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  1. Dave_L

    Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    Using Chrome here too. Do you have any add-ons (extensions) installed in Chrome?
  2. Dave_L

    Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    Hi Valkrie, That's not happening for me, could you let me know what browser you're using?
  3. Dave_L

    New Layout & Forum Software

    I think this should now be resolved, the limit seems to have been set at 0 by the process that migrated us over from the old software - I've corrected that now.
  4. Dave_L

    New Layout & Forum Software

    Indeed, it wasn't intended to be visible, so we've hidden it
  5. Dave_L

    New Layout & Forum Software

    They've hidden the option in an odd place. If you click on your name at the top of the page, just below the green menu, and then "Account Settings" Then from the menu on the left, you can choose "Signature" What emoticons would you like to see added? All of the emoticons from the previous software are still available, see my earlier post for how to find them all
  6. Dave_L

    Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    There are some buttons at the bottom of the topic you can use to get back to the topic listing, and if you look below the social media sharing icons, there's a row of 'breadcrumbs' that will allow you to go back to the parent forum, or the forum homepage.
  7. Dave_L

    New Layout & Forum Software

    The old smilies have all been brought over. You should be able to use the same codes as before, or from the smilies box, if you click Categories in the top right, you can choose 'Converted' which will show you all of the old ones to pick from.
  8. Dave_L

    New Layout & Forum Software

    Within forums, unread topics are indicated by the big dot to the left of the topic title (clicking the dot should take you to the first unread post). Topics with no new posts will have no dot. At the forum level, forums with unread posts will have a dark green icon to the left, whereas forums with no new posts have a lighter green. You may well find that due to the upgrade, the forum software doesn't know which posts you have/haven't read, as there is no way to carry this over from the previous software. You can mark an entire forum as read by clicking on the icon to the left of the forum name. You can mark all posts as read across the site with the "Mark site read" link in the top right, just above the top banner. There are a few new tools in Invision Power Board (IPB for short) to allow you to find new content. There's an "unread content" link in the top right, again just above the top banner, which works similar to the "Unread Posts" page in phpBB. You can also use the "Activity" tab on the grey tab bar to find some other options to discover content. You can even create your own custom "Activity Stream" with whichever filters you like. (Sorry for the big images, it's just the way my laptop takes screenshots)
  9. Dave_L

    Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    Sorry about that, it should be fixed now. Because both you and your daughter signed up with the same email address, the process which moved the data over to the new software saw the accounts as being the same, and chose the avatar from the most recently registered account.