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  1. Oh ignore me, I read your post wrong re stunning! Wonder how hard it is to get licensed..
  2. Informative post thanks Cranberry (have been looking into it more seriously since this thread started). Can I ask though about the bit where you said it is illegal to kill a turkey without stunning? Can you point me in the direction of the legislation? Not nit picking I am just eager to learn ,it is just when I was looking for clarification about on-farm chicken slaughter when we did our meat birds it referred to all as 'poultry' which turkeys come under surely? In which case neck dislocation and decapitation on farm are totally legal? My partner knows a turkey farmer nearby who would stun and slaughter for us to start so it isn't an issue this yr but I have heard all sorts of things from different people and I hate not having the facts. This was from Organicfarmers.org Licensing: The Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995, as amended, state that it is an absolute offence to cause or permit an animal avoidable excitement, pain or suffering. There are specific rules on handling, stunning, slaughter or killing of birds and anyone carrying out any of these tasks must have the knowledge and skill to do the job humanely and efficiently. These regulations require the slaughter person to be licensed by Defra but there are exemptions. **Licensing is not required where the killing is done by neck dislocation or decapitation on the farm where the bird was reared. However if electrical stunning is involved, the slaughter person must be licensed.**
  3. When I hatched runners this year I thought the same, they are huge! -but amazingly one of mine hatched and went head first into its brother's shell and got stuck. Very comical!
  4. I'm thinking about this again, have been wanting to for a few years but always stumbled at the practicalities of it. I've been offered to keep them in an Orchard this yr on the boyfriend's farm so seriously considering it, but I think I would like to try hatching myself even though I know they are a bit difficult- for me there is a big satisfaction from seeing it all the way through. Figured if I timed it right I could always buy in poults if it failed.
  5. oooo,this time last yr I was on here allll the time. I'm due this time next week First and probably only hatch this year (yeah ok....we'll see!). but it is doubly exciting because I have 4 fawn and white runner ducks cooking away, along with 4 of my CL X Cuckoo Maran that I decided to risk trying to incubate at the same time. Still a bit worried, the ducks just worry me anyway because humidity by all accounts is meant to be so high - I am trying to keep a balance to suit them both and hopefully I will have a successful dual hatch Although-I rehomed some Pekins yesterday and when I went to collect them one had just gone broody. She seems to have given up on that idea due to the move though, but I am kind of hoping she starts sitting again so I have the option of hatching them under her?? As much as I want to keep them in the incy to watch now we have got this far, if I could alleviate brooding ducklings in the house again.....hmmmmmmm.
  6. So getting this next time! For the last week I have been mixing 5kg every morning and lugging it up the garden before the school run, getting a face full of flube powder as I poured it in the feeders -never sure if 6g is actually 6g (and unless I buy laboratory scales I can't see a way round that).I don't do the oil thing because it tends to clump. I know it isn't *hard* to use the powder, I mean I do it, but sometimes convenience and peace of mind..... (plus mine couldn't care less if you change their food).
  7. Are they blue eggs? It might just be you aren't getting through the shell (are you seeing the yolk clearly or is it just the hint of the shape?). I bought a high lume candler last year and I found the hardest to candle was a araucana-never saw any veining in it at all and only went by airsac- CL's were only marginally better yet marans were easier (not what I expected). Best way to tell if you can see the yolk is if it moves freely in the egg when you tip it-if so then they are duds -also the air sac should be a bit bigger by now. I would be hestitant if you haven't used a decent candler yet- nowt worse than ditching an egg you though was dud.........
  8. If I do CL's again I will be culling at hatch, not nice no, but easier than waiting until they get inbetweeny stage that I am not confident to dispatch. I have raised a couple of boys so far and they have nothing on them at all meatwise. Last yr I also hatched cuckoo marans and have eaten 2 of the boys so far (they are sooo big the legs wouldn't fit in my stew pot!). I would have liked to have grown them on longer but they both suddenly got very aggressive. The third boy, Boris, is enormous and was kept as the layers man, but his days may be numbered. Turns out his 'nice' personality was actually slower development, even though he had been treading and doodling a while, he has suddenly started attacking the kids. He is great with me, and I love his presence in the garden as he runs to the gate when he hears people coming -he flies out the pen when he feels like it (yesterday he chased some JW's I was too polite to not get into a conversation with!) . I don't know if they are normally so aggressive, and as I said, it is only around little people it seems but all 3 did it, but I am very cautious now as his brother got my dd's face, right by her eye. Hopefully a good wing clipping will save him this yr, I would love to cross him with one of my blueys when /if they come back into lay. I did some other sexlinked ones, welsummer x something on ebay - only boys hatched but they are big dopey softies that grew quickly and were easy to sex. I think they came up searching for sex-linked hatching eggs.
  9. I wonder how they priced that up? Probably assuming you would buy a massive bottle of expensive brandy I've just made 2 of these and I haven't spent that for sure!
  10. You won't make them bleed, you are only cutting feathers. I have a Cream Legbar that roosts in the cherry tree every night- she has clipped wings too! I also have an Indian Game cockerel that keeps insisting on roosting right at the top with the wood pigeons (about 25ft up)
  11. I have one at the moment I do wish she would snap out of it-out of all the chooks I have, a when the days got shorter and the temp dropped, was the last thing I expected! None of my others have shown any inclination what-so-ever before and I don't think you can make them sit? Belle is perfectly happy to sit on nothing, but she does poach the others eggs if they lay before I have turfed her out
  12. One of my warrens has just gone broody-none of the others I have ever owned have! Funny she should choose the week we have had thick frost every morning-I reckon she is pretending so she can stay in the warm nestbox!
  13. They are cuckoo marans out of dark, dark eggs- plus these aren't pullet sized eggs??? Neither look ready either...I guess I shall have to see if it happens tomorrow
  14. The last 2 days I have had 3 brown eggs in the cube and I am puzzled. Living in there are 2 (who were the only ones laying) an Araucana, cream legbar, 2 cuckoo marans. The latter are not laying yet and the colour isn't right for any of them anyway! Yesterday I doubted myself, but today there was def 2 laid today. They are full size, proper shells, same colour so it must be a ??? Is this actually possible?
  15. I made a version of hedgerow jelly a couple of days ago - it is meant to be 1lb each of crabs, blackberries,elderberries and 8oz sloes - but my blackberries went manky before i did it and I couldn't be bothered to go looking for sloes so used just over a lb of crabs, elderberries and as many rosehips as I could find in the garden and it is fantastic! It tastes really fruity/jammy but will be fab on cold meats too. I am so sold on using crabapples to set stuff, it was the easiest thing I have ever made in that respect!

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