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  1. I'm new to the forum and hens, but I know a bit about introducing guinea pigs. Would it be possible for Chloe to be introduced away from your home? I don't know if that would stress her or not, but it's something that some piggie owners do. I sometimes suffer from anxiety so I understand how you feel. Please try not to be hard on yourself.
  2. Thank goodness it's not only us that has a case of the disappearing birds! We normally get goldfinches, greenfinches, chaffinches, blue tits, coal tits, I could go on and on. But on that one hour, we're lucky if we hear a cheap! We'll have to think of a way to out-smart these bird brains. . .
  3. I've got one in our living room and a smaller one in our bedroom. Like the others say, I haven't noticed any difference in my arthritis or fibromyalgia but I do love the warm glow that they give.
  4. Hi, We've adopted rescue guinea pigs for about six years now, have recently moved to the outskirts of a small market town and are now wanting to adopt a couple of rescue/ex-battery hens, so Omlet seemed the ideal forum to come to. We have a couple of friends that also keep chickens, and we're excited to be joining them. (We won't be keeping our piggies with the hens, in case anyone was wondering.) Looking forward to getting to know you all. GrannyT

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