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  1. Natspringy

    Chickens in Snow

    Beautiful photos! We only had a bit of snow. Mine were eating it 🤣
  2. Following. We have clear shower curtains on top but I end up getting every piece of plastic sheeting I can find and covering everywhere on dreadful days, as the rain just gets in. Like the roll up blind idea!
  3. Natspringy

    Chickens attacked in hou

    Goodness, I'm so sorry to read this. How upsetting. I hope you guys get some answers. Hugs both x
  4. Natspringy

    Winter advice for older chickens please.

    Love the bubble wrap idea!
  5. Natspringy

    Coop bedding?

    One of mine refused to lay in the easi chick, sqwaked and shouted to be let out to lay in the bamboo!
  6. Head stuck in the door 😱😱😱😱 Hentronix also do a very handy youtube video on how to attach the hentronix to the eglu. It's very easy. Just don't accidentally cover the sensor like I did last night! Found them all crammed into the outdoor nest box, bless them! But that was human error. Still love my hentronix.
  7. Natspringy

    Got a bargain for my girls today.

    I nearly bought an extra as we passed one the other day. However I wasn't paying £15 for it. But definitely on my if we see list. Ours in currently in use as a rabbit bonding cage. So many uses!
  8. Can't say on omlet's but we have the hentronix and it's fab. Had almost a year and never failed. I have a camera set up too so when away we can just check the camera for peace of mind. But it's never failed. We charged the battery before we went away although didn't need to. I love our auto door even though I do actually go in morning and night- to take up and down the water - but it's nice if I oversleep or get stuck in traffic. The door on the hentronix is the same as it's attached to a motor; sometimes mine get a bit impatient waiting for it to open slowly but it's not that slow! Omlets looks great though too.
  9. Natspringy


    Fingers crossed!
  10. Natspringy

    No eggs for a couple of weeks - normal?

    That made me smile. Chickens are the funniest things aren't they?! Such daft, lovely things. Of course! If all happy no point. My flock had reduced and I could see being so small made my girls edgy so we added more. They have formed a lovely flock now, although the 3 legbars are still so close whilst friends with others too. Love how they have favourite friends too!
  11. Natspringy

    What do you feed your hens?

    Mine love garvo too! They get so excited. I use as a treat as well. Mine will only eat the omlet layers crumble although I do mix in with small holders crumble which is acceptable to them. Wish they'd just eat smallholders would be much simpler reordering! Mine have a bit of corn on cold days, the odd cabbage or greens for fun to jump at, raw eggs if in heavy moult and meal worms to get back in the run. Not all at once and reasonably sparingly. Mine once had too many treats and it took a lot of work to get them eating again so now treats are limited and only late in the day.
  12. Natspringy


    *Get the bodies out that is!
  13. Natspringy

    No eggs for a couple of weeks - normal?

    My legbars have given up for the year. My good old rescues are still going but I think it would take a lot to stop them! Get some rescues. They are laying machines!
  14. Natspringy

    Coop bedding?

    Oh yikes. I'll keep an eye. Thank you.
  15. Natspringy


    Thank you. We found an exit into the house which we blocked just wary of blocking the whole thing and trapping them in. Thinking it would smell awful! If they put bait in how do we get them out? We have set some traps and been filling holes. Think its going to be quite a battle!