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  1. That's an interesting idea. I imagine it will get quite dirty with poo, but since it's washable that just might work for a winter. My girls are Austrolorps so I also hope their size and durability will help, as well as the Eglu blanket. Thank you!
  2. I am really excited about purchasing an Eglu Go Up, but before I do I wondered if anyone has raccoons in their landscape as predators? I want to feel confident this coop will keep our future chickens safe after losing some in the past to these wily creatures. Also, we are located in Wyoming, USA and our winters can get cold (-25 Fahrenheit at times). Is the insulation and cover enough to keep them warm all winter long? If not, what does one do to keep them warm? We do get a lot of sunshine during the day, but nights can be cold in December/January. Thanks for any advice!

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