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  1. That's what we were thinking cat tails, it seemed good time to do it! We could split the pen still though to be on safe side if we have to. Also thought getting even number would keep fights down? We're not all about the eggs so don't mind it won't be as many. A steady trickle is nice but a good character is best We have a Sussex x, a blue Plymouth rock x and a Plymouth rock x I think with a rhode island - but she's v laidback with the others so Def doesn't take after the rhode island side. I've read that Marans are generally good natured. Another friend has some but they are quite nervous - could be because rescue birds though - so interesting to have experiences
  2. We are currently lucky enough to have 3 very friendly hybrids but when we move we are hoping to get a few more, possibly pure breeds. Our girls are part of a small flock (10) - rest belong to a friend - and are about middle in the pecking order - they don't get picked on but equally aren't the bossy ones. My friend introduced a few new ones recently and they settled in well with them. We're moving soon and will be taking our three. Our new garden will be plenty big enough for several more but we're thinking of just getting 3 more to make a nice little flock. I quite like the idea of getting a few pure breds so interested in thoughts on different breeds Want: good layers of course! Something that will get on with our ladies and something that is quite a tame breed - we have a little boy who adores the chickens, he's not allowed to handle them but don't want anything too flitty (my friend has a leghorn who is Bonkers and I know they can be pain for escaping into the neighbours...). They will be in a large run (following intro period) but will also be allowed in the garden to fully free range daily when supervised I've thought of the following so interested in experience of those but also open to suggestions! Orpingtons - although bit worried about broodiness Sussex - we have a Sussex x who is lovely Araucana - don't know a lot about them apart from Blue eggs! I don't like fluffy feet but that's the only aesthetic thing. Our girls are about 18 months old. Having done a lot of research into ex battery we don't feel we're ready for them yet but it is something that we will consider in the future.

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