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  1. Herefordshire here we come!

    Don't we always! We need to see photos of this sunken patio doda thingamyjig once you've moved in! All in all the report is good as you always expect to do bits and piece when you move house. And just make sure that you're downwind when the septic tank is emptied!
  2. Hatching questions

    They're lovely, and it's so good that you can give two cockerels away.
  3. Tigger!

    DH finished putting up the polytunnel yesterday. Although the weather has been glorious he had to wait for it to be dead calm before putting the polythene over, so now he can move the veggies he's got growing in the greenhouse into the polytunnel as it's now chicken proof (he hopes!).
  4. Got some ducklings today!

    Soooo cute, but I've no idea about keeping them.
  5. Much excitement!

    They're adorable and I can see wee bits of their characters already. Coco, the one at the back, is quiet and sits on my lap looking at me. Shadow is the smallest and very timid. Clova is the most skittish, and Piper loves to explore (from my lap up onto my shoulder and around my neck!). I can't keep their food dishes full they're so hungry! They're gradually being introduced to fresh greens as I don't want their tummies to get upset. My heart is full of joy at having piggies back in the house.
  6. Much excitement!

    Here they are! Really underweight for piggies who should weigh around 1000gms but the heaviest is 870 and the lightest is only 670! Their hair is thin and dull so it looks like they didn't get any fresh veggies. They're very skittish, and while being prey animals are normally wary, I doubt they've been handled/cuddled much. The one is the worst condition is the feistiest though, which is good, and she seems to be the matriarch of the wee herd. From front to back - Piper, Shadow, Clova, Coco
  7. Wobbly sick chicken please help!

    When one of mine went broody a few weeks ago I kept her out of the nest box as much as I could. She squawked and tried to peck me when I moved her so I wore gloves, but it worked. I really hope that yours isn't poorly but if it seems like she is, take her to your vet asap.
  8. Much excitement!

    I'll know more when I collect them tomorrow but I would imagine if they'd been really neglected the Rescue would report them? At least the woman had the sense to give them up rather than keep them and they die of starvation! Yes, they'll get lots of treats once they come home, along with plenty of cuddles.
  9. Mr fox is hanging around...

    I've heard that dog urine is a deterrent to foxes. If you don't have your own dog perhaps you could borrow one and take it around your garden to wee?
  10. Much excitement!

    I got a message from the Rescue to say that the piggies were very thin and had lice and asking if I still wanted them. Of course, I said yes. It sounds like they need some TLC which they'll get in abundance with us.
  11. Much excitement!

    Since we said goodbye to our last piggy earlier this year the house hasn't been the same and we've really missed hearing the wheeks and getting cuddles. I've been hounding the Animal Rescues looking for three female piggies but there are hardly any boys never mind girls (which is great in that piggies aren't being abandoned). I was getting so desperate I was starting to consider getting boys again (they're more likely to fight). Then on Monday, I got a message from a Rescue saying that she'd been approached to take in four females but that she didn't have room for them and if I wanted them she'd take them for a couple of days to check them over before we took them. I thought I should consult DH first so that he thought he had a choice in the matter of how many we got and after giving him a couple of hours to think about it he agreed . The Rescue is getting them today and we should be able to collect them on Friday . They're being given up because the lady has a new baby and she doesn't have time for the piggies with a toddler and baby. I'll post pictures as soon as I can! Squeeeeeeee!
  12. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    The V&A has built a new museum in Dundee and it opens in September. The tickets went on sale today. V&A museum, Dundee
  13. So how is the season so far?

    When we were kids we used to say if you picked dandelions you'd wet the bed, and that was in the city. Guinea pigs also love them. Speaking of guinea pigs - watch this space. . . !
  14. Hatching questions

    Much fluffy cuteness!
  15. Herefordshire here we come!

    All sounding promising so far.