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  1. Hello, I have an Eglu Go for my two mini lops. They have been really happy in it, but just this last week a fox has been paying them nightly visits. The second time he made quite a racket and woke me, so I was able to chase him off. My buns are thankfully fine, and the Go has not sustained any damage. He did manage to (somehow) snag their plastic tunnel and I found a lot of it chewed in pieces around my garden. And he destroyed their water bottle (I have a back up on the run). I've discovered the fox has been jumping onto the top of the run and has clawed/bitten the cover - so minor, replaceable damage only. No digging or scratching. I've read that once a fox finds you have rabbits he will be back every night until he finds a way to get them I'm now bringing my buns in at night! I will put them out only for the day time and I'm going to buy extra clips to strengthen the run as I feel he is testing it for weakness. Has anyone else had a fox attack their Eglu? Any suggestions re deterrent or how I can fox-proof my set up? I can't make them permanent house bunnies as we also have 2 elderly cats and one of them is quite put out by the bunnies and likes to spray!!!

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