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  1. Someone on another forum posted this link to get SMS or email alerts http://animalhealth.system-message.co.uk/AH_subscribe_index.php
  2. Mine loved meal worms - and if I got the spade out to dig over some soil they would go crazy for live earthworms
  3. I’ve just read that birds eating pumpkin will produce eggs with a dark golden yolk. Has anyone tried this after Halloween? I’ll certainly remember to try it next year.
  4. Thank you both for your replies. I'm missing the fun of having them around Grandma, whats a WIR ?
  5. Hi, I’ve been keeping a few chickens since March and luckily never had any problems with predators - until this weekend! It wasn’t a fox (I wouldn’t feel so annoyed if it was) It was next doors dog Three dead and one badly injured and I’m sickened to admit I ended her misery by a quick chop of the neck to remove her head with a spade. I’ve never thought of them as pets, just a supply of eggs, but I feel so bad about what happened to them. I don’t blame the dog or my neighbour, it was the dogs natural instinct and it was my fence it got through. I suppose I’m wondering if I want to get more chickens but more importantly I want to ask how do you accept and move on when these things happen ? Jonathan C

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