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  1. I assume that they are territory marking with urine (because fecal pellets just get dropped everywhere). They just want to be sure that everyone knows the place belongs to them. Are they reacting to an overstrong pet deodoriser (there seem to be too many heavily scented ones just for the benefit of owners)? Try re enticing them to the litter tray by always leaving in a dollop of pee soaked litter and some hay to munch. I’m using wood pellets for litter at the moment (and did when I kept rabbits years ago) but am thinking of switching to soft hemp stems (quality apparently varies) as everyone seems to be raving about its absorbency.
  2. Way back we initially got a male Dutch rabbit and a female small guinea pig. The guinea pig was a total bully. She would chase the rabbit out of the nest section, then chase him back in when she was feeling cold. She ate the squeak out of his favourite toy. We had to get her another guinea pig to interact with, and then finally a third guinea pig so that only one was bullied at a time. The rabbit was a bouncy self assured lad. Just henpecked.
  3. I found an Eglu review from an animal charity who got a freebie, but is sometimes over harsh, sometimes makes valid points. I kept Dutch house rabbits years ago, so some of them had the run of the house (my advice, don’t). Mostly rabbits eat, pee, have amorous encounters and flop. Occasionally they like to run around zigzagging and flicking their back legs. This is practising the running away defence they use against foxes, which does work. They are also fond of leaping onto high surfaces (window sill height). After this exercise they flop for hours. They don’t really like being lifted to chest height or picked out of their core territory. They don’t have to constantly forage as they do in the wild, so they do take it easy. I just got two new bunnies after years of self restraint and am planning to get an Omlet set up, which after seeing the review will be the lower height walk in cage for exercise with me crawling in to bond with them. I’ll attach a Go for Spring to Autumn use, but I’m not sure about winter, as I think they’ll need to be in the ‘garage’. Since there are enough rabbit owners that let them breed to educate the kids, run loose in the garden until a fox gets them or let them ‘escape’ from their cages as an excuse to their kids (my next door neighbour), any home with love has to be better than stuck in charity holding pens. Great principles, but let’s face it, it’s a type of human hoarding behaviour. That’s why I haven’t rehomed pets apart from two separate on the spot hamsters. Just seems an over harsh dictatorial stance.

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