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  1. I use aubiose and Winnie scratches it way and lays on the floor. If she's happy doing that and still lays then I'm happy with it, too!
  2. It is under cover, Luvachicken, although the rain could get in it if it was really windy. Once DH has extended the WIR, when he gets round to it , and put a roof on it, it'll go in there.
  3. Mother v hawk!

    Quick reactions would be needed, but when it comes to saving our animals anything is possible!
  4. Mother v hawk!

    Would you do this? I'd try to. http://www.guacamoley.com/lol/2018/03/21/Zgo9gB/mom-snatches-hawk-face-priceless
  5. Maybe sprinkle some treats in a trug to tempt them in?
  6. Connie is sunbathing in the new sand bath!
  7. Word Association Game #28

  8. Goshawk

    Yep, that's the lady. You'll enjoy the programme when you get home.
  9. Word Association Game #28

  10. The Weather Thread #9

    Sunny sky, no wind and 9oC up here today. It actually feels like spring!
  11. I think we're going to get out first egg!

    It's actually not white, Chrissie, but a very pale cream. We're up to five eggs now, by the same hen. The other two hens are shirkers, lol!
  12. Goshawk

    He's a beauty, Lewis. There was a TV programme about a woman and Goshawks. She had one a couple of decades ago and after her father died she got another Goshawk and the programme followed how she trained it. She sat for hours with it on her hand without speaking to it so that it would get used to her and trust her. I wouldn't have the patience! I'd want it to know that it could trust me immediately, lol!
  13. The Weather Thread #9

    And I bet it shook itself and looked about as if saying "What? I never did anything silly!"
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    All that means "yes"?! I would have guessed it was ja and niet I would guess "no"? I've always wanted to go and see the bulb fields and if we do go I'll learn please, thank you, where is, how much, good morning, good night, hello etc.
  15. Scardy hens

    Do you have any photos, Dogmother, please?