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  1. Aylesbury Duck

    Many thanks for the response! I'll try getting some Mixed Grit With Oystershell (I'm assuming that's all one product) and adding that to her diet - she's pretty good at letting me know her thoughts! I've never wormed her >> I'm embarrassed to say it never occurred to me! How would one go about getting a faecal worm egg count done? Just gathering up a clump of faeces and taking it to a vet? Though I've not kept a record of dates etc. I'd say she has a moult at least twice a year >> is something amiss with that? When I'm hosing off her bowls in the morning, she'll come running up to me and wait for a shower (whereas when she's moulting she won't). One other thing is that she can be a little bare on her backside >> is that normal? Aylesburys are quite low to the ground, so I assumed this was just basic wear. Many thanks for your help!
  2. Aylesbury Duck

    My beloved Aylesbury duck is around 8 years old >> she's always been a prolific layer, producing around 100 eggs each cycle. However, the last cycle she laid just two before stopping (around last spring) and she hasn't laid since. Has she simply reached the end of her egg-laying years or is there some deficiency in her diet? I feed her a mixture of layers pellets, corn and porridge. As an aside, she goes nuts for snail shells >> is there some alternative supplement I can give her when shells are in short supply? I always assumed this was connected to the egg laying (shell formation etc.) but perhaps it's something else. One other question: how many times a year should she be shedding her feathers? Many thanks in advance for any advice!