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  1. Hi. Would appreciate any advice you can give. We got our bluebell at POL in October last year. In the last couple of weeks she’s lost lots of feathers around her vent and on her back and side of her neck. How do I know if she’s moulting or being pecked? I’ve not seen anything to suggest pecking but one of the birds is being quite feisty. Worried given how cold it is. Thanks in advance Sarah.
  2. I've got a go with a 3 m run. It's on paving flags and has easichick down. Have done for about 8 months. Swapped from gravel. I get 20kg for about £8 from local farm feed place. It's been brill. I put fresh in every 6-8 weeks. I do need to invest in some tarp for the sides for the winter. But other than that it's great. I rake it once a week and spray it with disinfectant but prob don't need to. I don't use a full bag.
  3. Thanks for coming back to me. We got her at POL in October. She was wormed with flubivent at easter. I've given her a "bath" to clean her bottom and noticed she's quite bald under there. Feel really bad that I've missed something.
  4. Hi Would really appreciate some advice. For a month or so our bluebell has been laying very fragile eggs sometimes open at the bottom. Now she has very messy stools and her bum is very messy Today I've noticed an unusual looking poo in the roost. Looks like it has blood in She's eating and drinking and active. Help Thanks
  5. I seriously thought I'd got over the broken sleep my my daughter's are a bit older. Hopefully it was just a one off.
  6. So I went out with my friends for a drinking session yesterday afternoon/evening Looking forward to a good nights sleep to sleep my hangover off. Only to be woken up at 5.30 am by one of the girls shouting at the top of her voice. Not been able to get back to sleep. If she was lying an egg it better be worth it. I'm not a total bad mother tho I did look out to make sure there were no predators. Hope this isn't going to be a daily alarm clock because we are surrounded by houses.
  7. I am already. It just looks so much better. And the chooks are having a great time scratching around in it too.
  8. Thanks. Do you poo pick too? Gawd knows how I will but if I have then I'll have to cobble a long reach poo picking tool together.
  9. Well my Monday has been spent re siting the run onto some paving and then I've put a full bag of easichick on the floor. A local farm supplier has it for £8.50 for 20kg so I want crazy and bought 3 bags. Just in case. So far so good. The girls love it but they've left their mark all over it already. That's gratitude. Thanks for all your replies/advice
  10. Thank you. Just paving slabs or anything on top too?
  11. I'm really struggling with a smelly run. I've got a 3m go run It's on the grass (it was grass) with shingle and a bit of sharp sand. Since they had to be kept in I've not been able to jet wash weekly as a did. Anyway it's all now built up. Have jet washed it a couple of times since ban lifted and have used the stalosan weekly throughout he ban but it's really pongy. Any suggestions please? I don't have loads of spare cash to chuck at it. I love having the girls but won't be able to continue if I can't get it under control because we have open linked gardens with my neighbours. Thanks.
  12. Couldn't sleep last night so thought I'd look for a chicken magazine subscription. Oh how my life has changed. Anyway. Found a subscription to your Chicken 5 issues for £5!! Bargain Found it on google. Here's the link although not sure if I am allowed to post links. If not let me know and I'll edit the post. https://www.subscriptionsave.co.uk/Magazines/Leisure-Magazines/Your-Chickens/6MMPP17A?gclid=CMeWkq7EjNICFcWVGwodZCsATg Happy reading
  13. Fantastic!!! It's so exciting. I've had 3 girls since October and love the days when we get 3 eggs a day. Makes me very proud and excited!! Love it when I can give a box of the spare eggs to the old people next door.
  14. Hi One of my hens is laying odd shaped eggs. The sides are flat so the egg isn't egg shape. Hard to describe. Is this anything to be concerned about? Thanks
  15. One of my chooks has started laying strange eggs. From google enquiries I think they are speckled with calcium. Should I be concerned? Are they ok to eat? Thank you in advance.

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