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  1. Many thanks for the replys, its about what we thought to
  2. Good evening everyone!. Does anyone know if you can take hens to france?!!, we are about to start a grand new adventure, doing the "good life" in france!! gulp!, and im not sure where to find this information, as it would be a shame to leave the girls behind, any help would be appresiated
  3. Ithink you"ll be fine, you should see my girls after our next door neighbour gives them spagettii and stuff, they walk about looking very "busty"!!! for the day,
  4. I just love my days off when i can spend some time with the girls,and as you say Poet, they do love a chat!!! , im joined by at least two when im trying to clean the coop, Pugsley has to walk around the top edge and direct proceedings and when the straw goes in it becomes a race as to which hen can scuff it all out the fastest
  5. Oh congrats from me too!! nice to have another hants hen keeper!! .Glad the girls are all well, they will calm down soon . Ive told the guys in the pub about using worldwide poultry as they want to get 6 more to add to the flock!!
  6. Evening all!, i work in a garden center, have done horticultural work for yonks now, plant area manager. Enjoy the work, nice and outdoorsy allthough been a bit much these last couple of days!!!! . Main task at the moment : finding hen-proof plants!!!, wot the dont eat they;ll dig up!!
  7. just like to wish everybody a very merry xmas and a happy new year!
  8. would love to, but at the moment rather a dunce when it comes to computers , hoping when clever cousin is down for xmas he can teach me!!!
  9. I;d just like to add that yesterday we,(and i do mean we, the oh was well excited) decorated the hen house , its got a real 14 ft long swag going around the roof, battery operated blue lights, baubles, ribbon, and 5 cardboard cutout stockings in festive colours!!!!! , do i get the award for being the daftest member!!!, have to say it makes folks smile when they walk by, now thats the spirit of xmas . Best reward was Buffy laid her first egg this morning!!!
  10. i use loads of dried mealworms for my girls, they go bonkers for them! and they are good mixed up in their mash as well.
  11. So whos had christmas cards with " to so and so and the Girls"!! , I dont have kids but have a "family"
  12. Just wanted to say sorry too , heres me living in the country not far from you, and you get the fox !!, again foxwatch is good and i"d only let them out when you could be with them.
  13. Cant see that there would be a problem, you have enough room. We had 6 hives and lots of chickens when i was growing up and dont remember anything untowards happening ,do remember one hen that stood on the landing pad of the hive , but i think her and the bees soon got fed up with each other!!!
  14. In the spring they will get all the girls tested for salmonella, they have to do that befor they could use them for the diners, none are laying at the moment , but untill then we are all having fun helping them look afer them , 11 hen and one very proud cockeral
  15. when Pugsley was poorly i gave her, well all of the girls really, some un-dyed maggots(from a fishing shop) mixed with "live" yogurt, they all loved them and pugs was much brighter the next day.

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