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  1. Thanks for the advice... we dug out the run to about 8" deep, then lined it with weed suppressant and filled it with woodchip. They don't seem too bothered by it so it's staying nice and neat so far. I should add that the run is always open during the day and they free-range round the garden
  2. If I can offer any advice it would be to make the job of poo-picking as easy as possible for you. Our girls FR all day and until we had our first chickens I never knew just how much they could poo! And it's not exactly small either... as my husband often says... 'I'd be proud of that one!' Our garden looks like it's full of land mines if we don't do it for a couple of days! Edit: just had a quick look on Ebay and there's quite a few, even some second-hand ones going very reasonably: http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/walk-in-chicken-run (sorry for some reason I can't make the link clicky???)
  3. Nesting box modifications in Eglu Go Up

    We've got the Go Up and it did cross my mind when ordering it about a lack of dedicated nesting area. Our girls just get on with it though... there's often 2 sleeping in the nest, but when it comes to laying thy just take it turns. I've yet to find an egg on the bars.
  4. I plan to redo our run floor in the next couple of days... It's currently turf... we replace it when it gets too scratched up/messy. Yes they're spoilt! This time i'm digging a trench to prevent overspill and filling it with wood chips so hopefully they'll enjoy that!