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  1. Swollen comb

    Thanks to you all for your advice. we tried to drain to swelling but to no effect. the next day we noticed the swelling was starting to put strain on her eye socket,so we decided to have her put down. the PM revealed a massive hard cyst. RIP Big Madge.
  2. Swollen comb

    Sorry if this has been covered in another post but have searched the forums and not found anything quite like this! Cannot add a photo of our 9 month old barnevelder who has developed a large lump ? cyst on her head/comb. It is not hard or hot and does not seem to cause her any obvious pain. She is eating and laying still and is engaging and socialising with our other 2 rare breeds. This came up about a week ago and has got bigger in the last day or two. Can anyone help us in identifying what this is and how it could (hopefully) be treated? Many thanks.