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  1. Yay! I think it's Tyra the bigger barred rock (she has major wattles and her comb flops over it's so big, Tilly the other BR has no comb at all yet), Blondie one of the Isa browns and the third will either be the other Isa brown or one of the colombian blacktails. Only Tyra & Blonde have been squatting, but the blacktails are quite flighty so don't really get close enough to them to judge. This is so exciting, I was made up with egg number 1 yesterday, never imagined I would have 3 today! I have eaten all 4 already lol they were delicious, deep orange yolks and fluffy whites
  2. I thought that 2 of my 6 pullets looked like they may be coming into lay, and yesterday morning found my very first egg!: I thought it would be while before I got any more, but then today got these beauties, one this morning then 2 this afternoon: There must be more than 2 of them laying to get 4 eggs in that time, surely?
  3. Nope I refuse to be drawn in to the 'if you haven't bankrupted yourself buying tons of tat "Ooops, word censored!"ody wants you are not doing it right' mindset. I will buy / make gifts for hubby and close family (grandkids only, grown up kids can sod off - we have 5 kids between us and 6 grandkids already so it gets silly) and I always buy for the dogs and cats, just treats & toys because they open their own prezzies and it's cute. I'm not bothering with the works christmas do, I have to put up with that lot all day every day (and my company makes me pay £30 for a "Ooops, word censored!"
  4. Loving all of the festive activities going on and planned i'm fed up with the commercialism of christmas too, but I love the deccys / tree / food / drink i'm doing lots of making this year rather than buying. I'm making something for my mum and she is doing me a painting, I will be making some chocolate truffles as gifts too, and always make my own wreath for the door. On another note, my pullets laid their first egg this morning! So it's like christmas for me already lol
  5. I have made my first ever christmas cake this weekend (an amaretto one ) and it's got me right in the festive mood. I have a couple of craft projects to commence as gifts next weekend, what is everyone else up to in the run up?
  6. I have 3 cats, my small female cat Mini does not bother with the chooks at all but the big stripy boys have both had a pop at them. I'm hoping that it's just the novelty factor and they will learn to leave them alone. The boys regularly hunt as a pair which makes it slightly more worrying. Rodney at least eventually got bored of stalking the hens today and went off to catch mice...
  7. Broodiness will be a whole new experience for me, I have only ever had a couple of very elderly bantams many years ago that I inherited when the lady I worked for died. That is my sole previous chicken keeping experience! Today the girls have had a great time, they free ranged all day yesterday and today, but this afternoon they plucked up the courage to explore the garden much more, even coming down to the house. Before this they have stayed near to the coop in a sheltered corner where they have dug a fairly impressive crater to dust bathe in. I am now slightly worried that they might sod
  8. Thanks for the input, I was just sold them as 'various hybrids' so it's nice to have an idea of what they might be, good to hear that the might be potentially good layers! They we pretty cheap also, it's no-nonsense farm feed store that I got them from. Today's mission is to run a length of chicken wire along the inside of the hedge line as there are a few gaps that they can pop through, then they can spend all day out in the beautiful sunshine that we are having
  9. Thanks, pics were displaying fine when I posted so not sure what happened! I'll give the other wotsit a go
  10. Lovely, I bet you can't wait no idea what coulour eggs my girls will produce, I don't even know what hybrids they are lol as long as they lay I don't really mind!
  11. Ah, you need some terriers they are quite collectible also! The coop was only getting burned as she lost her last 2 chickens to a fox the week before and is moving soon - I owe her some eggs!
  12. A good sweep to get rid of the crud then get a fitter in what area are you?
  13. Hi Chickabee - yes i'm aware of the horrors! The colleague I got it from did have red mites in it, 7 or 8 years ago and never since. She used DE to prevent further infestation, she is a vet nurse and I trust what she says, I questioned her thoroughly!
  14. So this is my coop & run that was destined for the bonfire : And this is it now resplendent with chickens : I'm very happy with both the set up & the girls P.S. If anyone has any idea what sort of hens I have I would be gqld to hear your thoughts - currently they are 'the grey ones', 'the ginger ones' and 'the cream ones'

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