Cube and hinged it. I can now open it, and get a long handled rake in there. I then attack the rest of the run from the front door.
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    Children's garden tools are the perfect size for that kind of thing 😊
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    I don’t climb in, how would you fit back there?? My backside is definitely too big. I would get a long small rake etc to do the job for you.
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    I normally just take the drawers out in the back and then access it that way.
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