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  1. Sadly I am having to rehome my two beautiful Swedish Flower hens. I am looking for a good, rural home for them as one is very noisy when in lay. She will call out for about 2 hours before she lays an egg and the neighbours aren’t happy. This isn’t a problem through the winter but now it’s Spring she has started exercising her vocal cords again!! They are sisters and I would like them to be homed together to a 5* home. They are a rare breed and have been shown with success and they can be registered with the Rare Breed Poultry society (I haven’t got around to doing this yet). They are 3 years old and are friendly - not super keen on being handled but ok with it. They are laid back and submissive towards our other hens. I will be asking for a £30 donation for them to Lucky Hens Wigan and will need pics of set up etc. I am in Manchester and due to Covid restrictions can only rehome them to locations within a 1hr drive.
  2. Hi, I've had a Hentronix system for a Go Up for about 18 months and never had any issues. A few months ago it stopped working, and the motor would only turn if I unplugged/reconnected the battery. We bought a new battery, but it still didn't work. So we emailed Hentronix who asked us to send it to them for checking. They can't find anything wrong with the system, and are saying it's because there must be light pollution stopping the unit from realising it's dark (there are no lights anywhere near it). So they're sending it back, but I'm not convinced it will work. So we've wasted 2 lots of postage (sending it out, paying for it posting back) for Hentronix to offer no solution (other than suggest we pay a £70 upgrade for the mobile app - no thanks, not wasting more money on a broken unit), so I'm guessing I'm going to get the unit back, re-connect it and be stuck back at square one with it not working again. I'm a bit cheesed off with Hentronix's customer service to be honest - they've not been very helpful and I feel as if I've wasted £££ on the door opener to only have it working for 18 months. And don't get me wrong, it was great while it worked but it's seems like it wasn't built to last. Has anyone else had any issues? Our Hentronix units must be getting on a bit now so I'm intrigued to see how many issues are popping up with them now they've been in use for a while.
  3. We have a Hentronix too and love it! Wish we had got one earlier.
  4. Hiya Luvachicken only just seen this! I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to drop out of this swap - was really looking forward to it but I'm sooo busy at the moment I'm worried I won't have time to do anything justice!
  5. Yeah I know that some boys will have been culled anyway but I'm guessing the breeder will have sold some or kept some back for breeding too. I just don't want to have the responsibility of selling them if I do end up with some. I would love to keep cockerels too but...neighbours! Let's all live on a remote chicken island where they can't bother anyone
  6. Hmm that's a good idea but I don't think we have anything like that here. I also hate the waste of killing boys so it's something I'd rather avoid, but I know that's all part and parcel of the chicken industry I think it's really unethical but I suppose I need to get over that or just keep ex-bats (which are lovely too). I wish you could just tell which ones were boys while they are early on in the egg!
  7. So we are looking to add 2-3 more hens to our existing flock and we have decided we definitely want Araucanas and Barnevelders, but then we discovered Campines which are beautiful and lay cream eggs (we want to try and get a variety of colours). We've found a breeder of Campines that we like the look of. However we are struggling to find a breeder that will sell pullets. Most sell hatching eggs or unsexed chicks which is tricky for us as we can't keep the cockerels and couldn't bear to 'dispatch' the boys There don't seem to be many keeers of Campine chickens out there. So I suppose my question is - if we were to get chicks and ended up with cockerels, how hard/easy do you think they would be to rehome? We have been in this situation before with CLB cockerels and they were difficult to find homes for, as I know is the case for all cockerels. Do you think it would be easier to rehome Campine cockerels as they are rarer than most chickens? Also if anybody does know a breeder of silver Campines please let me know as we are desperate to get one! Here's a picture of a Campine because they are sooo pretty!
  8. Looks excellent! It being raised up will keep the base bedding nice and dry too. Out of curiosity how long/wide is it? We have a 16ft x 4.5ft run and a rescue told us that was only suitable for 3 hens! But I notice you have quite a few hens in and it seems really spacious still.
  9. Looks very cosy for them! The cube looks like it fits on perfectly. How did you fit it? Cable ties? Strange that Eglu said it can't be done!
  10. So I officially completed our WIR and Eglu set up which we started last November. I would love to see other people's WIR setups - I got a lot of ideas for this one from the old WIR photo thread, it was so lovely to see everyone's creative DIY adventures and how people had solved problems such as connecting the Eglu to a wooden run. We made it all from scratch with the help of my lovely FIL. It's about 17ft long and 4.5 ft wide. It cost us more than we initially thought - about £400 but worth every penny. It has a 1ft internal wire skirt as protection from digging foxes which is pegged down with plastic ground pegs so they don't rust. The gutter leads to a water butt with a gravity fed drip-line waterer for the back border of the garden which gets very dry. We also got a Hentronix door opener which we LOVE. The Aubiose bedding is amazing - it looks a bit messy at the moment as it has some old bark chippings mixed in which is what the hens were on previously. Future plans are to add some fairylights using the Hentronix battery and possibly a little shelf level that they can sit (and probably poop) on. The ladies love it. Unfortunately my original beautiful trio of ladies only got to enjoy it for a few months before the fox attack But Rita and Megatron seem to be enjoying it and they deserve the best after living the first 70 weeks of their life inside. Excuse the garden mess - the wheelbarrow and blue tarp are covering up the summer veg patch and we are having the patio re-laid. We've had kerb stones around the coop which makes it look really neat and keeps all of the decorative woodchip in place. Enjoy! Please share photos of your set-ups and WIR's for inspiration!
  11. That's exactly how I cleaned mine! I tried Aubiose in the nest box dip but they pooed in it a lot...I used to have to clean it every day.
  12. I've found that the straw never stays in the nest box in the Go Up either - it needs to have a little wall around it to keep it in. I've tried putting a small washing up bowl in there which worked well, but one chicken would roost on the side of it and poop in the next box. Other people have used little trugs in there to keep the straw in. I've tried fixing two washing up bowls together to create and enclosed next box - I've got a post about it somewhere - and that has worked the best so far.
  13. I had a retainer at night that I was supposed to wear ‘for life’. I was a teenager and didn’t - my teeth moved back quickly and now they are crooked again I would wear it religiously now but as a teen I wasn’t very good at remembering things like that. I would have much preferred the fixed wire so my teeth were kept in place.

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