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    Buy the biggest run you can afford for the space you have. Plan to cover it as that will sometimes be necessary if we get an Avian Flu outbreak. A couple of years ago we had to keep them in the run 24/7 from December until April. Best to think ahead even if the eventuality seems remote at the time.
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    Hello, remember me? Just thought I would say Hi from sunny France, where we relocated to almost 4 years ago now. The renovations at La Ferme Sauvage are still ongoing - we spent 2 years in a caravan but now have the luxury of a proper bedroom, running water.....................and soon we will be cracking out The Cube & chickening ourselves up once more, I hope. It is Fox central here, so we will have to build a Fort Knox pen to keep the little sods out, as well as making it wild Boar proof...should be interesting While he builds, I crochet....a new skill that has helped my anxiety & general wellbeing an awful lot. I was asked to post a photo of a blanket I made for our new bedroom, so here you go. I know a few of you follow us & our adventures in The Dordogne on Facebook (Hi Christian!) , & it anyone else is interested in what we are up to, here is a link to our Blog page there. https://www.facebook.com/fermesauvage/ A bientot, Sarah x
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    You can use a broody cage, like a wire dog crate. Prop it up on some bricks, so it’s off the ground. Pop her in for 3 days and 3 nights and it should sort her out. Do provide her with plenty food and water and keep it her in sight of the others. If possible inside the run itself.
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    This just tickled my giggle button
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    To my total delight we now have at least two hedgehogs feeding in our garden. There may even be three tho' we've only seen two at any one time there does seem to be a marked size difference between all of them, hence our thoughts on there being 3. We have some hoggy food which we have been putting out - more ordered on the Tesco delivery for Friday - and a big bowl of water. Am beyond happy - I love these gorgeous little animals and was quite upset to have to take a baby one to St Tiggywinkles last Autumn.
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    Here's one to cheer us up:
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    Specially for you Valkyrie - one of the galumphers, though she's not galumphing here - and she's no longer this clean and sparkly - she now looks more like a rug that's been bog snorkeling
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    Even if the cat toys don't last too long at least the cats have had huge fun with them and you have also had the fun of watching them! Happy Christmas, Cats!
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    I did this one a little while ago and really want to draw more chickens! I keep getting distracted by other animals though - new camera on its way so I will use my girls (and William) as inspiration again soon I think......
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    Hot in Japan so they made a temporary baby bath in a cool bag. He looks so content.
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    Our boys have these chopsticks, tho they generally give up and go for a fork! Your grandson will be at a massive advantage being able to fluently speak both languages! An aside; I've listed a few items on the local Gumtree and the curse of spelling strikes again. Someone has listed a 'pitcher'. It's a lovely pitcher - of tulips!!!!
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    In hysterics at page 13 of today's Daily Mail (🙄😲) showing pictures of David Cameron and family struggling to put together their 'high tec' chicken house - aka Omlet cube! Says it all, really! DM and M&M, you are nearby; could you pop round and give them a hand 😋? Made me wonder if there are any more 'famous faces' with chickens? Apart from those on the Forum, of course!!!!
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    I have a similar one: Fizz the Fraud who looks so ill that you bring her inside and get an appointment with the vet. By the time we get there, she's fine. Then there's Fudge. Fudge won't go to bed without some hanky panky and demands I squiffle her back and pat her on the floofy bits. When I was away she demanded the same from OH - he said it was very embarrassing! She wasn't well in the photo - but getting better with a few days of antibiotics - she was on the table in the dining room so she could see outside - mostly she did roadkill and sunbathed and then she was digging and throwing her food around! FIL was visiting and he insisted she stayed on the table, so I had to put up a tent so that our food wouldn't get dirty but he could see her!
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    Merel is broody, so she needs to wait outside of the run till the others have laid. (And Gerda is being a right cow, taking forever!!!) So she does what she always does and tries to roost on me...
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    OMG - just had another encounter with a small snake in the house. This time it was definitely a ladder snake. Aaaah! I was coming out of the bathroom and there it was having a look into our bedroom. I yelled for OH who came up the stairs armed with a broom. A bit of rushing past the snake whilst it was distracted to open various doors, and then OH was able to sweep it down the hallway and out. Now OH has gone to see if he can buy some expanding foam at the hardware shop if it is open, for an emergency repair. I thought I'd blocked up the hole in the wall where a new flue has been installed, which is where we think it is getting in, but obviously not well enough. Over the years I have had many encounters with snakes, often involving stairs. It is 100% true that they do climb! The only good thing about this is that a)the cat was asleep and b)we weren't in bed asleep! If I don't post tomorrow you'd better come and check up!
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    Well I found out via sky news 🙄 that the company is furloughing most of us. Received my email 2 days later so I’m off officially until the 1st of June... and then only working 12 days that month.....so.... my allotment will be looking fabulous!! 😂😂 I’ve been going down every day this week so far...weeding and planting seeds in the greenhouse. It’s been really nice. I’ll need to eat the veg as I’ll be so poor come summer 🙄
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    Update after two winters with the Cube. I have a storm proof green house(12m2) where I first dug up some of the ground (excuse my English but I hope it's understandable), so when I go inside it is a bit deeper so I could build up a thicker layer of wooden chip and straw. It has been a really great solution, especially if the sun decides to come out so it gets a little bit warmer some days. My girls seems to like it. Next season I will try to turn the straw regularly to see if it can get a little bit warmer on chilly days. So as long as I don't decide to have more chickens this works great.
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    She’s the spit of my Duck 😍 (almost had a VERY inappropriate spelling mistake there 😂). I’m currently using the smaller trig than that in the recovery run for Shirley (see photo in ‘Another Dog Attack’ thread). In my permanent WIR I have that size trug inside an old car tyre. It takes up a lot of space but they love to perch around the tyre and it’s nice and heavy.
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    Haha... BUSTED!!!! I give mine a handful of mixed seeds between them when I let them out of the run, there's no corn (fat and sugar) in it and no oily seeds like sunflower. Our local feed merchant sells it as 'Poultry Tonic Seed Mix'. It looks like this one
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    Absolutely fine. My mums pretty old school with her chickens so rather than sensible, gradual intros she went for the bung the new girls in under the cover of darkness option. As it turned out the new girls were quite big despite being POL - biggest hybrids I’ve seen - so after a very small amount of argy bargy things were sorted. The old girl refused to associate with the newbies unless absolutely for a few days but now they’re gelling as a group. Very successful 😃
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    That's how I feel - I have been on here for almost 11 years now and although have only met a couple of people, everyone on here is an extended part of my family. My children are on their way back from Australia today and hopefully arrive on time tomorrow. They have also been in the smoke so it has been quite scary. I feel really sorry for all the people suffering in Australia, and all the animals too, Patricia I'm glad your family is safe xx
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    Well - Nicaragua / Costa Rica has turned out to be a bridge too far this year as on top of accompanying OH to Ireland for his fishing trip in September, his mother has decided she wants to take the whole family away in October (I suspect it will be Portugal which is lovely but can be a bit stressful as OH and I are quite different to the rest of his family) so that’s quite a lot of flying (which I now feel really guilty about) and cost. BUT - in a fit of feeling sorry for myself and that I had nothing to look forward to on the day after Boxing Day I’ve booked myself 3 days skiing at the beginning of Feb!!! I haven’t been for 12 years and I’m so excited!!!!!!
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    Oh my goodness those buttocks 😂 and please move the twig 😂 he's amazing well done. Very tasteful tree Cats Tails!
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    Only three more sleeps till Christmas!
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    your neighbours would have been horrified by the dogs' venison provision for Christmas dinner a couple of years back! Val - the squiggles don't even get a chance to get to the tree, let alone up it. M&M's Molly is obviously a lurcher in training
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    How do you do meringues in a microwave? Ive almost completely stopped using cling film now but covering apple to make apple sauce in the microwave is one of the two things I do still use it for (the other is covering the bowl whilst my pizza dough rises - I’m very childish and have to have it perfectly right with no creases so I can use it as a drum 🤣). The only time I’ve done veggies in the microwave was when we had no kitchen (I use a steamer on the hob) and I put a plate on the bowl.
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    Canada for me, but in truth just a forest anywhere would do. I’ve decided I want to live in a proper forest one day.
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    Same here - we used to have to go to town to collect parcels, but they now go 5 minutes up the road to a little village stores - brilliant. And then we have lunch there too! They have 2 tables and the lady bakes her own cakes which I confirm are absolutely delicious!
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    Booked myself a holiday for the Autumn break. Told the lady I wanted forest. And definitely not a group trip or round trip! I like being on my own. So off go Germany on the motorcycle for a week.
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    Because Luvachicken hasn’t said it yet I will - you could get some pekins - they have fluffy feet 😊
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    She looks rather miserable. Nutri drops can help them perk up. You can put her somewhere warm and comfortable. Give her a good once over and feel her crop and belly. Crop should be filled, but neither hard or squishy/sloshy. Her belly shouldn’t feel like a hot fluid filled balloon. Other than that, I would suggest a trip to the vet. They can take quite some time dying if this is actually the end. So I wouldn’t just leave her to her suffering, but end it one way or another if you think the end is near.
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    I don't use DE - it's an irritant for eyes and airways. Clean the cube etc and then spray with Nettex Total Mite Kill ready to use spray (pink one) which is a disinfectant and mite killer. Then dust with Nettex Buz Busters Louse Powder, which also kills mites. Rake their Ground Sanitising Powder through the Aubiose in the run weekly, and then when I do a total muck-out, I sprinkle it on the slabs before cracking open a new bale of Aubiose. It doesn't need to be complicated or to have lots of products, just ones which work.
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    Lovely and very evocative pics, PL. Thanks for sharing. I've only been out of our village x 3 since coming out of hospital on 13th Feb so I feel as though I'm in some sort of parallel universe. Not that I am really desperate to dash off anywhere but it would be nice to have the option!
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    They look beautiful and I love where you have put them in your garden.
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    I would just shove them gently out into the run. And maybe shut the door to the coop for an hour or so. Don’t keep any water in the coop though, they don’t do well with high humidity.
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    I actually got my chemistry diploma on a leap day. It is dated on the day you receive your last grade and I had to give my last presentation on the 29th of Feb 2012. So after all this time I now have my diploma a whole 2 years! Other than watching the new hens, nothing planned...
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    I've dug out this post from 11 years ago because, finally, we have booked our Hurtigruten trip! We are doing the classic round trip Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time. Part of my apprehension is that it is nearly 12 months away, and who knows what will happen in that time! Another part of my apprehension is the lack of daylight and the freezing temperatures! x x
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    Sorry that you are in pain so much. That must be draining. So with what Daphne has said you can be up and running, pain free by March. That's an exciting thought for you. I think a ceremonial dumping of the cane would be in order. Are there any oils or anything to soothe the area temporarily? There is a German company called Kniepp that does incredible bath salts that actually do what they claim. They are available on amazon but double the price I've seen in shops. I think they also do oils and so on, might help a little.
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    Hmmm, I think I need to check my profile, my birthday is in February, but thanks for the wishes anyway, they made my day 😊
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    Dang! Yours seems the most authoritative answer so far. I was certain he was a boy to start with but then less certain in the last couple of weeks as his tail feathers seem really quite rounded. He is lovely, very tame indeed so far and cuddly, so will definitely find a lovely home in due course 😁 Sadly won't be able to keep him myself though - don't think the neighbours would be too pleased at roo no.2 😂 Definitely 8 weeks as I hatched him myself and I was convinced he was male from the minute he hatched until just recently when I've not been so sure. "He" came out of the egg with huge headgear! I'll try to find a pic and post it.
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    I watched all but the earliest games. I’m still ‘off sick’ at life because of my injured rib so have spent a lot of time crocheting in front of the television. On sunday I watched rugby, rugby, F1, football!!! Square eyes!!
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    Me neither, but there is a LOT of standing water here... guess who's going puddle-jumping in the 4x4 on the way to work........?
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    If you re about to go away then probably best to let nature take it's course and deal with things when you get back....if they are still broody.
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    It didn't occur to me to consult the neighbours. I live in a normal urban setting where gardens and houses all seem to interlock. Just have the confidence in yourself to deal with any situation. I've used black out curtains for summer solstice times to keep them quiet , I've had to shepherd one of my escapees back over a busy urban road, ward off urban foxes and rats, make a pontoon of miscanthus when their run got waterlogged and stinky. All these things and more will happen and mostly neighbours are blissfully unaware. The only neighbour who whined a bit is the one who lets his dog bark at 3am so I don't worry too much about him.
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    So where are the pics of the old fogeys with Pimms and Magnums then
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    Thanks Plum. Hope you are well. The fancy ones are lovely but I can’t always manage that level of concentration. They are nowhere near as pretty as the lovely quilts on here. Still struggling and have been told that I have a neurological disorder that won’t go away so just have to adjust to a different normal. Spending lots of time resting up and crocheting. Would like to get the stage where I can publish patterns for others to use as a way of keeping busy.
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    Toulouse, which is 50 miles East of us, had a 10 minute hailstorm which brought down trees and smashed roof tiles; here a couple of mm of light rain fortunately. Still had to water everything this morning and so we are now down to 1000 litres. Lifted some main crop potatoes which showed they could benefit from a few more weeks growth. My hands tingle after petrol strimming Valkyrie, so I limit myself to one tank of fuel use per day. The little electric one is much better in that respect, but then dragging cables about is awkward.
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