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  1. Is free-ranging enough?

    That said I am struggling with the fact they came in the house too 😬😬😬
  2. Is free-ranging enough?

    Good luck reducing numbers. I can empathise as I struggle with the idea of killing too. I've been vegan for years (altho having a health break atm) so it's a very hard for me to consider killing too. As a side note, I do like how respectful this group is when discussing controversial matters.
  3. Birthday chickens!!!!

    Mullet hunter does. I have 7.... Think I need more 😂😂😂😂
  4. Injured squiggle

    Sorry to hear she didn't make it. How lucky for her that you found her though and gave her a fighting chance and a lovely last few days. x
  5. Birthday chickens!!!!

    Ooh, they are so pretty. What a brilliant birthday present! Hope they are settling well and belated Happy Birthday!! 😊😊 hope the wonky toe isn't causing any bother. Enjoy your lovely new girls. 13 chickens sounds fab to me!
  6. Fingers crossed for you! Xx
  7. Sleep tight Chloe

    Sending love, so sorry. It's so hard to say goodbye and to make that call. But I'm sure you did the right thing; we know in our guts when the time is right. They seem to go downhill really fast so sounds like you just spared her lots of suffering. Sorry re no more chooks and poor health. That must be hard. Sending hugs xx

    Thank you!
  9. I think it's just vinegars with metal but I don't know for sure. Otherwise back up plastic ones whilst the others soak?
  10. My glub seems terrible for algae, will get boiling water in it tonibut. Very useful! Ooh hadn't thought of tonic for their moult, great idea thanks! Our fridge broke so it had to live in a cool box for a week do you think it would still be okay? I have a plastic drinker that seems pretty good to clean, when I bring it in at night I fill it with hot water then scrub with a tooth brush or sponge. Seems to be enough. The glub is trickier.
  11. A Star Is Born

    Ooh good to know, thank you. Wasn't sure but Bradley Cooper was kind if swaying me! 😜 will give it a try then! Cheers.

    Thank you. Good idea! Lol. True. Gosh they get in everything don't they?!

    Thank you. That's useful to know. Yes we've heard rentakil cost a bit. Will look around the drains too! Oh no! 😂 we don't. But maybe we should to catch them. That said if they bring them in!!! 😂 I'm guessing it got sealed in when we plugged the holes; our counters just had holes straight to outside! So think the building work moved them and they decided to come on in. Saw one last night climb the bars of the walk in and swing back into the neighbours garden. Really wish I'd factored rats in when buying a walk in. Think they are feasting on chicken poo as I didn't manage to poo pick last night and it was clean this am. Useful but also disgusting.
  14. Is free-ranging enough?

    I don't think they can get in the Grandpa's feeders as another option. Sorry you are having rat issues too. They are driving me crazy!

    Thanks guys. So we examined the skirting in day light and they cant get in there, phew! I think maybe it was trying to escape by going at the the wall in the kitchen behind the skirting, so sounded like it was in there, judging from droppings. Possibly thinking now that it might have been trapped in the house due to our efforts to seal all entry points as the dogs found it hiding behind a bookshelf last night and it fled outside as soon as we opened the back door! Also no droppings today. However we will still put down bait and shall spend the weekend ensuring everything is sealed as they definitely have been coming in. And then if not council time. Thanks all