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  1. Hello, We are complete novices to ducks so I am in the process of doing as much research as I can before we get some. We have managed to source a preloved Eglu Go for them. From looking at the various breeds, I think a bantam would be the best for our garden and I was looking at the miniature silver appleyards as a good breed to go for. My main question is, if I can manage to find some (which is proving a real problem) will they be happy together if I get two females? I am reluctant to get a drake as well as I thought it was better to start simple rather than throwing breeding into the equation as well. But I also, don't want the ducks to be unhappy. Could you also tell me how old the ducklings should be when I buy them (ideally I would like them as early as possible so that they get comfortable with us, but what age is preferable)? Re the Eglu Go, apart from taking out the roosting bars, is there anything else that it would be advisable to do to make it more suitable for ducks? Many thanks for your help

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