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  1. yeh i wouldnt be surpirsed if this is true. it happend to my friends cockeral aswell. a fox got into his seperation pen where he had a cock and 3 hens. he found them one morning, the hens were fine, but the cock and the fox were lying dead in the run, the fox had a hole in the side of its neck probably caused by the cockerals tallons. all i could think was (what a great cockeral)
  2. yeh id say that they will be alright as there is equal numbers and if you do it slowley. how old are they do you know because if they are older they are much more likley to stand up for themselves
  3. Heres some pics of my now half a year old home built run! just never got round to adding the pics earlier
  4. either put it under something, get a roof for your run or you can buy some feeders that come with rain covers sam
  5. yes i used a pressure washer to cleam mine and looked good as new, dont forget to put the bung in when you undo the lid though or you will find your self standing in a puddle as it works through the vacum when the lid is closed
  6. i got it from the website flyte so fancy for £19.99
  7. here are my two new girls who have settled in like they have been here for years within a day. i think mine are a bit shocked as when i put them in as soon as i got home from my friends farm in wales where i got them just to see how they would get on they instantly took over and faught off all 6 of my girls attacks and are now at the top of the pecking order. i think im as surprised as my girls and over the last two days there have been absouloutley no fights at all. so im father cuffed! in the background is my new drinker which i think is one of the best things i have ever bought for my h
  8. yeh its probably along the line of a reverse sussex, pied suffork or silver sussex but the question is whitch one? lovely girl though!
  9. so are mine it is probably because they are moulting all of mine are at the moment ceep giving then extra vitaminse ( life guard tonic, poultry spice) to help them get back in shape and hopefully in a few weeks they will be back to normal Sam
  10. or as growers are quite expensive near us you could just feed her on mixed corn that will be sufficent to keep her happy and healthy.
  11. i think if you want and easy alternative you could just feed her 50% mixed corn and 50% growers pellets mixed together in her feeder and then any other s"Ooops, word censored!"s from the kitchen. the growers will keep her big and strong and the mixed corn is really to balance it out a bit. this should bring down her egg production. hope this helps sam
  12. ive just recently hatched chicks on a farm they were hatched under a broody and there mother must have thought they would be alright when she left them at 5 weeks and they are 8 weeks now and growing really well. so i would say they will be ok outside as long as they have a nice werm hut to go into at night
  13. as he is only 12 weeks old and probably not mature yet i think that you can just chuck him straight in

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