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  1. Hello, have never used a forum before but we are about to go through our first winter with guinea pigs and just wondering how others manage. We have a traditional chicken eglu with the conversion kit in and 2 meter run and I have the jacket to go over the top. I have put in onto the patio ( was on grass for summer) At the moment we have one guinea pig (Daisy) as her sister died a couple of months ago, hoping to get another on Sunday from a rescue. Even with the jacket on I was worried about her being warm enough on her own when the temperature dropped so I started shutting her in at night. I just feel bad that it is so dark in there if I don't manage to open it first thing but even when it is open during the day she mostly stays in and it is quite dim but I guess that would be the same with a regular hutch? When we get another one I am worried about shutting them in together whilst they are getting used to each other but they have got a little house each in there so they can hide from each other. I have just bought a snuggle safe warmer but it seemed daft to buy that and then leave the door open. She did seem to like it and sat on it within minutes so I guess I might need to buy another one for when we have two guinea pigs again! Anyhow I am interested in general tips and how people do things who have a similar set up. I looked at another forum where people seemed to be quite negative about eglus for guinea pigs saying they are too small, dark and cold so hoping I will find more positive thoughts here!! Sorry if this post is a bit long and thanks in advance for any replies....

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