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  1. I've used bumpa bits in the past and always found that the 25mm ones snapped on application. I gave up in the end and used the 30mm bits and they've always worked a treat. However, i now have some rescue girls who've had the beaks clipped/sliced and so have very short beaks indeed. The 30mm is just too long to allow them to feed properly. I had ordered 25mm from Omlet and all 8 snapped whilst using the pliers. I tried soaking them in boiling water to no avail. Omlet have sent 8 replacements but one has already broken. Are there any other tips/tricks I could use?









  2. 11 hours ago, The Dogmother said:

    I have araucanas.... very good, reliable layers, take a break from laying in the winter, very hardy and healthy, rarely broody. Mine lay dug-egg-blue eggs. They are mad as heck though, even after they've started to lay, not particularly bright and don't much like being held. I only had one CLB, and she was similar.

    What I do like are Blue Angels; a araucana/white leghorn hybrid from Cotswold Chickens. They are sightly built, white with grey/black splodges and 90% of them (be led by earlobe colour) will lay a large pale turquoise egg. Still mad though. :roll:

    I like the sound of the Blue Angels, but Cotswold Chickens are too far away from me. And knowing my luck I'd be in the 10% that didn't lay blue. But I definitely would prefer a guaranteed blue egg layer hybrid.... the Chalkhill Blue is meant to be a blue egg layer but I'm not sure on percentages etc...

  3. 53 minutes ago, AndyRoo said:

    My CLB has never been the most productive, and she lays pale blue eggs. In my experience they are very flighty, and they will absolutely *scream* and flap about endlessly if you try to pet them.

    hmmm... that doesn't sound good... i'm not sure my neighbours will appreciate a screaming banshee! 

  4. So I'm after a blue egg layer to add to my new flock next year - I've gone for the Skyline/columbine hybrid in the past and both ended up with pale, beige eggs. So I'm turning my attention to pure breeds. Which of the two mentioned is more prolific in terms of egg production? I seem to keep coming up with conflicting bits of info on the web. I've only ever had hybrids before... so will both the CLB and aracauna take roughly the same length of break from laying during winter? Does one go broody more than the other? Any input would be much appreciated.

  5. So I've managed to bag myself a Mk 1 cube with a walk in run which I assume is mk 1 too. The person I've bought it off had the whole thing set up by Omlet so isn't very knowledgeable about how it all fits together. From the pictures he's sent me the door is on the wrong side for our garden layout as the setup will be beside a fence. My question is: will I be able to move the location of the door or is this 'fixed' once it's already been set up? I'm assuming a panel would have had to have been cut out to accommodate the door so don't know if I'll be left with a hole to deal with.. any light you can shed would be gratefully received.



  6. I've seemingly posted this is the wrong area previously so trying here.

    Hi, I'm on the hunt for a cube (Mk 1 preferred) with at least 3 metre run. We are in Croydon/South London so can consider areas close-by (Surrey etc) or can send a courier if the right set up is available.
  7. 36 minutes ago, mullethunter said:

    According to the spacing guidelines as the run is 3m x 1m that means 3 full sized chooks.

    I currently have a 3x2 run attached to a 2m Cube run, so 8 square meters, which I have 6 bantams in at the moment, hopefully going up to 10 if I can successfully integrate my Dutch and Sablepoot bantams - that’s the maximum I would have in my space so I guess that would equate to about 4 bantams in the size of run you will have. 

    Mine also free range in half the garden whenever I’m home.

    Oh that's disappointing. I had 3 girls in a Go Up with 3 metre run so assumed that the  Cube would be roomier... if i can only have 3 it makes no sense to get one. And I certainly can't afford an Omlet walk in run...

  8. So after wanting to get more girls (pretty much ever since I first got mine) I've decided that I'll be upgrading to the Cube (2nd hand). I initially had 3 girls in a Go Up with 3 metre run and they free ranged every day but feather plucking set in and I've never been able to get rid of the habit. I put it down to lack of space when they were confined to the run. My plan is to get a Cube with a 3 metre run. The girls will be able to free range pretty much all day but I don't want to overcrowd them if/when they have to be confined to the run. What the absolute maximum people would be comfortable having/have personal experience of in this set up?

  9. So I've always let my girls free range everyday so assumed they'd get all the grit they needed from foraging. Plus there is always grit left in the bottom of their grit pot so I haven't topped it up or replenished in months. I just happened to tip out the contents the other day and put in a fresh batch and the girls went crazy for it. So I topped it up 3 times and they still went crazy for it. I've topped it up everyday for the last few days and the reaction is always the same - a feeding frenzy. On closer inspection it looks like they're only targeting the shell fragments. So do they have a calcium deficiency? They're fed a good quality feed - Dodson and Horell's layers pellets, and the quality of their egg shells has never diminished. Should I continue topping up daily or are they just being 'greedy'?

  10. We've had a war with foxes for a few weeks now. Evidence of them returning night after night, causing more and more damage. Then one day last week we heard Whitney screaming her head off and rushed out to see that 2 young foxes actually had Mariah! We scared them and they released Mariah, who stumbled over to us... a hell of a lot of feathers missing. Feathers everywhere! Miraculously she survived and all 3 are pretty much back to normal now.


    Anyway that night they came back about 6 times an hour and have wreaked havoc in our garden every night since. They have repeatedly destroyed the tarp covering the run, they poo on top of the coop and run (and anywhere else they please) EVERY NIGHT! They dig up plants and around the base of our pear tree EVERY NIGHT!


    Can someone please point me to the most effective, but chicken friendly fox deterrent ????!!!!!(I'd rather they were deceased but know this is not an option). I'm not overly worried about the girls - they seem to be very secure in their Go Up no matter how much they persist. It's just the constant mess and destruction that's driving me mad!


    On another note can anyone recommend a more robust run cover than clear tarp as I can't keep replacing it at this rate?!

  11. So my chickens have been on the same feed pretty much ever since I've had them. A few days ago I opened a new sack of the same food but their poo has been on the runny side ever since and a lot more on the paler side. There've been no issues in the past when I've opened new sacks. But even in the poo tray the difference is very evident. The girls seem their normal selves and are laying as normal? Is there any cause for concern?

  12. The bumpa bit did and still does extend beyond the beak, but the top beak of both girls has grown so that the distance between beak and bumpa bit has decreased noticeably. I think if left on indefinitely the beaks will continue to grow and eventually meet the bit. I will try and get a photo tomorrow (Saturday).

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