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  1. Thanks for that, been reading up on it and hoping speckles won't mind being put in eglu tonight when it's dark, then husband can let just her out at Dawn as he goes to work at 4.30, then I'll do an early morning trip to homebase for net or more bamboo and construct a secure barrier before work! Only prob I can foresee is speckles may want to lay but hoping a makeshift nest of straw in a small box will do, as that will be easier than swapping their ends of the run... It's so stressful!!! Thanks for advice on netting though, thinks that'll be easier to tie up than bamboo
  2. We lost our hen at the beginning of the week, so bought a new point of lay to keep old Speckles company as she was crowing and searching for her friend all day long. She herself had been bullied at my mum's house, so we took her when our other hen died, and she was forced to stay in the house for about 3 days, then wasn't allowed to eat but after a week or so (with seperate food and water in the eglu for her) they were fine together and best friends. However our new little hen is having it bad - I tried the bamboo canes as suggested on here but somehow Speckles barged her way through them, managing to squeeze through 2 to attack. We then kicked speckles into the garden, so she free-ranged and pretty much ignored the new one all day, while the new girl had the eglu and run to herself. We thought now it's dusk to put them both together as we are out at work all day during the day so wanted to see how things went, and it seemed fine at first, the odd warning peck, but not too bad, until we went inside and Speckles kept attacking the new girl. the new girl wont go in the eglu or sit quietly, I think she's panicking and is running and pacing around the run, which I'm guessing annoys Speckles who goes and rips another feather out as soon as we leave them. We've put the new one in the eglu and shut the door so will wait until it's darker to let the other in and hope for the best. I'm a bit worried about tomorrow thouhg, should we just leave them to it? the place we bought them from said it was horrible to watch but they would settle eventually and just to leave them to it... I'm not confident to leave Speckles out all day free ranging, we've never had foxes but we dont let them out unless we're home... any suggestions welcome, we dont have another run or anything, I don't get how the hen got throguh the bamboos, we had them spaced 2 wires apart...maybe we need to tie them on...
  3. she's a bit bald at the back anyway and we did do a trim the first time we bathed her - she's not had a moult since so I think she'll stay bald and trimmed till she does - I wasn't sure how far down to cut the feathers so didn't risk doing them too short, but I think even if there was a little bit left it all just sticks and piles up - it does look worse than it is I think, just don't want her being uncomfortable, it cant be pleasant! will give all the suggestions a go, sweetcorn laced with flubenvet went down very well last night
  4. oh that's good to know they sometimes do collapse - it was horrible, we have washed her once before but it was when she was more agile and I think she gave my husband a good peck as she struggled and she managed to flap out of his grasp - this time he had been instructed to hold gently but firmly as we've noticed her balance isn't great when she gets scared she often runs off funny, and I didn't want her to panic and hurt herself, but she wouldn't even straighten her legs and we just had to lay her on her side, but if it's definitely what they do after bathing then we'll give it another go. we just had a watering can of warm water and a sponge and poured it over the matted feathers as quickly but gently as poss! will give the bokashi bran a go first, an have some poultry spice, maybe I'll add that to their food too, I think that's nutrients to perk them up then if there's no change try all the other bits and pieces, costs all add up, the number of supplements I have for these hens fills a whole box, they're very spoilt! thanks for the advice
  5. Thanks so much for quick replies and I have flubenvet but didn't think they got much wen it's in with their feed- will def try lacing sweetcorn with it though as they both love it, I'll do some this eveningfor them and order the bokashi bran and hopefully ourold hen can live her days out more happily, really don't want her to suffer . Thanks again for advice fingers crossed it sorts her out!
  6. Hi, I have an old hen, her sister died last Christmas, so she's outlived her by some months, but I want to try to make her as comfortable as possible now she's ancient. The problem is she's got a very pooy bum - I looked this up online and there were suggestions such as worm the hens (flubenvet was so powdery I wasn't sure if they were eating it, but I have just dosed them for 3 days with verm-X so they should be worm free), and treat for mites/lice so I have been dusting them with the powder as they run out the eglu in the morning and trying to put it in their dust baths. It was also suggested to gently wash the poop off with warm running water, which we'd done once before a month or so ago and she's all bald at the back, and the poop was just sticking to the few remaining feathers. In this heat we didn't want flies laying eggs in it all or something awful like that and don't want her being uncomfortable, so yesterday gave her a wash again but she went into shock I think - my husband gently held her and we didn't lift her more than about 3 inches off the grass as she's not so steady on her feet anymore and we didn't want her to struggle and get dropped, but when we'd finished she wouldn't stand up and had just frozen - it broke my heart and we laid her gently on the grass and sprinkled some corn in front of her and gave her some cold water and after 5 or 10 minutes she got herself back up again. I'm just really worried about what to do, we dont want to wash her again if it's going to cause her that much distress, we honestly thought she wasn't going to get back up and that the shock had killed her, but in this heat it must be horrible for her having such a dirty bottom - her poops are runny and just pile up Any advice would be very much appreciated we don't want her to suffer but also dont want to cause her harm. apart from being pooy and a bit unsteady on her feet, I'm guessing cos she's old, she seems fine in herself, eating and drinking all the time, we have another much younger hen who is also fine, laid an egg each day up until the beginning of this hot weather, so hoping she'll start back up again when it cools down!
  7. well I've not been able to move the eglu over to mums yet, as the mesh is all dug into the frozen ground and I can't get it out! But Nugget seems really lonely and spends the days pacing looking for buttercup, so my mum brought one of her hens over last night to keep Nugget company as she's the loner of my mum's flock and she thought she might be happier without 5 other hens ganging up on her. I was a bit worried about this, as now we know a fox knows about our hens, I don't feel I can let them free-range while I'm not here during the day, but I'm quite worried about them being confined to the run all day! I put them in together last night in the eglu and it was dark so I don't think they knew what was happening, all was silent, I let them out first thing and Nugget raced out, little Plucky eventually came out, only to be pecked and she ran back inside. I decided to put a bit of corn in the eglu for Plucky as she just stood there watching Nugget from the door of the run, and then Nugget went in to help her eat it, and there was no pecking or squwarking when they were in the eglu together. So Nugget is now pacing the run and crowing while Plucky stays in the eglu out of her way - do you think it might be worth using bamboo to seperate them so plucky can come out during the day? or should I just leave them to it and hope she comes out eventually...
  8. Thanks everyone, yes after seeing her this morning looking quite lost on her own I'm borrowing a large car in a couple of days and carted her complete with eglu and run over to my mum's! She has 5 so I was hoping that if Nugget is in her own run and can see the others around her, then after they've got used to her she can free range with the rest of them. Will miss having them in the garden, but I wanted to get a couple of ex-battery hens and so need to wait for them, and don't want nugget on her own for over a month probably. I have the standard run...would 3 ex-batts be ok in that? I let them free range morning and evening and all weekend...
  9. We have 2 old hens who haven't laid for at least a year so we didn't expect them to last even this long, but one died late yesterday/last night, so I think it must be a combination of old age and cold - I only checked on them in the morning when I poured hot water into their water to melt the ice, and give them some corn and they seemed fine, but when I went to do the same this morning discovered Buttercup at the edge of the run - it looked as if a fox had tried to get her from the run but failed thank goodness, the cover was ripped to shreds and feather had been pulled through the bars but she remained inside which is something, and meant Nugget was ok, but now I really am not sure what to do. They always went around as a pair, and Nugget just sat on the doorstep all day not really knowing what to do today - she's put herself to bed and I've shut the door tonight due to the cold and now a fox knows about her I'm sure it'll be back at night, but do you think she'll be ok on her own? Don't think we're ready to get new hens yet, and ideally only want 2 at a time, but if we get 1 other its likely little Nugget wont last much longer, then we only have 1 again...other option is to cart the whole eglu over to my mum's garden where they have 6 hens, so I was thinking she might be happier in her run at least able to see other hens... would be grateful for advice...
  10. I was going to post on something similar - one of our hens had a lot of dried poop on the feathers around her bottom a week or two ago, so my OH gave her a wash, but a lot of feather were so matted they came out in his hands. She seemed fine, but today we noticed she was a mess again, looks like a running poop that's just stuck to all the feathers, so we cleaned her again and she's all bald down there - the skin doesn't look at all sore or dirty, there's just a big bald patch that we don't notice normally as all the fluffy feahters around it cover it up. We're cleaned her up the best we could but the long feathers were filthy, might have to have another go later once she's dried out and then we'll be able to see what's what, but does anyone know what we can do about this? No sign of mites etc, I'll worm them both again but the other hen seems absolutely fine, never had a messy bum! Any help much appreciated!
  11. My two hens laid almost everyday up until about 3-4 months ago - we thought maybe they'd slowed down over winter at first, then thoguht it might be worms so gave them the worm powder, but have noticed that they're actually eating the eggs as soon as they're laid... What can we do?! I think it started as one always was prone to laying soft shelled eggs which sometimes broke when the other hen went to lay and trampled on them, but now we just get a remnant of yolk in the nest box each day as they're eating the whole thing, inside and shell I tried putting curry powder inside 2 halves of a couple of broken eggs and put them back together in the nest box, only to find that those also got eaten so am pretty unsure of how to get them to stop. any advice would be really appreciated, had to resort to buying shop eggs the other day which were horrible and pale and small compared to the lovely home laid eggs we're used to!
  12. Probably a stupid question but our chickens are losing A LOT of feathers, and I just assumed this was their 1st moult (we got them 1 year ago at POL age) but I thought I had better check as I didn't want to just leave them to it if there was something else causing the feather loss! There's definitely no pecking, and it's big tail/wing feathers as well as loads of fluffy ones so seems to be all over loss as there's not any particularly bald patches. Also we have gone from having 4-6 eggs per week off each of the 2 hens to about 2 eggs per week in total!! They seem exactly as normal in their eating and drinking, and still fight to get out of the run and rush into the house at the first oppurtunity so don't seem ill, but is decreased egg laying characteristic of moulting?? One seems to of given up completely on egg laying!! And if this is them moulting, how long does it last (garden seems to be awash with feathers!!)?
  13. We fill ours to about the 4th ridge up with warm water and have to swirl it everyday at the beginning as the powder seems to settle - as soon as there's a few flies in it though they all go crazy for it, the sunny weather we had a couple of weeks ago resulted in it going from empty to half full with flies in about 4 days!! Also we cleaned ours out once last year and it was such a horrible experience we just buy the empty containers now and chuck the whole thing away!
  14. Thanks so much for all the replies, I'm going to buy a clip-on bowl for the grit and oyster shell later as they kick it over when I put a bowl on the run floor! They still come running for treats the second the back door opens so until that stops I will assume they're healthy and just going through a funny faze!!
  15. Brilliant, thanks for that, I'll buy some today - willing to try everything and anything as it's so sudden and unlike them, they've laid almost every day since they started laying and then all of a sudden it's all gone pear shaped! Thanks for the quick reply!

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