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  1. We have put wood shavings down for now and will see how we get on. It's a big bag that is also used for horses. Thanks for your replies. We're using elite dream bedding
  2. Yes the house is just for sleeping. Thanks will look into linoleum 😊
  3. Good day all!! We have recently rejigged our pen to have an 8x8 foot shed where they all sleep at night rather than 4 smaller hutches. We have branches as nesting perches and 6 nest boxes in the shed. I have put wood shavings in the next boxes as have used these for ages now and seems to work to keep clean and easy to poo pick during the week. My question is what do I put on the floor of the shed. It is currently a wooden floor covered in hay - the hay is a temporary floor cover as we are looking into other options. I have read about using builders sand, bark, rubber chippings but am not sure of pros and cons of them all. Any and all advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Becky
  4. OK great thanks for the advice 😊🐔🐣🤗
  5. Thanks for the replies. We have a girlie or as well so of he us up to it 🐣 🤣 It had just been raining so looks a bit ruffled because he was damp I guess. Will try to get him today and give him the once over. I've just ordered some scaly leg mites spray and and flubenvet pellets so they will be wormed again - guess I am OK feeding him layers pellets or does he need to be fed corn separately?
  6. He doesn't limp just staggers about but u think it's partly because he is so big - bless him. As I said we have just been given him so will monitor him over the next few days.
  7. No idea how old he is. How do I test for scaly leg mites?
  8. He is lovely as well such a good temperament. He does stagger a but when he is walking - could this be arthritis?
  9. Hi, we have just been given a very handsome Cockerell but I would like to know what breed he is. Picture below. Thanks in advance 🐔
  10. She seems happy enough in herself now. She is about 2.5 years old and a hybrid. We will keep and eye and continue the TLC 😊
  11. Hi. Yes she seems to have picked up. Still not laying eggs - I think this is the end of her egg laying career but certainly interacting with the other girls now. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable retirement for her 😊🐔
  12. This is Mabel now who has been poorly for a while and I don't know what to do next. We have wormed the girls with flubenvet, they eat layers pellets and corn. Always have access to oyster shell and grit. Water is replaced daily with a shell, feather and bone multivitamin supplement in. All other girls (6more) are fine and enjoying scrabbing around in the pen. Mabel has been like this for a couple of weeks now and I don't want her suffering anymore if she is in pain. Her poop is fine from what I can see. She us about 18 months old and although has had problems with soft shelled eggs before laid a perfect egg this morning - she was the only one in that hutch and it was there when we let them out this morning. We have tried nettex drops for the recommended 3 days but she is still like this. We really don't know what to do - is this the end for Mabel? Please help a worried mother hen!! Thank you.
  13. Thank you for your messages. I have examined her tonight and her crop feels good - will check in the morning to make sure it's all been digested. Her abdomen feels good too - not swollen. Her chest bone is quite prominent which is a concern. She had some tuna from me earlier and some corn - she has a good appetite. Her bottom is clean and not smelly. Poop also looks OK. Any thoughts?

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