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  1. A very reputable breeder I spoke to recommended 1 teaspoon of vinegar per litre of water as a pick-me-up. He also said not to use it for more than three days at a time or it will lose its effect.
  2. Several of mine had clipped beaks when I got them. They don't necessarily grow back quite as pointed as they were naturally, but they definitely do grown. I'm sure yours will be fine very soon.
  3. I think ChickenNutter is right - whether or not they can fly rather depends on the incentives. However, the heavier breeds - e.g. Orpingtons - seem less able to get off the ground at all. My Legbars seem to do a lot of low level horizontal flying, but I think you'd be OK with a 3 metre fence.
  4. I wouldn't give apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. It is meant as a sort of pick-me-up and I was advised by a top breeder to only give it when a chicken was a bit off colour, otherwise they become immune to its benefits. He said to only give about 5mls per litre for about three days. This has worked every time for me. As for other supplements, some people give lots and some none - with equally good results! I try to give mine a bit of extra protein in the depths of winter when they are off-lay and regrowing their feathers. Other than that, they just get good pellets and a small treat before they go to bed. Actually, as long as your birds have pellets and water available, I wouldn't worry about supplements until you get used to chicken keeping and maybe feel they are lacking something. Good luck with your new girls and just enjoy them
  5. It does sound like a normal moult to me. Mine all moult in Winter - my Speckeldy has only just finished - and I can't think of anything else which would cause such rapid feather loss with no other symptoms. If she's fine in every other way I wouldn't worry and just try to give her some extra protein to help with the regrowth.
  6. For their first year of laying you should get an egg from each most days. After that it tends to get a little less each year. As they are very similar hybrids (both from R.I.R. stock), their laying will probably be much the same.
  7. Yes, I would definitely have a separate supply of grit - don't mix it in with the feed. I use one of those small feeders - sold in any petshop - which clip on to the bars. I also recycle my eggshells by baking them in the oven, crushing them and adding them to the grit. Gives them extra calcium.
  8. Only just seen your posts Sari. So sorry you've been having problems. I too have a Cream Legbar and she is by far the smallest of my flock. Yours may not be a runt - they are just small birds. Mine, together with my Gold Legbar was bullied initially, but they are much faster and nippier than the others and became very adept at swooping down from a high branch, grabbing food/treats and zooming back up before the others could reach them. I also made sure that there were several sources of food and water to begin with - you can get little clip-on pots in petshops which are fine and very cheap - so that the bigger birds couldn't guard all of them. You will probably find that they are fine while out freeranging together - just make sure that the little one can get away in the run if she needs to. Mine now snuggles up to her main aggressor for her afternoon snooze!
  9. There is really no difference in the food content. However, if your chickens are in a run for most of the time, it takes longer to fill up on mash, so gives them something to do. On the other hand, if they freerange, then pellets are what most people feed. Personally, I find pellets much easier and they don't blow about the way that mash does.
  10. What a horrid thing to happen! I hope your poor little girl is OK. You might find she stops laying for a bit, but will gradually get her confidence back. Although we have a cat (she and the chickens totally ignore one another) the chooks make the most terrible din if another cat dares come into the garden. So far the cats have fled, but I will be more careful about them in future after your experience.
  11. I'd love to have seen you out in your foul (sorry) weather gear, with chickens streaking past to get in the dry. Chickens are very good at looking after their own best interests and having their devoted owners running round in circles! :lol:
  12. Welcome to the forum Deb. One of the best breeders in the country is The Wernlas Collection, which is near Ludlow. They have just about every breed and their premises are immaculate. Also they are delightful people who are a joy to deal with. If you google them you'll get an idea of their range. Good luck.
  13. Hi, I think the limp could be from any of the reasons you mention. Ex-bats have certainly had a pretty bad time before they are adopted. I think the best thing you could do for now is just leave them to settle in quietly and see how the limping one is in a week or so. Unless you suspect the leg is actually broken, there is not much more you can do. Chickens are tough little things and generally heal themselves. I do hope she is better soon.
  14. Like Plum, I would start with the simple things. Try worming with flubenvet, but don't expect instant results as it takes a while after worming for them to regain condition. Once the worming is finished, you could try building her/them up with one of the chicken tonics, extra protein etc. Also, check for lice and get a suitable preparation if you find any. If none of that works, come back and we'll all think again.
  15. Well, chicken grit will almost certainly contain oyster shell. However, you can also buy oyster shell on its own. I find the best places to go are the 'country stores' - the sort of places that sell feed and bedding for horses and generally sell chicken products too. Theirs will generally come in sacks labelled 'chicken grit with oyster shell' or 'pure oyster shell'. These will generally be much cheaper than in pet shops. Also, the stuff in pet shops can sometimes be very fine - more suited to budgerigars than chickens. Good luck.

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