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    Finally put up some Omlet art! ❤️
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    People are so lovely; I stopped yesterday to give first aid to a bloke who had taken off a big strip of his scalp when he collided with a road sign. While I was kneeling on the ground beside him, stemming the bleeding - two ladies came over to offer assistance. One walked the man's distressed 9 year old daughter home to her mum, the other brought water and blankets. Then a police officer stopped to help, and when the ambulance hadn't arrived after 40 minutes, he ferried the injured man (and me, compressing the top of his head) to A&E. Made a bit of a mess of his patrol car! The injured man's wife has just called round and given me a JLP gift card as thank you, they are so sweet...... he has a monumental headache. Faith in folks restored. Karma will bite the bum of the youth who saw the accident, laughed and walked on by.
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    I’ve seen some really fantastic and thoughtful present s from Secret Santa’s here! I never thought rhythm keeping chickens could have such wonderful results! It’s not just about chickens on this site, it’s also about community. Thank you all for being beautiful people ❤️❤️❤️
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    Hello, remember me? Just thought I would say Hi from sunny France, where we relocated to almost 4 years ago now. The renovations at La Ferme Sauvage are still ongoing - we spent 2 years in a caravan but now have the luxury of a proper bedroom, running water.....................and soon we will be cracking out The Cube & chickening ourselves up once more, I hope. It is Fox central here, so we will have to build a Fort Knox pen to keep the little sods out, as well as making it wild Boar proof...should be interesting While he builds, I crochet....a new skill that has helped my anxiety & general wellbeing an awful lot. I was asked to post a photo of a blanket I made for our new bedroom, so here you go. I know a few of you follow us & our adventures in The Dordogne on Facebook (Hi Christian!) , & it anyone else is interested in what we are up to, here is a link to our Blog page there. https://www.facebook.com/fermesauvage/ A bientot, Sarah x
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    Buy the biggest run you can afford for the space you have. Plan to cover it as that will sometimes be necessary if we get an Avian Flu outbreak. A couple of years ago we had to keep them in the run 24/7 from December until April. Best to think ahead even if the eventuality seems remote at the time.
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    Looooooong time since I posted this originally, but the froggos are no longer the size of a thumbnail and are now all about 2" long. I haven't taken many pictures, but I saw one of them was out and about tonight so I snapped a pick of him.
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    AndyRoo one of my friends sent me this that she saw on Instagram 🤣
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    You can use a broody cage, like a wire dog crate. Prop it up on some bricks, so it’s off the ground. Pop her in for 3 days and 3 nights and it should sort her out. Do provide her with plenty food and water and keep it her in sight of the others. If possible inside the run itself.
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    This just tickled my giggle button
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    To my total delight we now have at least two hedgehogs feeding in our garden. There may even be three tho' we've only seen two at any one time there does seem to be a marked size difference between all of them, hence our thoughts on there being 3. We have some hoggy food which we have been putting out - more ordered on the Tesco delivery for Friday - and a big bowl of water. Am beyond happy - I love these gorgeous little animals and was quite upset to have to take a baby one to St Tiggywinkles last Autumn.
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    I'm not keen on lentils - but we have those most of the time now - OH's diet. He's lost so much weight since he was diagnosed pre-diabetic and he's now not diabetic but needs to keep on top of things. I said I'd join with him. Easier to just do one meal for us both. But I like potatoes. Nope - I looooove potatoes - which is one of the things he has cut back on. Neither of us eat bread now. I've also lost a fair bit of weight but not as much as him - a slow progress but I'm happy that I can get my wellies on and off easily! And trousers in the wardrobe that were OK to stand up in, I can now sit down in them. Most embarrassing the other day - they started falling down while we were out! Good job they had some cord to tie it with. I never bothered before! Had to get OH to hold my stuff so I could hoik them back up to the waist and pull those strings!
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    I'm having a wonderfully amusing morning envisaging a set of circumstances that could result in that youth colliding with a traffic sign in such a way as to bite off a strip of skin from his hairy backside in karmic payback.
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    Look at Patrick’s wattles swinging as he comes around the corner 😂😆😍
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    Here's one to cheer us up:
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    Do you live in a suburban or rural area? The first thing I'd consider is neighbours but also what's your reasoning for wanting one? We hatch most years and cockerels are very noisy, sometimes crowing at 4am in summer. We had a few at home over Christmas, one which was crowing at 6am on Christmas Day, despite it still being pretty dark!
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    Great that you managed to get some hatching eggs! I echo the comments above, have a plan for the boys - I often say don't hatch if you can't dispatch.
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    I have a Classic which is attached to an Omlet walk-in run (3 m x 3 m). The ground is covered with very heavy duty grass protector (such as you would find in temporary car parks at stately homes -- it was a real pain to cut to size and my husband almost divorced me over it!) and a thick layer of Auboise on top. The Auboise is about 6 inches deep. (See photo in warmer, dryer days!) The run has a clear plastic cover and sits against a brick wall on one side. Since the winter weather set in, I added plastic tarps to all three other three sides. The door is uncovered. (Although it is currrently netted with small netting because of Avian flu.) The tarps do not fit exactly and so there are gaps at the top which is normally excellent for ventilation. My problem is that at the moment the Auboise is constantly damp. (The wind blows the rain in, and it is probably wicking up from the soil under the grass protector.) This is my first winter with my lovely girls (just two of them) and they are looking a little bedraggled although they seem fine and are laying well. They have a large cat litter tray for a dust bath but it is a far cry from the lovely summer dust baths they made for themselves in the garden and it doesn't seem to stay very dry. So my two questions are: a) Any top tips for dust baths in the winter? Or just give up? b) Do Auboise users switch to anything else in the winter? Would wood chips dry out more quickly? My run needs mucking out (a job for this weekend if it ever stops raining!) but I wondered if it would be best to replace the Auboise, or use something else for the next few months. I'd prefer not to as I think the damp, poo-enriched Aubiose is going to make fantastic compost! Thanks for wise advice, in advance.
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    Moss, weeds, grass, earth, money .... they make it all disappear!
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    At my school, one of the children said they had sent a parcel to relatives in Liverpool because he wouldn't be able to see them. Another one added that they couldn't see their grandparents because they live nearby and there were too many family members for them all to meet up. The first child then pointed out that the rules could be bent. I really told him off and told him the rules are there for a reason. I pointed out that the kind of people that bend the rules are the sort of people that went to the beaches over Easter when the rest of us stayed at home. It makes me so cross. Not only that, it probably wasn't his idea to bend the rules, but suggested by a parent instead.
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    Hi everyone We are new to the forum My husband and I live in suburban Sydney, Australia We had been researching Chicken coops for 3 years and decided that Omlet’s Eglu cube Mk2 with coop light and automatic door was exactly what we wanted. Although just as we ordered it Covid 19 happened so it took another 3 - 4 months for the set up to arrive. The cube is situated under a mature Jacaranda tree with raised garden beds nearby. The chickens have access to parts of the garden for foraging and dust bathing and a section of the large lawn. We bought… Eagle Cube Mk2 with 3m Run and Wheels - Perfect for 3 chickens, amazingly easy clean!! 2m Combi Cover for Eglu Cube - Fantastic for shade for summer and winter sun without rain. (see pics in Summer and Winter position) Windbreak for Eglu Cube Mark 2 - Fantastic for winter and August winds. Automatic Chicken Coop Door with coop light - We would not be owning chickens without this door. Omlet chicken perch - Head chook loves this Extreme Temp blanket with bungees - We live in a hollow with frost in winter. Pendant peck toy - Our girls love their treats in this. Caddie Treat holder x 2 - Perfect for kitchen scraps on rotation. We had never owned chickens before but had done a lot of research before buying them . We used golf balls to teach them where to lay and this worked a treat. Our family loves Star Wars so our Hyline Brown chickens are called........ ChuBokka Hens Solo Princess Layer We have also call the Eglu Cube either - Jabba the Hutch or Jabba’s palace!! We also love taking photos…so here are far too many.... and out of order.... but I'm sure you will figure it out! Cheers Helen (and Ron)
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    So pleased and relieved for the US and the world 🇺🇸🌍
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    You need to cover the run first. Use clear tarpaulins on the top and sides, leaving some uncovered for ventilation. Look at Tarpaflex for heavy duty clear covers. Hold in place with bungees. If you’re on a limited budget get clear shower curtains. Theyll only last a season but are about £9 last time I looked. Then put log roll or similar round the perimeter. That keeps run covering in when they scratch around, If it’s very soggy now, I’d put hardwood woodchip down first, then aubiose on top. If you’ve got time, and the resources you could slab the run. Then you could just put aubiose down. Don’t panic. Many of us have been there too!
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    Agree with Cat Tails. You can do anything with cable ties. I think officially it’s not possible but try it.
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    From the above to this: the skinny one with the giraffe neck, turned into the one bottom left in the corner! Massive 70g+ jumbo eggs everyday.
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    I wouldn’t give her yoghurt - they can’t digest lactose
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    Why is it that the application of suncream on a beach immediately results in the almost magnetic attraction of every grain of sand within 2 yards to the applied areas thus turning one into a human emery board? Just asking!
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    I am lucky they went to a good home today. i cried saying goodbye.
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    Ok so finally finished this project! It was actually to be my Easter swap present. But decided to keep it and hang up by the door.
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    Canned lentils make a great mince replacement. I prefer it over products like Quorn. Much cheaper too. I’m lucky as there are loads of vegetarian options in the Netherlands, most supermarkets have their own brand of very decent stuff. We also have the Vegetarian Butcher as a brand and their “meats” are very good. Their chicken looks more like chicken than some chicken in dishes. But I don’t often buy those because they aren’t cheap. I rather do without all together. Still have to find a good replacement for sandwich meats. Most of the veggie stuff is far too sweet.
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    Yes Campines are generally quite slender. That's a brilliant and very helpful piece of advice SeramaSilly. Thank you for your support and good wishes. I hope it goes well, we are all really looing forward to it. I've wanted to do this since hatching chicks were bought into my class when I was 6! So happy to be trying it with my children and to have nice homes lined up.
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    Do you like pekins Luvachicken? You should’ve said 🤣😂😉😘
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    Very slow to get things done here, but I'm gradually getting things in. Squashes are nearly all in - butternuts were my priority. The wind still does nothing for the beans. Out of all the runner beans (packets from last year) only one Greek Gigantes has struggled. I am convinced it is not the compost - it has to be the bean seeds. Perhaps it was a rotten year to harvest the seeds. But hey ho - I have some dwarf Borlotties struggling in the wind and some Purple Teepees looking great, but need to go in. Leeks are pricked out and we are harvesting some sugar snaps. The soft neck garlic looks puny compared with the garlic we grew last year. It has bent over and went rusty, but I guess it is time to harvest anyway. The garlic grown last year was so good that I ordered double the quantity this year and it looks really strong. The winds haven't bothered them at all - mini chunky telegraph poles! Shallots are looking great and the early onions are filling up nicely. Going up the plot, broad beans suffered a bit at first but looking strong in spite of the winds. Ready to pick a few by the looks. Blackfly did race me but I had lots to deal with. Next to them are the celeriac and I still have a lot to put in. Next bed is the sugar snaps and beetroot boltardy. Parsnips are better than last year but the flea beetles munched the radishes - some are going to seed, but I like the seed pods to eat anyway. On the other side of the parsnips the Purple Top Milan turnips went to seed - so much heat so soon! A couple of prepped beds spare and the we have calabrese, cauliflowers and kale. Not grown caulis here, so it'll be interesting. Opposite side are beds of spuds. The main crop is very slow but the others are coming on well. Then it is spare where we had the compost delivered. Next bed over is one big one and I'm planting in rows at right angles to the other side. I may adopt that on the other beds next year - still only the second season so learning and adjusting all the time. That bed is my squash bed. I'll be planting sweetcorn in that section too. Sweetcorn is hardening off ready to go. On the far bed is still the remaining bit of bought compost - not much left now, and the compost we made last year in the hay bales. It's looking super but we aren't doing the bales this year. All compost bins have been replaced in the veg patch which I now refer to as "The Killing Field" - because of all the rabbit legs left all over the place. In April we lost one of our ducks to Mistress Vixen, but a week later her wing appeared in the field. Now that was rubbing salt in the wound - so her "remains" which consist of her wing tip and lots of feathers will be laid to rest with my rhubarb plants. Of the strawberries I had a refund for the 20 plants that didn't grow, while the others were in the greenhouse and we had a small crop from them. They are a repeat plant, but they need bigger pots now. I saved 3 Casablanca spuds for my daughter, but lockdown stopped that and so they are now popping up in a deep tub near the greenhouse. Raspberry plants suffered too from the late planting even though they had been watered - the early crop is doing fine and making suckers which I'll plant up. From the mid-season I saved a sucker at planting time. Those plants also looked fine, but after the frost killed the tops, they look done for. Still the sucker plant is growing in the greenhouse in a pot and looks fabulous! As for the Autumn Bliss, all are sticks and never did much even thought the roots looked healthy and there were buds on most. Never mind, the beds are good enough and mulched so a few weeds popping up, but not the end of the world. Back in the greenhouse I've reorganised the paths and planting. At the south end we have 2 melons and aubergines. Along the west there are lots of peppers. Interesting that a lot of sun dried toms germinated so I've saved the bigger plants, two are on the north end by the door and when the remaining squash plants and gherkins are dealt with then there will be space for the tomatoes. Also self germinating is a purple chilli plant. I've already potted one up, but they are small so I don't expect anything from them this year, but will be overwintering in the house. In the centre bed are the tomatoes - two of each apart from the sundrieds and one Idli plant which is covered in little yellow flowers. A seed swap and an experiment. In between those I have space in the centre so I have two rows of different carrot varieties - one of which we grew last year in the greenhouse very successfully! With a rocky bottomed floor I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised! Spinach went over really quickly so am attempting some dill inside and sown some in modules/root trainers. Leeks are coming on nicely and have been pricked out into the rootrainers. The Ailsa Craig onions are almost ready to transplant and while the red onion seed was poor at germinating, they are picking up where they've been transplanted. I've saved some leftovers for the back of the aubergines, seeing as I had a little bit of success with my one unknown variety of onion last year! Also new are soya beans which should be planted out, but I think they need supports. Have pricked out the tops and they are shooting out from the bottom. I also have cabbage and sprouts to go out, some more beetroot - Burpees Golden and will be sowing some Chioggia as OH really liked that variety best. I'm also planting more French beans, and I've forgotten what else! Oh and we have 3 ducklings - one is the offspring from our foxed girl, so the little mixed trio will not be going for the chop! They are now 7 days old and growing fast. I think the darker one is a boy - but who knows!!!! Mum is Peppermint Patty. She is a little frustrated that they shovel their food up like little urchins and not refined like her. And why don't they scratch when I tell them! I can't wait to see what happens when I give them a little pool to play in on Monday. We have saved some strong plastic covers from our new smoke alarms - ideal for tiny paddling pools. I also can't wait for better weather so that they can play on the grass!
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    So we went back to the tip with an internet booked appointment (all very efficient and organised now): we can go once a week and not more often. Greeted by the same 'jobsworth' at 3 metres, no masks and our window wound down. She spotted our cute dog and rushed over, stuck herself head first through the window of the van to fuss her !! So much for social distancing.
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    Our boys have these chopsticks, tho they generally give up and go for a fork! Your grandson will be at a massive advantage being able to fluently speak both languages! An aside; I've listed a few items on the local Gumtree and the curse of spelling strikes again. Someone has listed a 'pitcher'. It's a lovely pitcher - of tulips!!!!
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    All of you who say you don’t like beaches - I sort of get that, but maybe you’ve just always been doing it wrong!! Last August bank holiday I was working on, amongst other places, Polzeath beach. The lifeguards estimated there were 4000 people on the beach and another 500 in the water!!! It was practically standing room only - I genuinely couldn’t understand why anyone would have not got back in their car and left (well apart from the fact that the car park was totally gridlocked!) - it was just horrendous. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Even in Cornwall, even in the summer you can find quiet, out of the way spots. Ever since I was 15 I’ve picked the spot in the rocks at the side of the beach where no one can see me and I’m on my own, or walked around the cliffs to find an out of the way hidden platform with just the sky above and the sea below. There’s nothing better than that. Although, to be fair, I suppose strictly speaking that isn’t always ‘going to the beach’. And I agree, I can’t think of anything worse that packing up the car with deck chairs, sun break, cool box, plates and cutlery...kill me now! The most I ever have is my backpack with wetsuit, snorkel, fins and towel. Sorry - got lost in a fantasy trip there 🤣 Each to their own.
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    In hysterics at page 13 of today's Daily Mail (🙄😲) showing pictures of David Cameron and family struggling to put together their 'high tec' chicken house - aka Omlet cube! Says it all, really! DM and M&M, you are nearby; could you pop round and give them a hand 😋? Made me wonder if there are any more 'famous faces' with chickens? Apart from those on the Forum, of course!!!!
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    Ahhh to be in rural Devon squiffling chickens floofy bits! Sounds like Heaven! It always amazes me how these critters all have such completely individual characters and know just how to manipulate their owners.
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    I have a similar one: Fizz the Fraud who looks so ill that you bring her inside and get an appointment with the vet. By the time we get there, she's fine. Then there's Fudge. Fudge won't go to bed without some hanky panky and demands I squiffle her back and pat her on the floofy bits. When I was away she demanded the same from OH - he said it was very embarrassing! She wasn't well in the photo - but getting better with a few days of antibiotics - she was on the table in the dining room so she could see outside - mostly she did roadkill and sunbathed and then she was digging and throwing her food around! FIL was visiting and he insisted she stayed on the table, so I had to put up a tent so that our food wouldn't get dirty but he could see her!
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    Merel is broody, so she needs to wait outside of the run till the others have laid. (And Gerda is being a right cow, taking forever!!!) So she does what she always does and tries to roost on me...
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    OMG - just had another encounter with a small snake in the house. This time it was definitely a ladder snake. Aaaah! I was coming out of the bathroom and there it was having a look into our bedroom. I yelled for OH who came up the stairs armed with a broom. A bit of rushing past the snake whilst it was distracted to open various doors, and then OH was able to sweep it down the hallway and out. Now OH has gone to see if he can buy some expanding foam at the hardware shop if it is open, for an emergency repair. I thought I'd blocked up the hole in the wall where a new flue has been installed, which is where we think it is getting in, but obviously not well enough. Over the years I have had many encounters with snakes, often involving stairs. It is 100% true that they do climb! The only good thing about this is that a)the cat was asleep and b)we weren't in bed asleep! If I don't post tomorrow you'd better come and check up!
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    Well I found out via sky news 🙄 that the company is furloughing most of us. Received my email 2 days later so I’m off officially until the 1st of June... and then only working 12 days that month.....so.... my allotment will be looking fabulous!! 😂😂 I’ve been going down every day this week so far...weeding and planting seeds in the greenhouse. It’s been really nice. I’ll need to eat the veg as I’ll be so poor come summer 🙄
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    Update after two winters with the Cube. I have a storm proof green house(12m2) where I first dug up some of the ground (excuse my English but I hope it's understandable), so when I go inside it is a bit deeper so I could build up a thicker layer of wooden chip and straw. It has been a really great solution, especially if the sun decides to come out so it gets a little bit warmer some days. My girls seems to like it. Next season I will try to turn the straw regularly to see if it can get a little bit warmer on chilly days. So as long as I don't decide to have more chickens this works great.
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    She’s the spit of my Duck 😍 (almost had a VERY inappropriate spelling mistake there 😂). I’m currently using the smaller trig than that in the recovery run for Shirley (see photo in ‘Another Dog Attack’ thread). In my permanent WIR I have that size trug inside an old car tyre. It takes up a lot of space but they love to perch around the tyre and it’s nice and heavy.
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    The Portuguese news said yesterday we have 5 ventilators per 100,000 pop, and Germany have 38, so perhaps the French news was wrong. Although I have to say I take everything with a large pinch of salt and am not trusting anything to do with stats. OH is a keen cyclist, apparently he is allowed out, but to be on the safe side if he does decide to go out he will cycle down to the village with panniers, buy food and cycle back. Its only about 12 miles round trip but involves masses of climbing, its too much for me unless I am on an ebike. So, one must be alone in a car in France? Is that an actual rule? We were in the Algarve earlier this week visiting young relatives to make sure they were OK. We arrived to find that Spain had locked itself down during our journey and said nobody allowed on beaches amongst other things. At that point we were allowed on ours, and I believe we still can use them. I realise that if there are hordes of people its not a good idea, but in March thats really not an issue, there are miles of empty sand. I would have thought its a cheap blessing, to get good clean air, paddle or swim and feel the sun on your face, no need to touch anything or breathe over strangers. DM - My Mum told me that this morning her elderly diabetic neighbour had had a call from her granddaughter who was self isolating, asking her to fetch some groceries. Which she did and she kindly brought my Mum some things as well as I have been failing for days to get an online delivery slot anywhere (although actually I was up at 4am today, and by some miracle a few had become free, hurrah!) What is wrong with people, to ask a vulnerable family member to go out (there are plenty of other local family members)? PL - we can't get avocado oil, but I am considering learning whether olive oil can be used instead. I know my Mum has always used almond oil, but I don't want to go round smelling like an olive! Currently I use Palmers something or other which smells of cocoa. A friend of mine used to use it, until someone told her she smelled like a cake! Valkyrie - your Mum should get together with my MIL, a Yorkshire lass as well! She is 92 and has Alzeheimers. Yesterday she told OH that she was younger than my Mum (she isn't) and that was why she attracted lots of admirers😀
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    I went to Paris yesterday with my daughter. I took a couple of snaps of how the work is progressing on Notre Dame and also my favourite picture of the day near Sacre Couer.
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    Haha... BUSTED!!!! I give mine a handful of mixed seeds between them when I let them out of the run, there's no corn (fat and sugar) in it and no oily seeds like sunflower. Our local feed merchant sells it as 'Poultry Tonic Seed Mix'. It looks like this one
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    A pressure washer for the classic, two sons to collect the eggs 😊.
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    Found the photo. Run itself is heavy enough to stay down, but you can add logs on the run skirt if you want it.
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