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  1. We had a really large egg today, I suspect it's another double yolker from our blue bell too!
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post here so nice to meet you all! Am looking forward to the chat! Basically I was wondering if anyone could advise me 're a really odd textured egg one of my hens is laying?! We got two POL birds (a red rock and a bluebell) 3/4 weeks ago and after about a week they started laying which was fab! One of the main reasons we got them was that we eat a lot of poached eggs. Well one of them (the red rock) is laying the most horribly textured eggs, the white is almost gritty and more like the texture a fully cooked yolk would be - I just cannot eat them. So I was wondering has anyone experienced this? Is she lacking in something which is causing this or will it pass or is it just the way she is? Thank you!

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