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  1. I bought some Ukadex,it worked for a few days,then I had to spray twice a day .I have never smelt anything so vile,had to shower and wash my hair after each spraying. A kind member from here sent me some bumper bits and its worked. One of mine was moulting and one of the others was pecking her so badly,she had open wounds,woudlnt come out of the hen house ,wasnt eating. I had also used Purple Spray which lasted a few hours as it covered up the blood and wounds. I honestly wish i had used the bits weeks ago for the sanityof my picked on hen and the added stress that I have gone through also.
  2. I have 3 Bluebelles,unfortunately had one put to sleep a fortnight ago due to a prolapse. Two are very friendly but one is a nervous wreck.She is the biggest and is called Big Bertha! I am sure they are a cross with a Maran and a RIR and are french. Mine have different shades of blue/silver/grey/lilac ,they are beautiful.
  3. That is a lot. A friend of mine is a vet who knows a lot about poultry and he said one spray under each wing and around the vent.It can be fatal if over used and there is a 2 week egg withdrawal period. That dosage is for a hybrid the size of a Bluebelle.
  4. Thanks very much.Is this a normal thing to happen? Suzanne
  5. Would be interested in any replies too as one of mine has alot of feather loss and has been pecked this afternoon enough to make it bleed. Have separated her but she is pecking herself now. Mine are 18 months and precume its her first moult but have found red mite in the coop today and have treated it with Poultry Shield.Had let it lapse and am so cross with myself. Sorry to hijack your thread,hope yours have improved now. Suzanne
  6. One of my Bluebelles is having her first moult.She is about 18 months old.Well I presume it is a moult,she has no feathers on a large circle on her back,her chest and around her vent.I have cleaned out the chicken coop today and found red mite so have soaked it in Poultry Shield.Last did this 6 weeks ago and feel so cross that I had let it slip. Anyway,the other 3 girls have been pecking her where her new growth is coming through and she is bleeding.I have separated her but she is now pecking herself Is there anything I can put on it to stop her and the others pecking the wound? Many thanks, Suzanne
  7. Thankyou for all your replies,will give them some tomorrow.
  8. Ok will do,wasnt sure which one to post in!
  9. I have some carrot tops and am sure I have read hens can have them.I know they shouldn't have long grass because of risk of impacted crop,but wanted reassurance on the carrot tops. Mine are in a large run so dont have access to grass,although occasionally I pick a small amount for them which they love. Suzi
  10. I live in Cosby and never knew that place was there,I spent a while when looking for my hens in july! Worth knowing as its just 2 mins down the road.Do they sell other things aswell ie.poultry shield,diatom,poultry spice etc? Suzi
  11. Literally the tip of a knife in a quarter of a grape for an average size hen.Thats what I was told and it does the trick!
  12. I am sure its given as a calcium supplement.

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