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  1. We had nettle risotto tonight. Can't get much more frugal than that. Blanch young nettles in boiling water for 30 seconds then puree and add to the risotto when it is half cooked. It makes it a vibrant green risotto. And it is very satisfying to get rid of them (although we have got too many to eat). Milly
  2. Try the Lemon Bars - they don't look very exciting but they are really yummy! Milly
  3. The Hummingbird Bakery cook book has a recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes, using 40 ml of red colouring. I bought the colouring then chickened out for ages as it was most of the bottle and I was a bit concerned about using so much colouring. In the end I thought I would try it. As you also use cocoa powder it doesn't come out bright red, more a rich dark red. I think I would say it was ok, but I haven't felt an urge to make it again. I prefer natural colours, I think! Milly
  4. This has been a useful thread - I sometimes serve Quorn when we have a vegetarian to dinner and I never knew that it can cause a bad reaction in some people! I will check now before it serve it to someone new. I have never tasted it on its own but it's really good in a curry. Milly
  5. We got the Philips one a couple of years ago after someone at work recommended it. The best thing about it in the winter is that your eyes have time to adjust to the light gradually, rather than having a painful moment when you turn the light on when the alarm goes off . Milly
  6. I haven't tried it, but there is a recipe in Delia's How to Cook for Giardiniere Pickles/Italian Gardener's Pickles. They look very nice, layered in a jar. Actually, it's on her website too, I just looked. (Which is handy, as it would have been a long list of ingredients to type out!) Giardiniere Pickles Milly
  7. Yes. I thought it looked like quite a slobbery animal and I couldn't believe he scooped up the food! Did I spy an egg skelter when he was making the pear cake? OOPs - I just noticed the egg skelter has its own thread! Milly
  8. Purple sprouting broccoli that I sowed in the spring and which is now as tall as me. And some leeks which haven't grown very much but will be ok to eat anyway. And I have some lettuce seeds on the window sill - they are a variety which is supposed to grow in a greenhouse or anywhere covered in the winter. Given the rate they are growing on a warm and sunny(ish) windowsill I reckon I may not be eating them next summer Milly
  9. What's a wood grenade? We have a poker, thermometer and an axe for splitting wood. The ash is usually cold when we empty it out, so we just put it in a bag and take it out. With evening use (we are at work during the day) it only needs emptying once a week as the wood burns away to very little. Milly
  10. We got ours at a reasonable price (including delivery, which is good as they are rather large) from our water supplier - Severn Trent in our case. It might be worth checking if your supplier has a similar offer. And get the biggest you can - they can run out quickly in a dry spell. Milly
  11. Our woodburner probably wouldn't be allowed in a smoke control area, but is otherwise very good and burns much more efficiently than an open fire. Every so often I covet one of these stoves, which are clean burn Clearview Milly
  12. My leeks are poor but then they only cost £1 for a whole pot of seedlings because they were a bit past the planting date. They started off reasonably well but some of the leaves look like they have been chewed by something ie a bit stringy. But we haven't had any rain for weeks and I don't suppose that has helped. I'm just leaving them in and will see what happens. Milly
  13. In theory they flower all winter. In practice, they flower a bit but usually get set back by frost and bad weather and then recover in spring. It depends what kind of winter we are going to get. I think that the sooner you get them out and flowering the better. But others may have better advice! Milly
  14. I got my first ever greenhouse last autumn and have been pleased with it so far. It is a Keder - as Lesley says, they are a bit pricy but seem to be really solid and should last well. I found it very useful for seedlings, as we don't have much window sill space in the house, so I could start growing things more easily. One lesson learned was that I planted too many tomatoes, which meant the things I put under them were too much in the shade in our very dull summer. The best thing has been to have somewhere to pot things up rather than squatting on the ground like I used to do - luxury!
  15. I would have thought the price would make people think twice after the "ooh, chickens" bit. It's not really the thing for an impulse buy (unless you have an awful lot of money!) Milly

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