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  1. Roksteddie

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    My last Copper marans hybrid laid pretty dark eggs. As for the Ayam Cemani me and the other half have coveted those too!
  2. Roksteddie

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    I think I'd quite like an Easter egger, too but I've never seen them for sale near me, either.
  3. Roksteddie

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    I like the sound of the Blue Angels, but Cotswold Chickens are too far away from me. And knowing my luck I'd be in the 10% that didn't lay blue. But I definitely would prefer a guaranteed blue egg layer hybrid.... the Chalkhill Blue is meant to be a blue egg layer but I'm not sure on percentages etc...
  4. Roksteddie

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    hmmm... that doesn't sound good... i'm not sure my neighbours will appreciate a screaming banshee!
  5. Roksteddie

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    Thanks for the input, guys. Think I'll be going with a CLB.
  6. So I'm after a blue egg layer to add to my new flock next year - I've gone for the Skyline/columbine hybrid in the past and both ended up with pale, beige eggs. So I'm turning my attention to pure breeds. Which of the two mentioned is more prolific in terms of egg production? I seem to keep coming up with conflicting bits of info on the web. I've only ever had hybrids before... so will both the CLB and aracauna take roughly the same length of break from laying during winter? Does one go broody more than the other? Any input would be much appreciated.
  7. That's good to know, thanks for your replies.
  8. Thanks so much for your input, Luvachicken, but I'm asking about the door on the walk in run itself. Apologies for not being very clear.
  9. So I've managed to bag myself a Mk 1 cube with a walk in run which I assume is mk 1 too. The person I've bought it off had the whole thing set up by Omlet so isn't very knowledgeable about how it all fits together. From the pictures he's sent me the door is on the wrong side for our garden layout as the setup will be beside a fence. My question is: will I be able to move the location of the door or is this 'fixed' once it's already been set up? I'm assuming a panel would have had to have been cut out to accommodate the door so don't know if I'll be left with a hole to deal with.. any light you can shed would be gratefully received.
  10. I've seemingly posted this is the wrong area previously so trying here. Hi, I'm on the hunt for a cube (Mk 1 preferred) with at least 3 metre run. We are in Croydon/South London so can consider areas close-by (Surrey etc) or can send a courier if the right set up is available.
  11. Roksteddie

    Eglu Cube MK1 for sale

    Hi, is this still available?
  12. Hi, I'm on the hunt for a cube (Mk 1 preferred) with at least 3 metre run. We are in Croydon/South London so can consider areas close-by (Surrey etc) or can send a courier if the right set up is available.
  13. Ultimately my girls are let out everyday to free range in the garden and are only put away just before sun down. I'm just wondering if they'd be ok if confined to the run for a few days if we were away. They'd never be restricted to just the run longterm. Hmm, food for thought...
  14. Oh that's disappointing. I had 3 girls in a Go Up with 3 metre run so assumed that the Cube would be roomier... if i can only have 3 it makes no sense to get one. And I certainly can't afford an Omlet walk in run...
  15. Thanks for the input, AndyRoo. I've battled the feather pecking for well over a year so I know that it's a habit that can't be broken with my current girls. So rather than adding to the current girls - I'll be getting the Cube for a 2nd brand new set of girls. So my question is: with just the cube and the 3 metre run (no free ranging), how many girls would you keep in there?