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  1. A few years ago I had Omlet chicken fencing, then thought I wouldn't need it any more - and now I do! Must include gate. Thank you!
  2. I'm feeding them dried mealworms as an afternoon treat. I think they need worming again, so I'm onto it. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  3. My chickens never got into this swing! But I can see from the photos that some do, and they're out of stock. This one's for sale at £12. Rothley, Leicestershire.
  4. No mites, and they're on layers pellets, with veg, a bit of corn and mealworms for treats. I've discovered one is laying a soft egg and eating it, so I'm trying to add calcium to their diet - oyster shell in the grit etc. They're hybrids.
  5. I've had them just over a year, so I don't know what this could be. First one stopped laying and now the other. I can't see anything wrong, though they look a bit tatty - moulting? But I'm missing the eggs, and hoping they're not unwell in some way. Any ideas for what it might be, and what to do? Thanks.
  6. Thank you! They've already started eating them, that's great.
  7. Thanks - that's really helpful. Should I keep them in their run? If they're out they must find other things to eat?
  8. My two chickens were on layers pellets and eating them happily. Then they stopped. They'll eat lots of other things, and love mealworms, cabbage, etc., but they turn up their beaks at the pellets. They seem fine - a bit tatty maybe, I'm not sure if they're moulting, but no signs of any problems. This year they're free range whenever I'm home (quite a lot) - is that why? I've tried changing the make to a free range mix, but no difference. Should I be worried, and what should I do? I've had them a year now, but I'm new to it all.
  9. Thank you - that sounds like a really good plan.
  10. I was advised to get just two chickens when I bought my eglu, as I was planning to keep them in the run. But I've created a bigger space for them now - and some people say you should always have three. Should I try introducing another one, or leave things as they are?
  11. Thanks for that - I wondered if they were missing something. I feel very protective of them, and I suppose I'm the biggest risk to them as I'm learning how to look after them. They've been feeding from my hand, and in the next couple of days I'll be doing the next challenge - picking them up. I've got a Go Up and a run, but it doesn't really seem big enough. I've ordered some fencing, which is arriving today. They're taking over the garden!
  12. ...and of course the 'laying' chicken was taking a dust bath!
  13. Thanks for all the interest and replies. They're Gold Star Rangers, and they're in a fancy Go Up. I'm hoping to let them free range sometimes, but I have veg growing in the garden, so that's a wait and see. I also want to be sure they feel safe enough with me to let me pick them up. They're called Mabel and Jemima, and Mabel has white feathers round her neck, so they're easy to tell apart. Everything seems okay, but I've got two questions if anyone can help. They seem to like pecking the outside of their feeder, and sometimes their ladder etc. Is this a problem? Mabel looked to me as if she was getting ready to lay today. They both spent some time in the coop, and then she dug herself a nest right by the door of the run and squirmed around in it for about ten minutes. Then she went back to doing her usual thing. Is that what you'd expect? Jemima later sat herself down on the ground, but without the squirms. No eggs though. I'm loving them, and my grandsons Will and Elliot are fascinated too. I've managed a tiny stroke, but they disappear quickly...
  14. Put a torch in the coop, and they tucked themselves in. Progress.
  15. Okay, they've arrived and they're settling in! It's been fun watching them slowly find their way around, and it took four hours for them to find the food - just as I was getting worried. I've looked at the posts about getting them upstairs - they haven't tried the stairs, and they do look slippery. Not looking forward to bedtime! But they're beautiful. I think I'm hooked.
  16. Thanks everyone! That's very reassuring, and I'm glad I can ask here for some advice.
  17. I'm picking up my first two chickens next weekend, and have the eglu all ready, but I'm feeling a bit nervous. Will I be able to look after them? Pick them up? Manage to do everything with a busy life?

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