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  1. I sympathise with you and would be very interested in seeing your video if you can post it. I too have been plagued by rats especially since the builders moved in behind us and removed the old dilapidated chicken sheds from the old battery farm. I have been out in the garden today sorting out the hens enclosure now the girls are all together in the one coop and run. Lost count of the time the cheeky rat kept visiting! Wherever I looked I found another hole/tunnel - one tunnel went under the tray of the coop and up into the run totally bypassing the wire mesh skirt of the run, luckily it's the spare coop ( wooden, not Omlet's ) I use for introduction so has now been moved. The 2 rat bait boxes have been refilled but am beginning to think that it's a losing battle - costing a fortune in bait which doesn't seem to work anymore. What trap do you have? Does it kill the rat? And if not, what do you do with the caught rat? I think we need to try something else.
  2. So sorry to hear about Bella, it's never easy making that decision and saying goodbye but sounds like she had a wonderful life.
  3. I was off work yesterday so let them out onto the grassy area of the garden, they had a whale of a time and Toyah was rummaging around as much as the other two so think I need to chill and leave her to it - as you say they rarely starve themselves, I have been putting lifeguard tonic in their water as its recommended for ex batts so the others are on it too. She is still jumping and fluffing herself up and will for no reason tear across the garden - mad chicken! Ps... duly noted, will stop the feeding of bread
  4. So sorry to hear you lost Shelley but you could be right about the pecking order etc. Bella the ex batt who died was second in line, possibly it has upset the balance and along with the arrival of new girlies has completely stressed her out. It gives me hope that like your Penny she will sort herself out, I really hope so. it's probably me that's also stressing out too I am in "oh no,not another one" mode.
  5. Since Toyah my Auracana bantam came out of broody cage ( see previous post ) she is not eating. Not interested in pellets, corn or anything the only thing I can get down her is bread. She appears healthy with normal poops but is so thin her crop is almost empty. I have caught her acting strange, running round like a lunatic chasing birds, standing tall like a cockerel with her all her neck feathers puffed up and chasing/attacking her pal. It's as though she is on edge/ hyper I have had 4 new ex batts introduced to the garden but they are not in close proximity. Not quite sure what to do for the best now, don't want to isolate her as I have a feeling keeping her away while she was broody stressed her terribly. Please tell me this could be hormonal and she will settle down. I am feeling very despondent at moment as I had Bella PTS the other day with EYP and her pal Belinda is on Baytril after laying 2 lashes in the past few weeks - vet suspects start of EYP for her too.
  6. Update... well after a spell in the broody cage and possibly the -4 temps, Toyah has decided it's not a good time to brood and has given up.. yahoo! Thanks guys for the advice I picked up 4 new Ex- batts this afternoon from BHWT. We arrived home through a few snow showers I just had enough time to dust them with lice powder, clip their wings and watch them tuck into their first meal before it went dark. Hopefully they will settle in quickly and have a long & happy life with us. The other girlies weren't too happy - glaring at them from the other side of the garden - think tomorrow is going to be noisy!
  7. Thanks Dogmother, will do. The Ex batts will have a separate coop & run and I have fenced off half the garden area for them - next to the others but out of reach. I have done this before and gradually introduced them to the others but I'm thinking this time I might keep them separate - just trying to get husband used to the idea of 2 coops )
  8. She was in broody cage all yesterday, I let her out to sleep with the others and checked at 9pm to see she was still on perch -she was. This morning she came out with the others but when I opened up nest box to let others lay she went straight back on again. She is now back in cage and I will keep trying - trying being the optimum word!! I hope I can sort her out before Saturday as I should be collecting 3 more xbats - this might become a bit of a handful.
  9. I have placed boxes in the nest boxes the past two night to block them off - this morning she was flat as a pancake on newspaper on the coop floor. I have to unblock the nest boxes during the day as the other one is still laying. Will try confining her again during the day tomorrow and if that doesn't work 24/7 it is! - I will feel so guilty but can't have her starving herself to death. I'll let you know how I get on.
  10. I spent the morning kicking her out the coop but she just goes right back in again - she is such a persistent little chuck! As I was out this afternoon she went into the dog cage placed outside in the garden with the others. When I let her out at dusk she headed straight back inside and plonked herself back down again. Her crop was empty and although I left food & water in the cage with her I don't think she has eaten.i'll try again tomorrow but think it's a losing battle. SJP - trouble is she is sitting on no eggs - last time was 10 weeks, if I can't stop her would I be better putting false eggs under her?
  11. Hello everyone, ) I have a little problem, one of my Araucana banties is wanting to brood! I bought her May, had her a week then she decided to brood - approx 10 weeks! End July. She is now starting again, what do you think I should do - opinions please. Last time I left her, making sure she came out to eat and drink and to be honest it was far less stressful than a previous hen I had that took ages to break - stress to hen & me!. This time though I am concerned, it's so cold I would not like her to freeze and starve to death. Denise
  12. Hi, first post 2 araucana banties 2 xbats Total 2331

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