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  1. Whats white and climbs trees? ....Rupert the fridge!
  2. ...sorry the dramatic pause was a bit long there. I have just changed jobs so have moved back to the Banbury area (Bloxham to be precise). There is no good way of saying what job I am moving from so I'll just say Moypark (Europe's largest poultry supplier ) Thats the confession out of the way. Now we are back we have 4 new chooks (last 4 staying with my Dad and doesn't want to let them go). I will try and catch up on recent events here in the coming days and weeks.
  3. Just thought I would say hello after a 2 year abcense from the forum... if all goes well I will be able to update as to why later...
  4. Thought I'd log on and say Hi as it has been a long time.
  5. UkButton


    Its all in the name you see... I taught him all he knows!
  6. ...Well she has my hair at the moment
  7. I ...we ... 'The Mrs' was until Sept last year and we now have a 5 month old baby girl Amelia Niamh Button
  8. I got 23... I might fail the maths one!
  9. Most phones have MP3 players now as long as it has ability to take a memory stick of some description (SD/sony memory stick/XD) you'll be able to get more tunes on it i recentl;y bought 8GB for £20. Sony Ericsson's are generally considered good at any level.
  10. A fair point and one that I would take heed of.... Buuut! its the Gfs shout on this one (its just my money) I'm sure you get the picture.
  11. If you get into Banbury give us a wave
  12. Thought I would seek some advice on baby funiture. We are look at Kids Mill stuff and wondered if anyone had any experience with them or any similar they would reccomend. BTW do not buy anything from tutti bambini as the qulity is terrible and they do not refund... so we are now going into court proccedings to get our money back.
  13. Yep happens all the time. The eggs the flies carry hatch in the fly trap... better in the trap than in your garden though.
  14. ... hmmm our local B&Q do sell strimmer line I just rewind it onto the old spool.
  15. In the 'All Things Nice' section of the forum there are a huge number of cooking tips and recipes obviously allot of them are egg based. Omlet could put these into a book to publish and credit the contibutor on the book (even a little pic of the person / chickens). I am sure that this would sell. Ongoing it may inspire more people to contribute and drive more books... I'd buy it!
  16. I'm right on the blavk line of of the second zone... Any do's don'ts or must haves?
  17. Sorry about this, I've been away on hols and come back to this bird flu thing. Are there any do's /don'ts I should be aware of. All of mine look healthy at present. I have removed the bird feeder for now.
  18. Use Copper slip (copper grease) on the screws as it resists rust better than normal grease and oil.
  19. Sarah.x If you'd met D, you'd find that very funny... Sorry, but I just can't see that great big chap carrying a baby wearing a suit with ears on. That really has cheered me up now... thanks! Sounds like I may have to get intouch with my 'cute' side as I have been put in charge of gadgets and removed from clothes ...OH NO I don't have to wear matching do I? as for make and model its going to be a surprise.
  20. Wow what a response. Thankyou very much. 1st thing then how do you stop people buying baby clothes with ears on?
  21. Well it appears i'm going to be a dad! ...Scared Shocked and happy were the general feelings. I may be on here to ask about things other than chickens and water butts.
  22. One of the delegates on our course today came in this morning up in arms about this! We let her down gently... Oh for the days of the school yard again

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