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  1. GrannyTrish

    Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    Love the photos and your cottage looks beautiful.
  2. GrannyTrish

    Another broody chicken 😬

    Winnie is around two years old and has had a few broody spells this year. It's only lasted around 24 hours each time - so far!
  3. GrannyTrish

    Slipped Achilles tendon

    He's a cutie. Good luck.
  4. GrannyTrish

    Another broody chicken 😬

    Maybe best to wait and see what the others say that have more experience with mareks. Good luck!
  5. GrannyTrish

    Teeny tiny egg!

    She's back to laying normal sized eggs in the nest box. I googled wind egg and took a screenprint of what Wikipedia had to say. I'd never heard of the term before. Every day is a school day!
  6. GrannyTrish

    Another broody chicken 😬

    I would put her in the broody box now. I would also let my neighbour see what to do just in case it happens when you're away, unless you decide to get someone in the whole time.
  7. GrannyTrish


    So you do mean a cover for an outside water tap? Do you have a picture of it, please, or a link to one?
  8. GrannyTrish

    Help- quail

    I've reported the quail post to the Mods asking them to move it to the Quail section.
  9. GrannyTrish

    Motion dizziness after being in a boat

    If it lasts longer than a week I'd go and see my GP in case it's an inner ear thing. I love being on boats and I've only had mal-de-mer three times; once crossing to Ireland from Holyhead when it was very rough, once on a glass bottom boat in Florida and once on a coach in the Dominican Republic. I never actually vomited and it stopped as soon as I put my feet on the ground. I sometimes get the moving sensation in bed if I've been on a long train journey but it never lasts very long.
  10. GrannyTrish

    Help- bully chicken

    It's all part of establishing the pecking order and it can be distressing to watch them being bullied. Follow CatT's advice and everything should settle down reasonably quickly. If you don't already have some, buy some Gentian Antiseptic Spray for them in case the bully draws blood. As well as being an antiseptic it will stop the others from pecking at the redness.
  11. GrannyTrish

    Teeny tiny egg!

    Isn't nature amazing?!
  12. GrannyTrish

    Teeny tiny egg!

    Wow! I'm presuming it was it a normal sized egg and not one of the tiny ones?
  13. GrannyTrish

    Teeny tiny egg!

    Thanks, CatT. It's good to know it's nothing to worry about.
  14. GrannyTrish

    Teeny tiny egg!

    I found this tiny egg in the garden. They usually lay in the coop nest area and at first, I wondered if it was a wild bird's egg, but now I don't think it is. Any opinions? If it is a hen's egg any ideas why it's so small?
  15. GrannyTrish

    Biggest egg yet...

    Wow! Let us know if it is a triple yoke. We have the same scales as you!