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  1. Motion dizziness after being in a boat

    As a sailor I can tell you what you are feeling is perfectly normal. It always takes me a few days to get my sea legs under me. It's like even when you are standing still everything seems to be moving, even ever so slightly, around you. Many people have said they have success with using just one ear plug, it can help even out the inner ear pressure which help reduce the dizziness and nausea associated with motion sickness. I've never tried it, but I have used the wrist bands on a cruise and those worked for me.
  2. Congratulations on your purchase, I'm sure you will love it. One of the reasons I bought the Cube last spring was because Omlet said there would be an automatic opener for it coming soon. Unfortunately it has yet to materialize. I live in north central Iowa and I have felt my girls were very secure, although I didn't use it this winter. I moved them into a more traditional coop and I'm glad I did, our weather was miserable! The traditional coop is attached to an Omlet run using a run extension from my Go Up and I really like the way this works. This summer I will use the Go Up for a single 5-yr. old Americauna I have been unable to integrate into my flock of yearling hens. Hoping they will get used to her by keeping them in close proximity to each other over the summer. Time will tell.
  3. Any US members?

    Sorry, LAB, I dropped the ball on this thread! Early July I saw an ad on Craig's List for an Eglu Go Up with 4 hens. The owner had only had it for 3 months and they were moving to another suburb on Minneapolis that didn't allow chickens. So, now I have another BR, a BO and a Production Red. The 4th hen turned out to be a gorgeous Easter Egger rooster. I'd never planned on a rooster so he is re-homed with my vet. He was a keeper if I had wanted a rooster. Very protective of the girls. I'm not sure I have fully thought winter through, though. I just purchased a walk-in run (my DH just built a wood-fired oven and is absolutely averse to building anything else right now) that we will use for fall and winter. Hawks have started migrating through and I can no longer let them free range. Did you get your Cube?
  4. Nesting box modifications in Eglu Go Up

    My vision of your hen trying to make herself comfortable on the plant pot made me laugh out loud. That's a great idea! Last night I put one of those excelsior nesting pads with a couple of fake eggs in it hoping to deter them from sleeping there (and to offer a little encouragement ), but I like your idea of the nesting box better (or the planter until the time comes). I'm probably overthinking this...I'm known for that. Thanks for the suggestion! Now, on to figuring out how to do a signature. Pat
  5. Hi, I have a Cube and I like the separate nesting box (or at least I will when my pullets start laying). I had the opportunity to get an Eglu Go Up last weekend with 4 chickens closer to laying age then my own. At least she thought it was four hens but one of them turns out to be a cockerel! I'm wondering if anyone has done anything to make the nest box in the Go Up more private and less accessible at night for chickens to sleep in? I'm thinking curtains, and how to attach them or something that takes up the space in the nest box that can be put in in the evening and taken out in the morning. Just curious to see if anyone else thinks the nest box in the Go Up is lacking and has done anything about it.
  6. Hi! I'm new to this forum and in looking up auboise to see what it was, I came across this post on another forum. Wondered if anyone has had any issues with impacted crops with this bedding? Sounds like scary stuff to me. My chicks are only 5 weeks old so I have several months to check out bedding for the nests. http://chat.allotment-garden.org/index.php?topic=100176.0 panicum
  7. I never thought of that! I've been using newspaper and throw in a couple of handfuls of woodchips. I think I will just use the woodchips now. Thanks. Soon I will get my signature set up, new to this forum.
  8. I know this is two years later (what new chicken/cube owner doesn't read every forum post!) but I love the hint about using the wipes! Thanks.
  9. Any US members?

    Hi, I live in north central Iowa. Got my Cube about 2 weeks ago and my chicks (although I may adopt the term "chooks" because I like it) on 5/25/17; two Silver Laced Wyandottes and three Barred Rocks.