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  1. Merlah

    New flock moved in today!

    The Melltorp table is the one It was very easy to put together and is more stable than I expected!
  2. Merlah

    Poorly hen?

    I still haven't figured out how to edit posts.... I just felt her abdomen and compared it to another hen, they seem to feel identical, I don't think they are hard. Will keep an eye on it though and let my other half feel it too! Her crop does seem bigger than the others, but that could just be the light and feathering and I will check that out later. This was her just now by the way (not amused by having been caught just before )
  3. Merlah

    Poorly hen?

    Thanks for your replies! I will check their crops tonight and will keep treats away. At the moment they are getting some treats in the afternoon but they'll live without it! She doesn't look paticularly fat, but if I look at pictures she could seem a bit wider than the rest (although she's also taller). I'll also read up on peritonitis and see if I can feel anything. There are a couple of (according to their websites) chicken savvy vets around us if all fails. Now here's hoping she's either just fat or it's nothing after all! I'll report back though.
  4. Merlah

    Poorly hen?

    Hello, We got our hens about a month ago and since the first day one of them seems to breathe quite heavily, her whole body seems to move, haven't seen that in the other three hens. She also sits down a lot, often with her tail feathers down and her breathing looks even heavier then. Otherwise she seems completely healthy, she eats, she drinks, she lays an egg every other day and poops normally. She happily runs around the run or the garden although less than all the others, . She's also still high in the pecking order and no one bothers her when she sits around. So the question really is: Could there be anything wrong with her? Or is she just a 'lazy' hen that enjoys sitting around more than others and I worry too much? Thanks already!
  5. Merlah

    New flock moved in today!

    We have actually found out who lays which eggs! Starting on the bottom left: the Australorp lays the almost white ones, the Barnevelder lays the large very smooth and cream ones, and the silver Wyandotte lays the light matte brown ones with tiny white dots. We have now installed a camera watching the coop at all times, it's lovely being able to tune in and see what the girls are doing when I am out! Although it does feel a bit crazy haha
  6. Merlah

    New flock moved in today!

    The other day I made use of the 10% off everything on the omlet website and bought 21m of chicken fencing Surprisingly it was a perfect fit for the area I wanted to fence off around their coop! They love digging around the gravel and have apparently found many bugs already (followed by a wild chase by every hen that didn't find the bugs). At the moment it's a bit difficult letting them out lots thanks to rain AND snow, here is hoping for better weather soon! They are laying a fab collection of eggs though and are all surprisingly well timed, three of them each lay an egg every other day, we're still waiting for the fourth one to start at some point. (Also yes, we really don't eat enough eggs at the moment!)
  7. Hello there As far as I know each chicken should have at least 1sqm runspace. The 2m cube run comes to 3.41sqm, hat would mean you could fit 3 chickens into it run. That might not be enough though to keep them warm in the cube if it every gets cold where you are though. I will let others who have more cube experience chime in with that though!
  8. Merlah

    New flock moved in today!

    I just wanted to show you our improved coop! The table is from Ikea and fits the eglu really well. The girls have not quite figure out that it's the place to sleep at night, although they are using the nestbox during the day... Silly chooks. I also added a dustbath today, they haven't tried it out yet though.. Also in good news: Our Barnevelder has started laying! So we are just waiting for the first egg of our brown Wyandotte Today we had a prolapse scare. It looked just like it (I google plenty of images, yikes) and she had trouble pooing with it. I gave her a little while to see what happened, but after a few minutes it still hadn't improved. So she had a lovely warm bath to get her cleaned up, and then when I wanted to treat the prolapse suddenly it looked just fine! I will keep an eye on her, but I am wondering whether it was a false scare or if I just caught it so early that a warm bath was all she needed. She surprisingly also enjoyed the hairdryer before she got to rejoin the gang outside
  9. How exciting!! Enjoy your first egg! I couldn't believe how much they are fussing about when laying an egg, it really is quite a process! Constant going in and out of the eglu, walking around it, rearranging every blade of straw in the nestbox etc...
  10. Merlah

    New flock moved in today!

    The black and white, and the brown one are Wyandotte, the white one is an Australorp an the black-brown one is the Barnevelder. The run is from happychicks. Took us way longer than it should have to build it, we're definitely not the handy kind! We build some perches as well during the weekend, although I haven't seen them used a lot yet! They are settling in so well, and they've caught on to the fact that humans can mean food, it's the cutest thing how excited they get as soon as I head out to the garden, brave little things. Thanks for the IKEA suggestion! This will be a great excuse for a visit, I just had a look at the website and the Melltorp table seems like it might just fit.
  11. Merlah

    New flock moved in today!

    They are pure breed bantams, two Wyandottes, one Barnevelder and one Australorp We really wanted a mixed flock and I am glad that we got the chance to do it. Tree stumps and branches on the ground are a great idea, will definitely keep my eyes open for some!
  12. Hello everybody After I've received some lovely help from the forum when running into trouble during the assembly of our walk in run I wanted to introduce our flock to you! They are Silver, Flint, Harriet and Turret! They moved in today and immediately started digging and eating whatever they could find! I am curious when we will find the first eggs. Over time the plan is to put some perches in the run and a little sandbath. Ideally I will try and find a cheap table that fits the eglu so they have a bit more space to run around. Any suggestions are very welcome! I can't wait to make the whole thing even better for them!
  13. Plum, thanks for your help, that's fantastic advice! (Sorry the reply has taken a while ) The finally assembly is planned for this weekend, so we will see how it goes haha I think your advice regarding guttering and fastening down the run is really useful too, I hadn't really thought about that yet. Thanks very much! I definitely will show it off ) Can't wait for some girls to move in!
  14. Sorry I messed up the links (of course..) Here are the fixed links: If it helps visualising the whole essay a bit, this is the kind of run: http://www.happychicks.co.uk/walk-in-run-4ft-to-12ft-choice-of-sizes-159-p.asp And this is how far we managed to get: https://ibb.co/fSu4cR
  15. Hello there! We have finally managed to start the assembly of a prebuilt walk in run. Unfortunately as soon as we got to the roof it the struggles started! As many of you here have built or been there when one was built maybe someone has an idea and can help! The large panels all had predrilled holes through which 3inch screws went and were secured from the other side (easy). The triangle panels for the roof though don't have any predrilled holes, and there are no more 3inch screws left either... All the other screws provided are much shorter too. So now we are wondering: how do we secure the roof to the run? It can't possibly just rest on top of it, right? Any suggestions? Should we drill some more holes and buy more 3inch screws like the ones that were provided for the large panels? Just screw in other screws? Also: Would you assemble the roof separately and then put it all on top, or just assemble it directly onto the run? Thanks so much for your help in advance!! If it helps visualising the whole essay a bit, this is the kind of run: https://ibb.co/fSu4cR And this is how far we managed to get: