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    So sorry to hear this. I've heard this re vitamins. Or think it can be ear things. Might be worth a good dose of vitamins.... Mine did this as mareks took hold resulting in paralysis of her legs. Sadly we had to have her put to sleep. But I have heard of chickens recovering;, if you look at the coven of cackling hens on Facebook she has lots on a chicken she nursed back to health from mareks. Best of luck. It's horrible when they are sick. X
  2. Sour/ impacted crop!!! I think. Please help!

    She laid an egg in sick bay! Think she's all okay. Just waiting to see a poo....
  3. Sour/ impacted crop!!! I think. Please help!

    Thanks guys. Will let her back with the others then gut check her this evening. Noticed she's doing some stringy poos, could this be because she's not eaten since last night or a blockage? Stringy might not be correct description: kind of long and thin, more like a hedgehog poo almost rather than a round splat.
  4. Sour/ impacted crop!!! I think. Please help!

    It's back to normal. There was a huge mess of poo behind her; guessing that was it? Looked quite matted. Little bloody maybe. She's perky as anything now. Drinking. Can I feed her? Was thinking maggots? Thanks all x
  5. Snake in coop - dead chicken

    Oh no! So sorry. I have no experience with snakes but just wanted to say sotry for your loss that must have been very upsetting and unexpected! I guess netting would make smaller holes which might help? I've done this for mice/rats in the UK and seen a difference. Good luck, hope you find a solution.
  6. Sour/ impacted crop!!! I think. Please help!

    It did feel hard earlier pre maggots, massage and fluids but is now soft and full of fluid seems pretty large still. She has been drinking loads! Wasn't sure if I should stop her. Put some acv in earlier. She's stopped that jerky thing too. She did seem to burp??? When i was massaging earlier, then ran off. But seemed happy with a standing massage. She's had some grit too I can feel it in there. Other than that she's perky and lively and plenty of big poos that look fine. Will check back in the morning with crop update! Thank you.
  7. Sour/ impacted crop!!! I think. Please help!

    Thank you! Shes pretty lively so fingers crossed! Sorry to hear with your girl.
  8. Hi all, Would love advice. Noticed one of my girls was a little quieter; a fair bit of lying around. Then she's done a little odd jerky/ twisty movements. So Google suggested crop issues. I've had a feel and I think it's pretty full. So I'm guessing maybe sour? Or impacted? Think it was fairly full this am too. My question is what do I do now. Done standard sick chicken protocol of isolating. She has water and grit. No food yet. Seeing lots of different advice on Google so not sure what to do next.... I did notice her eating a lot of dust box sand and soil the other day. Could this be it? Any advice gladly welcomed!
  9. Introducing into coop Help please

    Fingers crossed for you!
  10. Hatching take 2

    Oh they are so cute! So so so cute! Hope little duck feet will be okay. She seems okay? That coven of crazy hens lady who was mentioned on a Mareks post seems quite good with special needs chickens if youre stuck. She's on Facebook.
  11. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    Thank you luvachicken.
  12. Chickens don't eat their food

    It is wet mash yes, just food and warm water. Will make sure I take it up. Have been but will stay on it. Okay, thank you, will follow those tips. Hmm tricky working out which feed as two prefer crumb and one pellets 😂 . Will try to streamline.... annoyingly omlet were out of the usual layers crumb which is why the change in brand also they weren't eating it at the time (accidentally ordered small holder pellets rather than crumb; not sure how!) I have the crumb coming although I'm not sure that's wise now they are eating their current brand more.... But I think maybe the small holder range may be better for them?! Yes, was thinking I'd restrict their ranging a bit more now they are more used to it although they will protest; especially as one now lays in the bamboo! Lol re house, they love it under the table but I can try! I've mainly let them in to help them stay cool as the run doesn't have the best shade. Thanks Clare, these tips are great. I will remove the extra feeders when I get home. Chickens are creatures of habit aren't they?! I hadn't realised this. Am working hard to keep a routine for them.
  13. Chickens don't eat their food

    THEY ARE FINALLY EATING THEIR FOOD! 😊😊😊 thanks for all the advice all! 😊😊 In case anyone else needs to know this is what I've been doing: I stopped all treats bar a little greens and a handful of meal worms. Then I have been giving a mash, using their food, in am and pm with pulverised meal worms to attract them. They have also spent more time in run in the am and before bed. When in the run I've been showing them their food and calling them to it; they always come to see! Its super fresh now too. Now they will have it when shown..I had to mix a few meal worms before to get their attention. I also gave them their food as a treat when they were in the kitchen; for some reason they loved it thrown all over the place in there (so messy 😂). Additionally, I added another feed station for choice and then also bought some new feed which I put in the pecker. They are very excited by this "treat" especially the ones who turned their noses up at it today. My big girl is very happy with the new food! (The small holder range; she loves it!) So there we go finally all having food and eating. Phew! Thanks again guys. This forum is so helpful.
  14. Treadle feeder training

    I showed mine me putting in top quality treats and they were clamoring to try. I followed the schedule as described - 1 week training fully open, 1 partially and then normal..I did take mine to it and sit with them too. Mine are very noisy so jumped in pretty fast to it. No user with feeder. Trickier getting them to like their food 😂