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  1. Just installed my auto door into the eglu cube. It’s gone dark now, the girls are inside but the door is only half closed. Not sure why?? Could it be that there was a chicken blocking the doorway when it was closing? This is unusual, as they generally pile into the egg laying section at night time, which is where they are now. I’ll see what happens tomorrow night. Hopefully just teething problem.
  2. Just moved my chickens from a small Eglu on the ground to an Eglu Cube, raised off the ground. I had to lift my silkies into their new bed tonight. Can they really climb up those ladders by themselves? I’m hoping they will learn, as I’ve also bought the automatic door and this will be a waste of time if I still have to put them to bed each night because they cannot climb their steps!! If they don’t manage to pick it up, I guess I’ll have to remove the legs.

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