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  1. Thanks, am thinking as there are 3 mucky bums just to put in all their water?
  2. Cattails I read this but mine have had raw egg loads and I've never had an issue. Not sure they've connected the dots 🤣
  3. Hadn't actually started the course yet as she went straight to bed last night. Would you still give in this case?
  4. Well I don't believe it! She's back to normal! Never had that happen before. So relieved. 😊 Have just left her be this am but added some tonic to the water. Wondering if I should still give the anti biotic just in case? I wouldn't with my daughter but then are chickens different?! She has a mucky bum still which is why the vet gave the antibiotic. In fact the other two legbars do as well so I'm contemplating just giving it to all of them? What do you guys think? Thanks everyone:)
  5. Ah, just found a video by the Dogmother. I've been doing it right. Will do tomorrow. Thank you.
  6. Yes I might try that.i always worry I'll do it wrong which is why I hadn't. Any tips? Do I just put in her beak? Thanks for your help.
  7. Thank you. Sadly she refused them, tried them in the raw egg she was eating. But will try again tomorrow. Thanks, me too.
  8. My rescues have turned out excellent chickens for children, they are so unphaseable and easy going. My daughter regularly carts them around the garden under one arm and they are always there under foot if we are about. That's with very little handling, just a few months of having them and some tlc. We hand reared the others and the rescues are by far more amenable with my 5 year old and me! They like to hop on my foot and follow me constantly hoping for treats!
  9. Hello lovely lot, I'm hoping some of you clever chicken experts might have some idea what's going on with my baby. My favourite chook has suddenly gone hunched tail and lying around. She's not fully given up eating and drinking and is still semi interested in her flock. But the tail hunch is definitely there and she cuddled on my lap for a good few hours earlier looking sorry for herself. Took her to the vets to check not egg bound or heart (been there before) or lungs. Only thing was slightly mucky bum altho she does seem a bit lazy with her bum in general. So she's on antibiotics and wormer and fingers crossed but anything else I can do? Letting her go with the gang to sleep but own run in the day so she gets her meds and doesnt get picked on..... So hoping it's just chickenitis, this one is a very special cuddly little one, hand reared too. Any tips or suggestions gladly welcomed! Thanks guys.
  10. Hope you find put what's going on asap. Fingers crossed for you x
  11. Mullethunter, if they have tapeworm flubenvert works- I had a nightmare finding out which wormer- but you have to get the vet to ring them for the dosage. I think it's a double dose BUT can't remember properly. Altho tbh as only one of mine has tapeworms, the vet said just to monitor as they don't cause massive issues in chickens apparently. (This vet is awesome on chooks.) I did this! They were fab.
  12. Hope she's doing okay. Mine with a heart condition had a purple tinge in her comb. Keeping fingers crossed for you x

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