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  1. My BFF has 6 rabbits, all rescues. They need company like chickens so at least another one to be a friend. Some of her bunnies dig holes when they go out so she has to keep an eye on them in case they burrow out of their enclosure. My friend is on an online bunny forum like this one https://www.binkybunny.com/FORUM/tabid/54/aft/166749/Default.aspx They might be more able to advise. I do know that she has to move her runs around the garden as they crop the grass very low.
  2. Sticks! Wee bitties o' wood! Nae hankies fir oor men wi' metal claymores PS My dad was English and I love England and my English family and friends.
  3. I love how Englishmen dance with hankies and Scotsmen dance with swords!
  4. I've just gone onto Parker Knoll's website and they have moved from Chipping Norton and have been bought over by the same company as G-Plan . So thinking back to other manufacturers we stocked, Ercol, Sherborne Upholstery and Cintique all still seem to be independent, going by their websites.
  5. Aww, that's not so good but I hope she perks up again. Kids are resilient and usually get over a pet's death more quickly than we do. Still not an easy time, though.
  6. Glorious day yesterday despite starting off frosty, but a bit cloudier today.
  7. OMG! Please pass Lewis, my chooks have all three of these diseases!
  8. I worked in accounts in a high-end home furnishing store for a long time but left in 2002. We used to stock G-Plan but stopped when they were taken over. I don't the reason behind that decision but it would put me off buying G-Plan. We also stocked Parker Knoll, up until I left. We have a leather suite that we bought 25+ years ago from my ex-employers and it's still going stong.
  9. Lots of luck, Lewis. Us chicks are rooting for you!
  10. I don't have any wise words but wanted to say good luck with the vet tomorrow.
  11. Ah well, que sera sera. Onwards and upwards.
  12. I must admit I'm surprised, but pleasantly so! I was anticipating a long slog like yours. I hope your ladies get over it soon.
  13. Well, a night in a different place seems to have cured Winnie as she's not showing any signs of broodiness today, thankfully.
  14. Typical April weather here - sunshine and showers.
  15. Oooo, much nerves and excitement! It was four years ago this week that we saw our forever home so I hope your offer goes as smoothly as ours did. Our DD moved house last month and they spent the whole first day scrubbing the house clean. I'm in no way houseproud and I like to live in a home rather than a house but some of the sights you see when house hunting does make you wonder about some people!!!
  16. Winnie is always the last one to go to bed but last night she was first in the coop, but not roosting, and I had to pick her up to get her to roost, and I got a telling off from her by means of a loud screech. This morning she was scratching about the garden as normal but by afternoon she was back in the nest box and was still there a few hours later when I went to check for eggs. She had laid so I went to pick it up and she screeched again and tried to peck me, and although I did manage to pick it up she didn't move. So I donned gloves and with a fuss managed to pick her up and put her outside. I've closed the door to the coop to keep her out but I'm wondering if it's alright to let her roost on her own in another place tonight and if so for how many nights, please?
  17. Glad she's OK. Now I'll be running outside every time I hear them making a racket, just to be on the safe side.
  18. I was wondering about the webcam holes, too. Does anyone have anything to add to this 2014 topic? Do you have a webcam in the coop? Is it worth having one?
  19. Yep, mine is the same. Hairdressers love it because it sits the way they want it to. I must admit that I like that I can just wash it and leave it to dry naturally, but it needs to be kept short otherwise it goes into a natural loo brush style! Good luck with your sale! Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for you.
  20. April showers here yesterday and today, with a chilly wind. It is nice and warm out of the wind, though.
  21. Oh, I'm with you all here. There's no respect nowadays, and I do what you do, Soapdragon, even in shops when people ask for something from an assistant and don't say please or thank you, I do a stage whisper! Manners cost nothing, as I was always told. We've started early with our 23 month old granddaughter and she now says please and thank you, bless her.
  22. Does anyone breed their own meal worms? If so, what's involved, please? I'm not sure if I could do it as the dead ones give me the heebeejeebees when they seem to move on their own, but I might be able to persuade DH.
  23. You could try Freecycle and eBay, and if you're on Facebook there are usually groups covering local areas that sell things. We have Facebay Forfar, Facebay Angus etc.
  24. What are you doing with my hair?! I pull out the thick wiry ones no matter the colour. I hate my frizz!

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