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  1. I believe one of my hives has swarmed as all indications were there. Queen cell has now opened so hopefully have a new queen. Told one of my beekeepers from the association and he doesn't believe it was a swarm as too early!! However, others now have confirmed it was. Queen cell was in the super which is why I have missed it! Now paranoid about my other hive as that is expanding rapidly and has supers on. It certainly is a learning curve!
  2. Hi James Wong's place is also rented! He says he shares a house and his kitchen is nothing like the one on TV.
  3. sam42

    Bee Chat

    I have two hives, one small swarm that I helped collect and a large swarm that I picked up from someone in the association. The small swarm has been slowly building up but I have now found a sealed queen cell which freaked me out slightly. I have spoken to someone in the association and they believe it is a supersedure cell, so I will have to see what happens next. My larger swarm built up really quickly and last weekend I managed to extract 30lbs of honey even though I had only had the bees about six weeks. It was very exciting to have my own honey and it tastes delicious. Looking at them the other day, I think I am going to have to extract again this weekend unless weather turns and then they may last until next weekend as I have no more spare supers to put on. I have had a couple of stings which have been fine but the day after I extracted the honey, I got stung in the elbow and it blooming well hurt! It went like Olly's and got to about 8" in length and was very red and hot. Luckily it has now disappeared. I got stung again at the weekend, which I think was my fault as I believe I squashed a bee and that sting was fine. I am finding the whole thing so interesting and think the bees are amazing but sometimes when checking my bees on my own seems quite scary whereas when I am at a meeting I am really confident and nothing fazes me. I guess it's just an experience thing and I will get more confident as time goes on. It's really nice to have this thread where we are all beginners and can discuss our different experiences.
  4. sam42

    Bee Chat

    Hi I have recently bought the bees on a budget hive and it took a week to get here. It was well packed and came with clear instructions. The wood is cedar but is obviously seconds but still really good value for the money and bees seem to be ok in it. Sam x
  5. Hi Just to confirm the next dine in will be for Father's day weekend.
  6. Claret I believe the next Dine in Deal will be during the week ending 26th May and the following one will ne two weeks later. Sam x
  7. sam42

    Bee Chat

    I've ordered a jacket and veil from BBwear. I went to the Spring Convention and they had a lovely lilac suit on display so I have ordered a lilac jacket as I think this will be less obvious to neighbours. I have a hive that was a flat pack, which I have put together and coloured with cuprinol. We have cleared the area we want to put the hive in but need to put some fencing along the front to hide them from the neighbours and also to encourage them to fly straight up. I'm going to as many practical sessions as I can, to get some experience before I get some bees. The local association had a stand at a village show yesterday and it was amazing how much interest there was from the public, which can only be a good thing.
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7986901.stm
  9. sam42

    I have bees!!!!!!

    Thanks Olly. Really enjoyed it, also went today to the association apiary. First hive was fine but second one had loads of bees in which was a bit unnerving but learnt loads and realised I would be okay with the bees afterall. Felt more confident with the rest. So all systems go now. I will be going to the National Convention in a couple of weeks at Stoneleigh, so hope to pick up the remaining equipment I need there. Then I just need bees!
  10. sam42

    I have bees!!!!!!

    I've just finished the theory lessons on my course and have my first practical lesson tomorrow. Am really looking forward to it but quite scared too! As long as that goes well, I'm hoping to have bees this year.
  11. I will be keeping one of them but will need to find homes for the other two. Would love to keep them all but have three cats including Izzy so can just about get away with keeping one.
  12. Answer three! Izzy and her lovely children, just one hour old.
  13. I've just started an 8 week course in Northampton, which was £35. Went to the first class on saturday and there were nearly 40 in the class. I would like them in the garden but OH wary of stinging the neighbours but am thinking of using a screen to encourage them to fly upwards.
  14. Our young cat Izzy was missing last night. I didn't sleep worrying what had happened to her as she is normally in and sleeps under the bed. Got up this morming to go and have a good look, assuming the worst. Stepped outside the front door to hear a pathetic meow and see a neighbour pointing, only to find Izzy on top of a neighbour's roof. Tried to tempt her down with food, which didn't work. Had to rush off to a friend's to borrow their long ladder. However, we were still struggling to reach her. Phoned the fire brigade who advised they don't come out for this unless the RSPCA call them and confirm the cat is distressed or injured, so you have to try and get RSPCA first. Eventually we repositioned the ladder and OH managed to grab her and get her down. She has been very quiet all day and bless her she was desperate for a wee!
  15. OH just answered the door assuming it would be someone trying to sell something, to find Carol Singers!!!! Sent them away and told them to try again when it was actually close to Christmas.

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