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  1. I have the Eglu with 3 meter run. I move mine every day to a fresh patch of grass since I have a big yard. Mine cannot free range (no fence and foxes). An upward slope is a challenge. While it’s not easy to move it by myself, it’s not terribly hard either (I’m pushing 50, average condition). There’s no real instructions for how to properly move the run that I saw. I ran across a YouTube video where the man showed how to move the run. It’s not an Omlet video, just another Eglu owner. He picks up the front and walks backward. That’s what I do. It works for me and my girls!
  2. Are these available in the USA? i looked last week and couldn't find them on the US website.
  3. My area won’t have flooding from this hurricane. Thankfully, my area did not get hit as hard as some other areas.
  4. We made it through the hurricane. It’s good to know what to do if this should happen again. Thanks everyone!
  5. The storm is moving very slowly. The eye has not yet reached us and still hoping for the best. Power has been off and on. We are now waiting it out with a light steady rain. There is flooding north of us. The chickens are very unhappy in the garage. Thanks for checking. Hope to update with an all clear after it passes us. It sounds like it will not end for another 1-2 days.
  6. We found a better place: moving the whole coop with run inside a detached garage. I will do this just before the storm hits. The local news published a story for hurricane prep for chickens. Hope it’s allowed that I share it here. https://www.wltx.com/article/weather/hurricanes/hurricane-florence/how-to-prepare-chickens-for-a-hurricane-dont-just-wing-it/101-593489761
  7. We don't have a basement (most homes here don't). We have a large covered back porch which could provide some shelter. I'm thinking of moving them under there up against the house so the house could block some wind. Please pray for all of us here. It's headed directly toward us (South Carolina).
  8. I live in the SE USA area in the path of the hurricane. This is the first time I’ve had an Eglu in a hurricane. Besides the obvious close them in, what do I do to prep the coop? Where is the coop safest, close to house? Under trees?
  9. I tried paper shreddings in the nesting box, but they ate it. I went back to the wood shavings in the nesting box but use the larger shreddings of paper under the poop tray. It’s all messy there. I just dump the whole thing in the compost bin.
  10. Thank you. The hens miss him. They hesitate to go in at night now as if they are waiting for him to tell them it's time to go to bed. I live in the USA. We have lots of black garden snakes where I live. They are not venomous, but are clearly a danger to the chickens.
  11. I'm thinking about putting a motion activated camera in the nesting area so I can monitor movement during the day. I found a smashed egg in there yesterday and wonder if another snake came in. No dead chickens yesterday. I need to figure out how to add the wire and what kind of wire to add. I'm not very handy. I don't want to make it so heavy I can't move it. I already have a 3 m run.
  12. That’s what I’m thinking. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it so it’s sturdy and still a moveable run.
  13. I found a black snake under the pine shavings of the egg laying side two mornings ago. I pulled it out and let it go in the woods. Tonight I took the dogs out to go potty before bed and heard a loud thud from inside the coop. I took the dogs inside and grabbed a flashlight to investigate. To my horror, there was a black snake wrapped around the neck of my rooster. It killed him. Now I’m kicking myself for not checking the inside of the coop before closing them in. I realize now I have too much straw lining the trays. The snake hid under the shavings after I got the dead rooster out. I couldn’t even see him How can I prevent this? Would wrapping bird netting around the run help to keep them out? Kill even harmless snakes in the coop?
  14. I’m a brand new Cube owner myself but will chime in anyway. I have four hens and one large rooster with a 4 meter run. They fit comfortably in the Cube, but I’m really glad I got the very long run. In person it was shorter than I expected. I think it’s because the run space includes the area under the Cube itself. In my mind, I expected the 3 meter run would be the space of the 4 meter.
  15. I love your pictures! i do like it. I’m even able to move it by myself (4 meter run). I saw openers on eBay for the coops but they’re more than I’m willing to spend. There’s a few DIY videos on YouTube. I would like to figure something out for an automatic opener.

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