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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to say what a great community this is and what a lot of help you have all been to us. Unfortunately due to the arrogance of my partner we no longer have our beautiful girls and the family of foxes finally got them. I wish everyone the best with their girls and makes sure you dont end up with a story like ours, I have added my eglu to the sale section, if anyone wants it please give me a sensible offer. Thanks again, Karl
  2. I'm afraid I cannot sign this or pass it on, we have had fireworks ever since I was little, none of our animals are frightened by them, in fact our shar pei was sat our on our decking watching them........... I think this country is getting far to PC with everything, "you cant do that" "you cant say that" "you cant have these" Although I do agree that there should be tougher rules on who can sell them, but I dont agree that no-one should be able to have them.......I also think we are losing far too much of our "englishness" Just my thoughts.....
  3. I went for the 6.06 version, but I think I will reinstall with the latest version as this install is only on a usb hard drive (although very fast I want to use my internal laptop hd)..... I am very impressed too, a few things seem a bit strange like wireless security, seems a little lacking, but thats maybe only in 6.06 but I soon sorted that out with an easy download of a bit of software.........I am considering using it as our desktop / laptop operating system for our office as it seems much more stable than windows, plus having XP in vmware means I havent lost anything........Do any of you have any expereince with "WINE"??? If so would one of you try an application for me, im not sure if its just me or if it plain just doesnt work.......Its only a simple instant messenger that we use for corporate use but I just cant get it to work at all.......... Apart from that im really pleased with how its running, glad you posted this thread as it was this that made me try ubuntu....... Karl
  4. Ive just decided to dump windows in favour of ubuntu too...... Got almost everything running that I did have on windows and its now at least 10x faster and free Plus I have Windows xp running on a virtual machine which is just as quick as it ever was Just need to check that my printer prints when im in the office
  5. Thats very interesting clip, thanks for that........ I guess I never realised quite how "mass" produced meat was........ Thats a good point about the omlet chicks, maybe someone at omlet can give you all some information about how they are reared.......
  6. Hi guys......The address to see the party will be http://halloween.2-source.com Not sure if there will be sound yet but you should be able to move the camera around Have fun and let me know how well it works
  7. I really hate clowns and puppets.......The one of the smirnoff advert makes me shudder.......
  8. I wanted to do something with the left over bits for me, not them they et enough treats
  9. Not sure if anyon will know the answer to this but.......Whats the difference between the large pumpkins in the supermakets and then the ones that are marked as "edible" does that mean that the large ones are not edible???
  10. Hi Guys, I have been carving pumkins for my upcoming halloween party.......Is there anything I can do with the seeds and other left over bits? As I have over 6 and it seems like an awful waste if I can do something with the bits from inside......
  11. Does that version of linux have some kind of x-windows interface though? The reason I ask is that I want to run an asterisk phone system but they come with various different versions of linux and I wanted to know the easiest way of accessing the net as well.......as the computer would be a waste just using it as a phone system.......
  12. I would recommend Netgear......Good overall and not hugely expensive.......Not sure how they work with Linux, but that should be an issue, Neatgear are massive....... I would be really interested on what brower you are using with linux and if you are using some kind of x-windows to run everything on........
  13. I dont like the big displays, and the council run one in hull is just awful, huge waste of money and its very impressive and they start it about 6pm...... We had a very good display at our house last year, everyone chipped in and ours was far better than any local ones we could have gone too, people have to remember that they can be dangerous, we cant ban everything in this country and people just need to take more responsibility or the government needs to up the age to 21 to buy these kinds of things. We have had fireworks at home since I can remember and we have never had any problems and dont know anyone who has, but they have to be handled with care. I agree though its very annoying when people let them off during the day, seems like a waste of money to me.
  14. Thats quite good I always make such a mess of folding t-shirts and the like, will give this a proper try, although not as neat as their example much better than I normally do
  15. Our friend has a large pet shop, Omlet told him they didnt bulk sell to anyone and that they where the only company who sold the products......Wonder if this is changing or if they are adding a bit on for hens and setup or something.......

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