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  1. The hammie is so cute!!! My kids would all love him!
  2. Beautiful Cat Tails! I have a crochet poodle that someone made my mom in the early 1950's! I hope that yours will be as loved!
  3. This area is so dead I forgot to check on it! My girls have been happily in their cube and walk in run since this summer. I'm trying to figure out the water situation with winter right now. It has been crazy warm with just a couple flurries in passing storms. I have 3 of my babies laying now. The rest are taking much longer to mature then I thought that they would. My Barred Rocks are great layers! I have an egg skelter on my counter and we feel quite official in chicken raising! The cube withstood 65 MPH wind gusts on Monday. My girls stayed in the cube for safety!
  4. Thanks so much! I've got more wigs to put together. We've been watching princess movies this week!!! The Principal of the high school (she was in charge of the wig project) puts together a tree for auction every year in honor of her mother. The proceeds go to the children's hospital. It is a massive event with hundreds of trees on display. They have had a bank funding their tree until this year. Something happened and they didn't budget for the tree. So everyone she knows is scrambling to come up with hand made donations for ornaments. She really wanted homemade baby booties. The na
  5. Sounds like you might finish it for this winter!
  6. The huge wig project is over! We got 98 wigs made in the end! This week they posted a pattern for Belle. I knew that I had to make one up immediately! I made up a Tiana too. She is my twins favorite! This little girl is the dd of my teens math teacher. She has a childhood cancer. She came and got to pick out the wig that she wanted. She chose the Belle! After she put it on and posed for herself in the mirror and gave it a twirl, she started to sing the Beauty and the Beast song! All the high school students around her started to sing along with her! The teen
  7. Love the baby things! Babies are such a nice way to start people!
  8. My newbie guess is your striped chickens are probably Barred Rocks. Very common chickens. I have 2 and they are quite friendly and the one is my first layer. She makes a pretty, medium colored brown egg. She has laid 7 eggs in 8 days, so a good layer! The other striped chickens that I have heard of are a Dominique. I have never seen one. Everyone around me has Barred Rocks as they are hearty, good with kids and good layers.
  9. Beautiful quilts and blocks! I adore quilts, but rarely take the time to do them now.
  10. Thanks everyone! It's been an exhausting, but really fun project! It is my twins birthday today. Their favorite colors are red and pink, so I went with a Strawberry shortcake theme. I made these outfits yesterday. They both have striped leggings, but we were lucky to get her in the dress (she wanted to party in her jammies!) The strawberry is in glitter heat transfer vinyl. Super sparkly! For some reason it is cropping out the other birthday girl on the right. Not sure if it's just on my phone. They each got a little strawberry shortcake trifle and I made a big o
  11. RR is amazing for humans and I know people who use it for dogs who are scared of storms. You would only need a few drops in the waterer. For an adult human a couple of drops in water is all you need. It is amazing stuff! It will instantly calm down your body that is stressed, but leaves your mind clear.
  12. I haven't eaten any yet! I'm collecting them! I have 5 so far. Only 3 more and we can all have one!!!! I have 7 chickens, but only one is laying so far. We got them as day old chicks. I'll have light brown to super dark brown as well as eggs from two Easter eggers. We are hoping for blue eggs!!!! Or green! My easter eggers don't look ready at all to lay. Their comb is still light pink.
  13. Welcome! This is my first Fall with chickens. Still learning the ropes. One of mine just started to lay eggs! I'm hopeful to get eggs through the winter.
  14. I think the picture is stretched funny. I can't wear woman's premade gloves. My hands are narrowish, but long. Piano fingers. In comparison to my xl store bought eggs, they are small. I didn't get any today. Hopefully tomorrow. We think its my favorite chicken Roxanne, who is a Barred Rock. She thinks she's a lap chicken! My son caught her in the nesting box when he checked for eggs. When she came out, he ran back and there was a warm egg waiting for us! I'm too excited to eat them and can't decide who should get them, so we are saving them in the egg skelter for now.

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