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  1. Hi, we got an eglu classic delivered yesterday to keep our new ducks in. I think it might be faulty, how are your eglu classics compared to this? With little effort I can get my hand in the door and the egg portal in the side is wobbly and even when locked into place I can get my hand in the side and it pops out. We have foxes and badgers so they’d easily break in. We have a go up for our chickens and it’s perfectly solid. I’m going to have to keep the ducks inside for a few more days and contact omlet on Monday because I assume this isn’t normal but thought I’d best check!
  2. A friend of mine hatched out some miniature silver Appleyards 3 days ago and we picked them up today, they’re so cute! I was planning on keeping them inside for a few weeks and then putting them outside in an eglu with a run. I’m trying to figure out a few things... 1. How long a run should I get to ensure they have enough space? 2. What base should we put on the run? I like the idea of pea shingle and being able to hose it down. 3. If you have a long run how on earth do you get them into the eglu at night? We do have a fox prowling the garden at the moment ☹️ so we’ll be making the run fox proof and they’ll only be able to free range when I’m there in the evenings or on weekends.
  3. Twice this week around 5am our 2 chickens have been making noise because there’s a fox hanging around the run. I don’t think he’ll find a way in but any suggestions for deterring him? I can take the automatic door opener away temporarily so they they’re locked in the coop until a little later but that will just stop us all knowing he’s there. We’ve have a go up with run.
  4. Hi All, What do you all use to cover your runs? We have an eglu go up with a 3m run. It obviously comes with the standard small cover and I bought an additional clear 1m cover. However there’s still 1m open to the elements at the end and neither of the existing covers come down far enough at the sides to keep the run dry, can you suggest alternatives? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. We got our Go Up with a 3m run and 2 medium/large chickens this week. I’ve put in a swing and a perch. I’ve put the run on short grass for the moment and will move it around until we get chance to put a permanent base in. I’m still struggling with how to create a base that can easily be kept clean. The Heras fencing sounds like a good a good idea though. How do people ‘poo pick’?! We have large lawns with lots of moss so I’m not too worried about the lawn recovering (cows broke in a few times last year so it’s not exactly manicured!) whilst it’s temporarily moved around and we’re taking the food out at night to avoid rodents - we have a stream so rats/water voles are likely.
  6. Thanks Cat tails. I’d certainly get the tarp and they’ll be allowed to free range on weekends/evenings when I’m in the garden. There’s also 2 of us to move it around. The reason I wanted a movable coop is because we previously had a permanent wooden coop/run and I found it really hard to keep a poo free base and rats away (we’re surrounded by streams). On a hard standing it seemed impossible to keep clean and on soil I ended up having to dig poo up. Over winter it was just a muddy mess. I figured if it was moved each week rats wouldn’t get in either.
  7. Hi, I’m looking at buying an Eglu go up with a 3m run. I have some large grass areas, slightly sloping in places that I’d like to put the run on and move around before the grass is scratched up too much. Can anyone give me advice on the following: 1. Foxes: we’re surrounded by fields and have lots of foxes around the place. We’ll be out at work all day so there’ll be no one to keep an eye out for foxes, how fox proof is the run? My other half is convinced they’ll dig under the skirt. 2. Bantams versus large chickens: I figured given the size of the run that 3 bantams would be a good number? Also that bantams might scratch around less? 3. How often do I need to move the run to avoid losing patches of grass? Thanks!

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