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  1. Thanks @The Dogmother I have ordered the Ivermectin spot-on, the total mite kill products and the buz buster powder. I didn’t realise that I also need the total mite spray. Can I use the spray with the spot-on together or would it be best to spray first and repeating it until all lice have gone and then use the spot-on?
  2. I will clean and treat the coop as well. How often do I apply the Ivermection on the hens? and is it one drop or more?
  3. Thank you, I have looked at ordering Ivermectin 1% spot on after reading quite a few posts here. But do I need to do anything else? Nettex Total Mite Kill (pink) has been named a few times but that's just for the coop to spray in? Do I need to spray the hens with anything?
  4. Hi all, I have just discovered these parasites on my hen. I am not sure which one it is. Is anyone able to tell me as I need to order the products to treat her and the gang. Many thanks, Vanessa
  5. Thank you all for your comments. This morning she was up and moving around in the bathroom. I helped her to emptied her crop a few times. Unfortunately after lunchtime she took a turn for the worse and passed away in my arms 😥
  6. Hi Cat tails, no not normally does her comb looks like this.
  7. Hi, our oldest hen is poorly. Yesterday I noticed she had a little bit of discharge coming out of her mouth when I picked her up. She seemed a bit disoriented and never took herself to bed in the coop at nighttime. This morning hubby pick her up and a lot of liquid came out of her mouth. We since have found out that she probably suffers from foul crop and she has been indoors in our bathroom since lunchtime. In all this time she has not produced a poo. She had a little bit to drink but no food. Is it normal that she won’t poo? The picture is of her about an hour after she had the last liquid coming out of her mouth just before 4 pm.
  8. Hi Eggysoldiers, where did you got the bantams from? I am near Falkirk too and would love to know of good breeders around here if you don't mind sharing.
  9. Hi all! Are there still any builders around who sell chicken runs where you could attach a eglu go up or a cube from the outside onto a fun. I know years ago, Aviary4u would sell such runs but reading through the forum I have seen the company doesn't exists anymore. Maybe anyone has some ideas please.

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