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  1. I'll know more when I collect them tomorrow but I would imagine if they'd been really neglected the Rescue would report them? At least the woman had the sense to give them up rather than keep them and they die of starvation! Yes, they'll get lots of treats once they come home, along with plenty of cuddles.
  2. I've heard that dog urine is a deterrent to foxes. If you don't have your own dog perhaps you could borrow one and take it around your garden to wee?
  3. I got a message from the Rescue to say that the piggies were very thin and had lice and asking if I still wanted them. Of course, I said yes. It sounds like they need some TLC which they'll get in abundance with us.
  4. Since we said goodbye to our last piggy earlier this year the house hasn't been the same and we've really missed hearing the wheeks and getting cuddles. I've been hounding the Animal Rescues looking for three female piggies but there are hardly any boys never mind girls (which is great in that piggies aren't being abandoned). I was getting so desperate I was starting to consider getting boys again (they're more likely to fight). Then on Monday, I got a message from a Rescue saying that she'd been approached to take in four females but that she didn't have room for them and if I wanted them she'd take them for a couple of days to check them over before we took them. I thought I should consult DH first so that he thought he had a choice in the matter of how many we got and after giving him a couple of hours to think about it he agreed . The Rescue is getting them today and we should be able to collect them on Friday . They're being given up because the lady has a new baby and she doesn't have time for the piggies with a toddler and baby. I'll post pictures as soon as I can! Squeeeeeeee!
  5. The V&A has built a new museum in Dundee and it opens in September. The tickets went on sale today. V&A museum, Dundee
  6. When we were kids we used to say if you picked dandelions you'd wet the bed, and that was in the city. Guinea pigs also love them. Speaking of guinea pigs - watch this space. . . !
  7. Goosegrass is called Sticky Willy up here! I knew that rabbits eat it as my BFF gives it to her bunnies but didn't know that hens like it, too. A foraging we will go!
  8. Aww, she's beautiful!
  9. Our pear tree is in the front garden out of their reach and they haven't gone near the apple trees again - so far! They do seem to have a love-hate relationship with the chives, though! nibbleshakeheadnibbleshakehead
  10. Luckily they don't have access to any other plants. Actually, they don't seem to like any veggies that I've put out for them - broccoli, lettuce, carrots, kale, mint have all been left! Fussy beggers
  11. Well, now you all tell me! Why didn't you tell me before we got them?! I'm so glad that it was DH who said that we should get chickens despite me doing most of the 'work'! I mean, can you imagine if I had said were getting them and then they started to destroy his garden?! The polytunnel will solve the major problem by protecting the veggies and strawberries and I've temporarily blocked off the apple trees for now. I don't think there's anything else they can get to to destroy food ways .
  12. We have three apple trees fanned out along a wall and they are filled with apple blossom just now. While I was pottering about this afternoon out of the corner of my eye I noticed blossom falling and at first didn't think much about it, until I heard clucks. I turned around and here was Connie bouncing up and down like Tigger pulling off the petals and buds and eating them! Now DH had paid a lot of money for these trees so you can imagine my horror . Added to that, he loves the fact that our granddaughter always looks for granddads apples . Then to compound matters even more, he took delivery today of a polytunnel to go over his raised beds to keep the hens out as they were either digging up or eating what he'd planted . Get chickens he said. They'll be fun he said!
  13. It's been a bank holiday weekend so they've probably been closed. Give them time to catch up with the backlog of work. They have a great reputation for customer service.
  14. My beautiful not Easter swaps! I can't even begin to imagine the hard work which went into them. Thank you so much!
  15. I'm like you and don't really like lettuce, so I just add balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.
  16. Gorgeous few days here. A body could get used to this weather - but probably won't get the chance!
  17. Congratulations! I'm so chuffed for you, and yes, a tad jealous, too! Alpacas are good 'guard dogs' for chickens so I've been told, and aren't those dwarf goats just sooooo cute ?! Have you got a date for moving yet?
  18. I've never heard of not being able to add a young driver but it's been a very long time since I had to think about it. Make sure that your sons gain their no claims when they go on your policy as that will help lower the premium when they eventually get their own insurance. If I remember rightly the price drops quite a bit when they reach 25.
  19. It's very similar but should be moister and less sponge-like, with a thick skin/rind on it (less so if microwaved). Traditionally at Christmases and birthdays, you could find sixpences wrapped in greaseproof paper in a biteful! Us kids really looked forward to that!
  20. https://www.truehighlands.com/clootie-dumpling/ A cotton tea towel is fine to use. Check if the dumpling is firm after about 2 1/2 hours. If it's cooked too long it can go a bit dry inside. A friend of ours likes a slice for his breakfast with an egg on top! http://www.scotlandnow.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/food-drink/how-make-jacqueline-odonnells-traditional-3365304 I've got myself 'drooling' now!
  21. My dad (who was English) sometimes seemed more Scottish than me! He loved Rabbie Burns, haggis, whisky etc. As I've matured I can drink whisky but still don't like Burns or haggis. Clooty dumpling is delicious. Mum used to make it in her pressure cooker which gave it a nice thick skin, then she found a microwave recipe which was tasty, too, it just didn't get a skin.

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