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  1. Finally got to see the 5 new additions today 🐣 Araucana babies, Cream Legbar mum! Thanks for your help 💖
  2. I know she’s not willing but I did catch a sneaky peek this morning 😁 can’t wait to see what else is hiding under her, will try again tomorrow 🐣
  3. Thank you Lewis! I did make a slope with woodchips so they can safely come out into the run which is on grass, I don’t have a cat so they should be ok then thanks again for your advise today!
  4. Great thank you both so much!🐣
  5. Hi guys! I went to open the coop this morning and I saw a little head pop out from broody girl Pika was I ok to open the coop up if they’re now hatching? Also do I put some food and water inside the coop with them now? Finally the big question, do I leave the egg shells where they are, I doubt all chicks have hatched just yet so don’t want to disturb her at all but wondering about the shells getting in the way! Thanks 🙏
  6. Thanks for that, I did take the bars out when I moved broody girl into there, yesterday I put anti slip down under the shavings, it made a huge difference actually I didn’t realise how slippy it was, is it ok to have shavings on the top?
  7. Hi everyone, One if my girls is using my eglu as a broody coop, her eggs are due to hatch any day. I’m going to fashion a ramp out of the coop into the run to avoid that drop, do I need to do anything with the run at all? They’re LF chicks not bantam so shouldn’t be tiny chicks but wondering if the run gaps will still be too big and they’d be able to get out? Also any other advice welcome please, this is my first time broody hen so it’s all new thank you
  8. It’s really good to know I’m not the only one, she’s the oldest I’ve had so far and I have never seen this before, as it’s only just recently started to happen it got me slightly worried thank you for your reply x
  9. Ah thank you, I’m assuming they’re still fine to eat and everything, I’ve just been really unsure as I can’t find anything at all online about it and don’t know too many keepers 😖
  10. Hi all I have a 2/3 year old Brahma hen who lays a lovely light cream coloured egg, this past month or so I’ve noticed that a day or so after it’s layed it turned spotty, it looks like dark grease marks appear unlike my maran who lays a ‘proper’ speckled egg. Does anybody have and idea why this is, not sure what or if I need to do anything for her diet etc they are free range and have layers available throughout the day. Any advise would be appreciated. I will post a picture of her and the egg straight after it’s layed and what they look like after a day or so. I keep my eggs in the fridge. Thank you

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